Microsoft’s $329 Xbox One Bundle is Dominating Black Friday

CraveOnline: "In America, there is no bigger sales day than Black Friday. Its significance is a major factor for video game hardware sales, propelling consoles that usually sell anywhere from 80,000 to 400,000 units per month into the millions. It goes without saying that succeeding on Black Friday is an objective for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

While all three console manufacturers have big deals this Black Friday, there’s one in particular that stands out: the Xbox One. Sony and Nintendo have been content with packaging several games into a bundle sold at normal MSRP, while Microsoft has gone beyond that with a $20 price reduction beyond its holiday price cut. The result is one that will undoubtedly affect the market share of all three companies."

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ashen1221356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

at walmart today ( black Friday ) I saw 3 people getting X1s. they're also giving a 30 gift card with the purchase so practically 300$ dollar X1s

EDIT out here they're doing black Friday early

christocolus1356d ago

same thing happened to my colleagues last week. they couldn't get the AC bundle cos it was sold out at the stores they went to. they finally got it online though.

nicksetzer11356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

These articles about sales are truly just sad. They are always filled with fanboys arguing about sales data (which is almost always incomplete or wrong) to prove why their choice is better.

What is good about this news? BOTH consoles are selling superbly and have bright futures. That is what we gamers should care about. Not flaunting sales as some great selling point of your opinion.

Real gamers either
A. Buy both consoles and experience the best both have to offer.
B. Pick the one that suits them best, and reside harmoniously with other gamers who made that same choice.
It honestly shouldn't be an arguing point because someone chose differently than you, especially if sales are your reason...

Who cares that xbox one is selling better today? Or ps4 tomorrow? Or whoever whenever? As long as the consoles are selling well enough for their parent companies to support them and continue making great games does it matter?

EeJLP-1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Dominating Black Friday... on Thursday.. interesting.

Also what ArgumentumAdPopulum said below:

Dominating? It's on the top stop currently, with the next 3 bestselling consoles being various PS4 SKUs, including number 2. Dominating? Is it even leading?

This article is just lame propaganda.

EeJLP-1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


Bu-but-but there's more PS4s in the yogurt section of my local grocery store..

(Pic from article)

#dominating #factualevidence #yolo

torchic1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


I fully disagree with the notion that "real gamers" buy all consoles.

none is going to take your hobby away from you if you buy just one console. it's your money and you can do whatever the hell you want to do with it. really, really hate that "real gamers" mantra that people keep pushing around like a fact.

nicksetzer11356d ago

@torchic I guess you fail to realize I gave both an "A" and "B," in which "B" I specifically stated you don't have to own both. (all three in reality)

Choice "B" as it were:
"Pick the one that suits them best, and reside harmoniously with other gamers who made that same choice."

Your inability to read and comprehend clearly written comments is not my responsibility.

PoSTedUP1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

@nickster- gaming is more than just a hobbie. its a passion. it gets political and is no different from routing for your favorite sports team. its very far from just playing games. imo and experience anyways.

edit on topic: of course its gonna dominate black friday at that price. if it didnt it would have been the biggest shocker and worrie for MS, and the gaming industry as a whole.

nicksetzer11356d ago

I think you are confusing "competition" with immaturity. Being competitive playing games would be the same as being competitive with your football team as the goal is to be the winner. Buying a product should be related to what suits you, not taunting/bashing other with your choice. Also, in competition there is this thing called sportsmanship, which certainly doesn't exist in these articles regardless.

Kingthrash3601355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Unlike last year the Xboxsold out at my store (target)
Also unlike last year its 70$ cheaper than the ps4 plus 2 free games plus a 50$ gift card......yes its selling out we are practically giving it away.
Cancan't help but Wonder how much ms has lost with this deal.
Ps4 sold out too this morning at full price plus 2 games.
Not taking anything from ms....I'm sure their goal was to expand their install base and to get a win in monthly sales...but I just know the investors are cringing.
Congrats to ms for saleing the x1 at the price it should have launched at let just hope they aren't too greedy to realize this temporary price cut should be made perminant.

QSPR1355d ago

I was on gamestop last night and I was the 28 person on the line.. the first 15 guys got a ps4 gta5/last of us bundle only 2 ppl in front of me got the Xbox one. Don't know after me because the line was huge and I left after paid for my stuff.

Pogmathoin1355d ago Show
PoSTedUP1355d ago

debating which team is better/trash talk, is all a part of the games too. one team wins, and the talk is over? nope. debating the players (games), teams (companys), stats (sales) is the same thing imo.

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dasbeer881356d ago

Sony should take notes from this bundle. /s

Clarence1356d ago

Why? The PS4 is selling very well. Sony has no need to drop the price. The PS4 bundles are $399 and is in the number 2 spot.

kneon1356d ago


And now the PS4 is at #1 and #15 with the XB1 at #2. So it's outselling the XB1 now, but it may not be enough to overcome the XB1 sales increase from earlier in the month.

Systemshock21355d ago

In reality these sales are just to secure userbase, they are selling it way below production cost at 500$ let alone 400$ to 300$.

its financial loss, just desperate market capturing attempt.

antz11041355d ago

Couldn't hurt. $70 cheaper for a system and two games. Laugh all you want that's a steal.

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NatureOfLogic_1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Looks like the article jumped a little too early. PS4 is now #2 on Amazon and lbp PS4 bundle is at 25. PS4 has 3 skus in the top 50 compared to one Xbox One sku. It's safe to say that PS4 is selling more on Amazon at least. Also PS4 is number one at gamestop. Both are selling well.

VegasDawg1356d ago

You can't just go by those numbers, when they start selling out of course Ps4 is goign to start out selling X1. Simple math.

VegasDawg1356d ago

You can't just go by those numbers, once or if the X1 sells out of course the Ps4 is going to catch up.

NatureOfLogic_1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

@VegasDawg, PS4 is also completely dominating Walmart charts. So if MS loses November npd, stock will be the excuse? They were just bragging about almost shipped numbers not too long ago. Both are selling well. I just disagree with this "Xbox One is dominating" article.

Paytaa1356d ago

"Safe to say"? Jeez, would have had heart failure over console sales phew

ThanatosDMC1356d ago


There's always an excuse...

SoapShoes1356d ago

Haha this article was ridiculous from the start and now we know it was hopeful jumping of the gun.

FITgamer1356d ago

PS4 is #1 now. Also LBP 3 bundle at #19

Cueil1355d ago

Both those companies combined are insignificant compared to Walmart

uptownsoul1355d ago


Xbox One may very well be doing better (not dominating like you said)…But the real question is: Will the Xbox One outsell the PS4 in Nov and Dec ENOUGH to make up for Jan-Oct??? And even then, one could argue that they would have to close the gap completely AND create an Xbox gap of their own since the 1st half of 2015 will probably belong to the PS4 again

VegasDawg1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Good lord fanBOYS get off my back, I'm simply using facts and reasoning to tell you why those store numbers used could be wrong. I'm a gamer not a fanBOY, all platforms have their pros and cons, why would I be basically attacked for stating something true is all due to your own hang ups. I will no longer post if you don't want to here simple truth.
The simple truth is a corporation has a lot of you looking like donkeys with a carrot on a string just out of reach. I'm in no way here to stick up for Xbox or any console, I simply would like to have an intelligent conversation and not use some fantasy numbers you have no ideal how they have come by.

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OpieWinston1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Dude it's selling out like mad at my Amazon warehouse... I'm working their temporarily but X1s and Ouyas are flying off the skids.

Surprisingly PS4s and Wii Us shipments are pretty steady just not spiking as hard as X1 or OUYA.

TFJWM1356d ago

You had me until Ouya....

OpieWinston1356d ago

OUYAs are selling extremely well surprisingly... It's a seasonal thing. Kids are asking for consoles.

Their parents look at the cheapest.

AHH the disagrees are real. I was unaware people disagreed with the fact of a warehouse.

Cueil1355d ago

how dare you work at a warehouse and tell us about shipments leaving and coming in who the hell are you... leave our fanboy bubble alone!!!!111!!11!!!eleven!!!

kingPoS1355d ago

I'm guessing they don't understand what peak season means to the people who deliver the goods.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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troylazlow1356d ago

in Canada @ Wal-Mart

X-box One is $349 with a $50 Wal-Mart gift card and two games.

PS4 is $449 with two games but no gift card

Link to e-flyer below:

Svinya1356d ago

So... $350 minus $120 for the two games equals $230, and then minus a $50 giftcard... you're saying you can get an X1 for $180 ????

NuggetsOfGod1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I seen the ad on tv. Think it walmart. Soon as it said $329 I was like damn. Cool deal.

MS got Deep pockets. Glad to see them take a lose and give a great deal.

I didn't care about the the ps4 gta deal lol all of a sudden.

AngelicIceDiamond1356d ago

Glad more People are buying the X1.

Hell consoles in general.

lowkey100111356d ago

Xb1 is in beast mode right now on amazon best sellers the ps4 at 76 while xb1 at 2 wow. I think this holiday if sales keep up xb1 should make up alot of ground.

Thatguy-3101355d ago

Umm thee ps4 has been on the top since the morning buddy. Oh and that's with its regular 400$ price tag. However I'll side with you on how it was number 1 up until Amazon started offering the ps4 bundles. The LBP and batman one is climbing up too.

geddesmond1355d ago

I've said it a million times. MS need to practically give their console away to move units and they still haven't beaten PS4 worldwide in any week so far even with free games, more exclusives for the holiday and cheaper hardware. But hey good on them for increasing the install base because they need to pass 10 mil by ends year, which they will now for any publisher to give them a second look in the future.

Muzikguy1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

These articles are funny in a way. So the X1 is selling because of all the price cuts and free games. Something tells me it won't be selling when the price goes back up. I just see MS shooting themselves in the foot. Why should their customers by a full priced X1? They're telling us how easily they'll drop the price, just wait until they do it again

Edit: and about it being on Thursday, that's even more hilarious. There's no way of knowing something is "dominating" a day that wasn't even there yet. Craveonline the next Gamingbolt?!

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Starbucks_Fan1356d ago

Well of course. It's an incredible value.

aviator1891356d ago

at that price with the included games, it's bound to make waves.

telekineticmantis1356d ago

Yeah it's impressive, cant wait to see what they show at vgx and e3, that'll help me decide exactly when to get one. A little sorry I didnt save for it this Black Friday though.

Bathyj1356d ago

Hard to believe anyone will be able to top last years Brack Friday Bunduru.

majiebeast1356d ago

Lol a picture of a stack of PS4's is your evidence? This now qualifies as news on N4G dam this site has sunk low.

Naga1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

"...there are already reports of Best Buy, Target, and Walmart selling out of the $329 Xbox One Assassin’s Creed bundle..."

"A look at Amazon’s Video Game Best Sellers list reinforces the notion that the Xbox One is performing well on Black Friday. It shows the Xbox One at the coveted #1 spot for its first time ever. Hardware rarely finds itself in the top 5, let alone at #1 on the biggest sales day of the year."

(This is me pointing at the article you clearly didn't read.)

majiebeast1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

So an hourly chart yes hourly and more anecdotal evidence is news?

I did read it its trash filled with anecdotal evidence. But hey didn't expect much from Jonathan leack anyway he is a hack.

jrshankill1356d ago

Just sold out at the UK Game store beside my work. This is the first real time the UK has had a black friday. Xbox one is killing it here.

aviator1891356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

well, there's the amazon charts as well, I guess if you don't dig a bit of anecdotal evidence. Did you not read the entire article?

MasterCornholio1356d ago

Right now amazon places the PS4 bundle in first place (GTAV) and the Xbox One black Friday bundle (Unity) in second. Then in the top 20 we have another bundle which is the PS4 black Friday bundle.

SoapShoes1356d ago

PS4 is #1 at Gamestop so this isn't evidence.

TheRedButterfly1356d ago

GameStop is closed today you doof.

Naga1356d ago

It's still evidence; it just isn't proof.

lemoncake1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

N4g is very low but it's not really sunk any lower than last year as we were getting the same but with stacks of x1's.

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