Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm demo confirmed writes:"A playable demo of Playstation 3 exclusive fighting game, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is to get a demo on the 17th of July 2008. Not only that but July will be packed with Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm goodies.

These include:

* Downloadable demo: A NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM demo will be available for free download from the PLAYSTATION Network for all users on July 17, allowing players to enjoy the game's massive one-on-one 3D ninja battles before the game ships to stores this fall. Featuring single player and head-to-head multiplayer modes, the demo lets players do battle as Naruto or Kakashi with special ninja support characters."

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wolfehound223818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Don't get me wrong I got Qore for the whole year, because I want to be able to access beta's. And I know PSN still gets free online play which is great. But if this is going to be the exact same demo as what's in the July issue of Qore and they only have to wait 2 weeks this does end up sounding like Xbox live gold and silver. And I'm not saying its exactly like gold since we still get to play online for free. But I thought they said in the beginning that subscribers to Qore would be getting exclusive demos that you would not be getting other wise.

I'm glad everyone will be able to play this, but if I'm paying a extra $25 a year unless I get access to a bunch of beta's it doesn't end up sounding like that good of a deal. I'm steal holing out hope, and I can't wait for the Socome beta. I just hope that since were paying for it most months aren't just a bunch of behind the scene stuff.

Agreed and I'm not trying to say its exactly the same. I was just stating that if the demos that become available on Qore get released a few weeks later it will be similar. Qore is only released once a month and I am paying for it. I just don't want every "exclusive" demo to then be released a few weeks later. I mean I can understand in Europe since they do not have access, but in the US it just doesn't seem like Qore is that good then. Thats all I'm saying

rushbd3818d ago

ALL demo vs Once demo

clintos593818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

That unlike xbox live u are forced to pay just to play online multiplayer games where on PSN it is free all the time. I think qore is a great idea and those who want to try demos or get into betas before anyone else have the option to buy qore for the full year which is still alot cheaper then a year prescription for xbox live or u dont even have to buy the year package and wait on a game u like to do so, or better yet u dont have to buy it at all for those who dont want to buy anything. And plus side to it, those who dont want it early will still have a chance to get into the beta other ways and the demo will eventually come out so u dont lose out on anything really. Its just an option and if u really want to get into a beta for sure with no hassles, I say 2.99 is not even a bad deal at all. I think sony is doing the right thing with qore and that isnt forcing us to buy it if u dont want to. :)

Nitrowolf23818d ago

i think it will be the same demo wich is kinda of stupid even though you od get it early
they should exspanded the Qore Demo then

sinncross3818d ago

as long as this hits europe the same time i will be pleased :)

but the qore comment made by wolfehound is very valid.

wolfehound223818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Thanks dude believe me I'm a huge Sony fan and gaming fan. And once the beta is active the first issue was a huge hit with me. I do like the behind the scene stuff, but if that ends up being the norm in these issues it definattly isn't worth the 2.99 a month.

Although the one good thing about this is all the PS3 owners outside of the US will be able to enjoy this demo, so I guess in a way it is a good thing.

gnothe13818d ago

i saw a game interview on game trailers an the producers stated that it will be the same demo. it comes out on qore on July 3rd an to everybody on July 17th. i can wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.