Facebreaker: Release date Announced

Are you tired of the Fight Night boxing series? You really want Ready2Rumble back? Well heres good news for you. Facebreaker, a new game from EA that gets in store 5 September 2008!

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Pete_Approved3835d ago

a big hit this september! Really loved playing Ready2Rumble.. Just slightly different than a serious game like FightNight Round 4. And with the cartoonstyle and your own face/character it could be really fun to play with friends all over the world. :D

TheMART3835d ago

Don't know for sure if I like the cartoony style, it seems a fighter game for the younger public, while FNR4 will be more the real thing

TheMART3834d ago

They're waisting the younger public already at that age to go fighting and then step up to the FNR series with blood :P

Anyways, can see the fun for this game when you're drunk at home with some friends, but that's about it I guess!

BrotherNick3835d ago

Customizing sounds really fun, this looks more like a fighter than a boxing type game though.

Pete_Approved3834d ago

Yah thats the thing I guess.. Its more a fun game to play, than a serious boxing game. Just beat the crap out of your friends (with the webcam head view thingy :P)