MGS4 the second fastest selling PS3 game in UK

Chart Track reports that MGS4 has become the second fastest-selling PS3 game in the UK, behind GTA 4. It narrowly squeezed into second place, beating the launch of GT5: Prologue by 2,000 units.

The game beat MGS3's first week sales by 24,000 units, but is 14,000 behind the launch week of MGS2.

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resistance1003831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

That means first week (well 3 day sales) were about 125,000 if OPM are to be believed about first week GT5:P sales.

Great sales considering its from the UK alone

Time Lord3831d ago

NEED TO heavily advertise this game like they did with GT5P, I haven't seen a single advertisement on TV,magazines or even newspapers on MGS4. How do they expect to sell millions if you don't advertise the product.

Will-UK3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I've seen a metal gear solid advert on uk tv it was good

IzKyD13313831d ago

i saw like a dozen ninja gaiden 2 commercials.....i saw one MGS4 ad (and that was during the MTV movie awards)

alster233831d ago

i saw a whole bunch on comedy central

monkey6023831d ago

I heard an advertisement on my local radio. That was more so for the retailer selling the game though. Thats all i've seen/heard

NO_PUDding3830d ago

My friend (who is skipping this generation, stingy git) said he saw an advert for it on TV, but I haven't. Most of the adverts for games here in the UK are from Microsoft. Great advertising for GT5:P and Uncharted though.

I still bought it day one. And also lots of shops in the UK don't have it out on a Thursday, I almost went home empty handed becuase it wasn't up on a shelf, it was only after I enquired I was offered a copy.

So I suspect Friday sales will be bigger.

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wetowel3831d ago

This game deserves it. I hope it sells well.

butterfinger3831d ago

that I can actually see myself spending months on. It really does live up to the hype, and IMO exceeds it. I haven't even touched MGO yet:)

Bellic Jr3831d ago

is that there was hardly any advertisments for this game and its seeing huge numbers. I guess when you have a Solid franchise(pun intended) you dont need to advertise too much.

karlostomy3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

MGSIV is selling as many as MGSII and MGSIII at launch (approx)

Does this mean we can extrapolate total overall sales numbers for MGS IV?

How many units did MGSII and MGS III sell overall? Anyone?

edit at below:

Do you know how many (PS1's or) ps2's were in circulation when MGSII and MGSIII were released, respectively?

butterfinger3831d ago

but you must also take into account that MGS4 is seeing just as strong of sales with a much smaller install base. It would be easy to imagine that MGS4 will sell more than its predecessors for a number of reasons (growing install base, weaker PS3 library, months until next blockbuster release), but we can only wait and find out.

REbirth3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

total mgs2 sold more them 7 mil copies on ps2

(impressive to see DQ8 sold more then the double than FF12 in japan)

karlostomy3830d ago

MGSIII was released in 2004 (approx 100 million PS2 in circulation) yet sold only 3.7 million.

Is that a bad omen for MGS IV (13 million PS3 sold?)

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