Console Monster: Okami Review

Console Monster writes: "What if god was just a mutt? Well, not to get into any religious ideology with you wonderful readers, but that is sort of the premise for the celestial brush miracle game known as Okami.

Okami, which literally means "great god", takes place in a non-specific era of Japanese history. Okami is set in Nippon. It starts off with a story told about a legend that supposedly happened 100 years ago. This legend depicts a white wolf by the name of Shiranui and a swordsman named Nagi that took down an evil 8-headed dragon by the name of Orochi. Shiranui and Nagi fought a hard battle against Orochi which ended up sealing the 8-headed monster away. For the next 100 years the legend of Nagi and Shiranui defeating Orochi would be talked about through all of Nippon. In the present, a man named Susano, who is a descendant of Nagi, accidentally frees Orochi to bring terror, evil, and darkness on Nippon once more. Because of this a woman named Sakuya, who is the guardian of Kamiki village, calls forth the sun goddess Amaterasu who is reincarnated into the form of the white wolf Shiranui. At this point you also meet a little bug like creature named Issun who is a traveling artist that is there with Amaterasu to help out on the journey to restoring Nippon to it's former glory and ridding it of Orochi..."

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