VGS: RIP- Journalistic Integrity, Dead because of Cultural Misogyny Or PR Collusion?

Veteran news anchors and gaming journalists come together on VGS to discuss the death of journalistic integrity in their chosen medium.

Listen to find out exactly where each host stands, but there is a some form of census from a group full of white men on how women should be depicted in gaming (the lack of diversity kills us) Better, more realistic depictions of MORE characters can always improve a narrative and should not alienate a progressively diverse fan base.

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PureSophistry1374d ago

A competing feminist hopes to capitalize on the success of other provocateurs by citing 2 studies, making casual links through behaviour that is NOT valid and deeply patronizing those that MIGHT want more from the flashing lights they know and love.

SlappingOysters1373d ago

Sites like n4g most contribute to killing journalist integrity. Cause people only click sensationalist stories, and sites needs to clicks to get ads. So, the nature of the beast...