Xbox One Console Price Dropped Further By Amazon UK

"Amazon UK is really pushing Microsoft's Xbox One, evident by yet another drop in price for the nifty console.

Previously priced at £329.99 for the base console and a controller, the console is now selling for a more-than-tempting price of £324.85, and that's including free delivery within the UK."

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MRMagoo1231240d ago

I would hardly call £324 more than tempting that's still more than what I would have to pay in australia.

chrissx1240d ago

They just wanna sell the xbones stacked up

Remy_Chaos1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Not a fan of MS at the moment, even though I own their last two consoles. However if this keeps up how could I say no to the Xb1, especially if it hits that magic $200. It'll be only for (true) exclusives though.

PS4isKing_821240d ago

Wow sales must be horrible :O

Funantic11240d ago

That's why it's called a time offer! You should buy you one cheap now while you can. I expect MS and retailers to have a few great offers before Christmas. MS first of all will make more from game sales. Though the PS3 and 360 both sold roughly over 82 million consoles the 360 sold way more games and not just by a little bit. It was a whole lot more than PS3 did. That's a fact you can easily look up. Also MS doesn't need the Xbox brand to profit and succeed. They have Windows which is the most popular OS. But Sony is depending on Playstation to save them financially. Samsung has been killing Sony on electronics. Sony was almost on their way to being bankrupted before PS4 and they're still not out of the hole yet. What happens when the demand slows down? You got to congratulate Sony on their success but it's not enough to start bragging.

GT671240d ago

hope-you-dont-think-SONY-only- depends-on-PS???-sony-make-mill ions-on-movies,tv-shows,game-sh ows-electronic-etc....they-almo st-make-billions-on-"wheel -of-fortune"-alone.

Kribwalker1240d ago

Where in their financials are these billions they are making from these other markets you are speaking of? I see consistent losses for the last 6+ years and a company value going from $120 billion to $19 billion....currently PS is one of the only profitable divisions

Tei7771240d ago

Xbox One sales have never been horrible in the UK, just lower then PS4's. Undercutting the new RRSP by £5 is really not news worthy, but I'd give the article the benefit of the doubt in that its trying to inform potential buyers of a small deal as oppose to click baiting (I haven't read it).

Sales promotions like this happen literally ALL the time in different retailers and its to do with competition with each other. Currently Zavii are selling the PS4 for £319 as part of a temp promotion. Not sure if you live in the UK but the same applies to software, you'd rarely see retailers selling a game for its full RRSP, they normally undercut by a few pounds to draw more customers then their competitors.

As for Xbox One sales, the official price cut from microsoft did achieve something...


Septic1240d ago

Sales are horrible? Because one retailer is selling at £5 less? One retailer is selling the PS4 at £295.95.

Same logic applies or?

FriedGoat1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Well, we know how ps4 is selling don't we? Xbox however only release shipped figures these days, which only leads to speculation.

Septic1240d ago

Yeah but its a £5 reduction. This happens all the time. How on earth is this newsworthy? I could make an article like this every week if I tried then

stiggs1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )


"billions on Wheel of Fortune"

What???? LOL. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Sony is in the midst of a huge financial crisis. Do some research kid, before you start spouting off such nonsense.

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