Why Aren’t Xbox Fans Tired of Being Second Best?

CCC Says: "People have accused me of being a shameless Sony fanboy. The vitriol I’ve exposed for Microsoft and the Xbox brand (specifically regarding their recent next-gen endeavors) has been well documented on the site for the last year now. As a result, I’ve been labeled a shill for Sony. It’s clear my apparent lack of journalistic integrity or an objective opinion is the reason behind me being THIS down on our little green and black friend (obviously because I have a hidden agenda against it). Alas, my motivations I’ve worked so diligently to keep secret have finally been lay bare for all the world to see. My true colors have been revealed, as it turns out I truly do bleed pure PlayStation blue. All hail to the Sony motherland!"

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aviator1891190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I really wish people would stop writing stuff like this.

Just play on the console you want and get on with it. Why try to defend your purchase or make players of another platform feel inferior?

Anyways, I anticipate I'll be getting a good amount of dislikes for saying this, but whatever.

Edit: ok, I read it. Still doesn't change the way I feel about it as the overall message post the sarcasm portion is the same.

Neonridr1190d ago

didn't you know? That is how you make yourself cool. By telling an Xbox fan that they are dumb for choosing a console that caters to their specific tastes. Or vice versa..

I mean how can I trust that you will choose what is appropriate for you when I could just tell you straight up what to buy? I know you better than you know yourself right?


Army_of_Darkness1190d ago

Ahahaha! Omg, that title just killed me LOL!

nicksetzer11190d ago

Regardless, if it is actually "sarcasm" or if he just uses the word sarcasm to remove his responsibility of what he writes, why would anyone (other than investors) care what place a console is in? Or care how many sales? All I care about is that that number is enough to allow continued support from that manufacturer.

As long as Sony, (ps4) MS, (XB1) and nintendo (WII U) are happy with their sales and continue to produce amazing content and services, I could care less if that number is 1 or 100 million. I surely wouldn't base my purchase on sales #'s....

strangeaeon1190d ago

See, that is the difference between an Xbox fan and a Sony fan, Xbox fans could not care less what brand you choose, but Sony fans are always out to preach and convert. Never saw so many people on a high horse about a gaming console. And this goes for EVERY generation of the Playstation brand.

fr0sty1190d ago

I got a good laugh from that title. I dunno, maybe they're busy playing games?

mikeslemonade1190d ago

Nintendo and MS are 3rd place. Can you really name a system 2nd place if they are outsold several times over. It's gonna be 3:1 or more by the end of the generation.

PONTIAC08G8GT1190d ago

I just don't know why people care what someone else spends their money on. It's a video game console. I buy an X1 cause I like the exclusives, the controller, UI, Live, and most of my friends are on it. Is it less powerful than PS4? Yea, but doesn't diminish how fun it is and isn't that why you buy a console? To play games and have fun.

Double Toasted1190d ago

I look at the picture for this article and wonder why anyone would do such a thing, its baffling to me...and Sony too :P

IndoAssassin1190d ago


Yet you yourself question why people buy ps4's.

ArmrdChaos1190d ago

It's the usual man-child behavior...whether it's consoles, sports, or anything else where contention can be created. It's nothing more than the socially inept screaming for the attention no one is willing to give them in the real world. Their incapable of standing tall on their own so they knock everyone else down to feel taller. Sad really.

Eonjay1190d ago

This commentary is not relevant because the Xbox One is 3rd best. Nintendo is still in second.

sonarus1190d ago

nintendo doesn't count eonjay.

Why o why1190d ago


Blinkered much

XBLSkull1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Xbox has come in last place for the first two systems under it's belt. That has not stopped them from having the best console for those generations.

The day I bought a Xbox, I never again touched my PS2.

I bought a 360 and must have bought 70+ games for it. My PS3? 4 games, though it found great use as a media center for my bedroom.

Xbox One is a truly next generation device. I've bought 10 games for it. I use it multiple hours a day, every day - sometimes gaming, other times for TV/media. PS4, I only own 2 games, and since I got it in February I'd say it's gotten 20 hours of usage.

So sorry to whomever wrote this article. Sony has been taking second place for 15 years in my house.

ShinMaster1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


Is this about sales? If so, isn't Xbox technically coming in third/last? Behind PS3 and Wii and now PS4 and Wii U.

If not, then nvm...

nicksetzer11190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

@indo hmm, you claim I question why people buy a PS4, yet I have had one since release, as well as xb1... not to mention not a single time have I said/suggested someone not buy a PS4.

However, making up things is the easier route, so not surprised that's the one you took...

sonarus1189d ago

@Those saying the difference between xbox fanboys and ps fanboys is "insert random imaginary reason". The only difference between fanboys is the team they are fanboying for. Fanboys use irrational logic to convince themselves they made the right purchase. $400 to $500 is a lot of money and nobody wants to feel like they spent the money unwisely.

Truth is your console is your personal purchase and its there to entertain you. The more time you spend on n4g arguing with fanboys the less you can enjoy your console making you even more irrational

UltimateMaster1189d ago

Second best? Did they forget PC?
It's a third-wheel if you ask me...

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iamnsuperman1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

One question comes to mind is why comment if your not going to read it

Secondly if you had read it he was saying that first part (description) is him being sarcastic.

I feel the last part is the most interesting part of this entire article. I know Microsoft got hit hard by the fact that the tv aspect and the kinect didn't take off as planned but they need something else. Playstation is expanding (VR, media box, streaming service) and Xbox needs to start doing the same

Gunstar751190d ago

I didn't read it because I refuse to be click-bait.

Muzikguy1190d ago

People comment without reading to get the first comment, you should know that by now :) Also, when you have a click bait title like that, that's trying to instill a feeling inside a person, you're bound to get an instant reaction whether it be good or bad

Kiwi661190d ago

But the problem with ms doing VR , streaming etc is that people will then say "Oh look ms can't come up with ideas themselves so they steal ideas from others like they always do " which has been said in the past

iamnsuperman1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


I see your point but I think it doesn't really matter at this stage. Microsoft has to watch VR very carefully as reacting to it might not work (like it hasn't with their mobile OS). Streaming needs to be a top priority for them. I can see Sony, in the near future, making remote play work for phones and tablets an/or other devices. They also need to not allow Sony to establish their streaming service. PS Now has problems now but it could have a great reach in the future. Also Microsoft needs to get into the set top box game. Apple and Google are there already and now so is Sony. In a way they would be reacting but the reaction is before it becomes to late.

At this point in time it doesn't matter what people will say they need to do it or at least show they are thinking that way

AngelicIceDiamond1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

PlayStation is expanding (VR, media box, streaming service) and Xbox needs to start doing the same"

MS attempted a those things but as usual people complained and cried about it.

Don Mattrick would end Xbox. The fans ran him out of office. (Thank God)

They shut down MS Entertainment studio all for the sake of gaming because people are crying about MS none game focus once again.

They got rid of Kinect because it wasn't taking off as planned and people don't care for Kinect games anymore. Plus Kinect wasn't hardcore focused big backlash from that. So Kinect's almost out of the picture.

Now that MS cut everything that casual or none gaming MS partners with CD to make ROTTR exclusive, or timed rather. MS renewed game focused comes into play.

People complained and MS wants to steal games instead of making there own in which they are (brand new LXP studio) people underestimated Phil's dedication to games. Now certain ppl are want Phil out of office. (Lol not gonna happen, ever)

I mean shit man what do you want from MS? What do you want them to do? What does all the naysayers want from this company?

MS has tried expanding the Xbox brand but people complain and cry aaaalllll day long until MS backtracks.

People have NO clue what they want not even the slightest. The funny thing is the people who don't know what they want from MS, don't even own the damn console!


Evilsnuggle1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

As a OG Xbox and 360 and ex Microsoft fan . I can say I understand the points that the article was trying to make.

The arthur feel like you feel when you're favorite sports team is having a bad season. It doesn't stop you from loving your team. But it doesn't also help when you are embarrassed by the season that they are having .

If you buy a game system because you like the exclusive on that console. That is a very valid reason for your purchase.

Xbox gamers need to stop being so defensive. And stop down playing the power advantage that PS4 has over X1 . People who by a X1 don't buy it because it's the most powerful system. No they buy X1 because of the exclusive that they want to play is on x1.

[email protected]
"Fanboys don't love their console, they just hate yours" dude that is so weak xbox fan please stop this woe is me crap.
That's not what fanboyism is. Fanboyism is when you can't acept the truth about a product or company. That fan boys become emotionally attached to. Or when you make excuses for a band or company no matter the circumstance.

Not everyone is out to get X1 or Microsoft. Psst

darthv721190d ago

@snuggle, so being a fan of the original as well as the 360...what turned you off about the X1? it too will have exclusives to play just as the original and 360 had.

you dont just give up on a console overnight just as you dont give up on a sports team if they are having a bad season. when you are a fan, you are a fan for life (seems to be the case for sports teams at least).

you take the good with the bad. And people who are fans of one system can criticize it and still be fans of it. its the criticism by those who arent even interested that tends to get really out of hand. And for what? if you arent interested then wouldnt it be fair to just move on?

Or do you think that a constant barrage of insulting comments about a platform, game or its fans is warranted? there used to be respect among gamers because we were all in the same hobby for the same reason.

We like having fun playing games. didnt matter the game or the system because you saw the other person as a kindred spirit.

Every new gen it makes me wish i could go back to the way it was. simpler times where you just played games and didnt argue unless it was over whos turn it was.

DefenderOfDoom21190d ago

ah , imagine not being the best from the year 1919 till the year 2003! RED SOX was the best in 2004 , but it was still fun for RED SOX fans for those 84 years!!

SilentNegotiator1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I'm getting sick of this clickbait garbage. "Oh, I'll make a stupid title and opening paragraph to get people to click and then I'll just say 'LOL JK GUIS' and it will be a perfectly legitimate, ethical article."

Reported as "lame"

UltraNova1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


I appreciate the thought you put into that comment but dude I've been gaming along with many friends long long before the internet days (where fanboyism exploded) and let me tell you the SNES vs Sega megadrive fanboy wars were just as fierce/passionate as they are now! Keep in mind that back then it was face to face and not anonymously behind a screen!

So in the sake of a good discussion what and how were those simpler days you are referring to?

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Gunstar751190d ago

Fanboys don't love their console, they just hate yours.

I love my Xbox one and my two favourite games can't be purchased on the PS4. Whilst I will buy a PS4 eventually, I've chosen not to get one yet as there isn't anything I really want to play on it.... yet!

Completely agree that these articles are getting very tiresome.

Pogmathoin1190d ago

Totally understand the piece, but the irony is the fact that it is posted here, on N4G.... Of all places...... Where 99.9% read the headline only, and go full nuclear......

700p1190d ago Show
tyler01durden771190d ago

i agree. just play the games. get both if you can afford it, play all the exclusives and wonder why the teenagers argue about their preferred system. they're the [email protected] same thing

ABizzel11190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

FLAMEBAIT HEADLINE OF THE YEAR for that title alone, lol.

As for responding to the actual article, at this point that what the XBO feels like to many consumers. The entire first year of the XBO has been damage control and fixing all the problems caused by the reveal. The last major thing they need to do is have their full worldwide launch, and they'll finally be pass all the problems that plagued their console.

2015 needs to be the year the XBO comes out swinging.

*They need to make sure they're first to cut price out of the 3 consoles. $349, by March has to happen to scoop up all that tax money. More importantly it needs to happened, because MS can't "win" when their console is the same price as Sony's.

*They need to make sure they have a strong line-up of "EXCLUSIVE FIRST PARTY, AKA NOT GOING TO OTHER PLATFORM" games, and a well rounded library of games for the entire year.

*They need an amazing E3 with Halo 5, Gears of War, Forza 6 (looking Next-gen), Crackdown 3, and Quantum Break as their big guns. They need to show some amazing exclusives for 2016, and a well rounded 3rd party line-up for the rest of 2015 and early 2016.

*Improve XBL. XBL was another reason the 360 did so well from the start against the PS3. As of now PSN and XBL are overall comparable services regardless of what people want you to believe. MS needs to undoubtably take back the crown of best online service.

*Take risk and chances. MS has passed on many games they deemed too risky, or unsure of and most of those games ended up on PlayStation and became hits. Sometime a big risk can lead to huge rewards, but just make sure it's a calculated risk. This can also play into how you sell the XBO. HDMI-In was a big bullet point for them, so use it as a promotion to get cable providers to sell the XBO at a subsidized price. This will get more boxes into homes, where you can make more money on XBL and software, and it's the only way you're going to have a chance of catching the PS4.

So overall lower price (must be lower than PS4 always), Games (AAA + diversity), Future Content (games & apps), XBL (improvements), and taking chances (subsidize) are what will get the XBO out of it's rut and compete with the PS4.


And look at all the people commenting, who obviously didn't read anything but look at the picture and read the headline....maybe the paragraph.

This is about what can the XBO do to change it's current sales position, the beginning and headline are sarcasm.

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Visiblemarc1190d ago

I'll up the ante...

I miss when gaming news was previews and tech features.

News of all kinds has gone down the drain. The TMZ-ification of information distribution sucks in general, but it makes so damn little sense in this realm.

This industry needs a reboot.

memots1190d ago

If they do a reboot, Ms will time exclusive the sequel :P

nunley331190d ago

Flaimbait if there ever was any. I resisted the urge to tweet this out,even if i agree with most of what it said.WiiU is 2nd place so XBONE is actually in third. it's like kicking a dead horse now doing these articles.

s8anicslayer1190d ago

As a true gamer I can say PS4 is my peanut butter and X1 is my jelly, it just tastes better together!

otherZinc1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

@Jason Messer, Author

You are a SONY fanboy:let me explain;

XBOX ONE owners know the best AAA exclusives are on the XBOX ONE.

Forza Motorsport 5; PS4 has no =.
Drive Club has 1 feature; Clubs; Forza Horizon 2 has 1,000+ Clubs! Drive Club was garbage last year & will be the same garbage featureless game this year..

Halo Master Chief Collection is going to overwhelm the overrated, no Campaign Co-op, Exactly the same game as the PS3 version.

XBOX ONE fans ask, why is Killzone Shadow Fall not Campaign Co-op. When Halo does all that in 4 player Campaign Co-op.

Sony fans trash TitanFall, when it destroys ALL PS4 exclusives in Gameplay & sales.

Infamous Second Son?
I mean, Little Big Planet 3?

Garbage... and there's much more!

r1sh121190d ago

Agree 100%
The stupid question is like asking COD players why they arent tired of playing the same game every year when a new release comes out..?
Its the same build, just different maps and weapons.

Just let it go.

BallsEye1190d ago

people writing this are actually butthurt fanboys of competitors camps (in this case ps4 camp) who are trying to justify their purchase, and have too much time cause they need to wait to 2015 for games. Cheers!

JackStraw1189d ago

why can't there be world peace? why can't console wars stop? UGH! really people? it happens, deal with it.

gigoran1189d ago

But... it's ok when writers write stuff like that when it praises the xbone? How hypocritical of you.

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Neonridr1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Third best technically.. :P

... for now

ATi_Elite1190d ago ShowReplies(1)
1190d ago
Big_Game_Hunters1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Wait really? some people actually think that owning a system gives them some kind of "rank"

how pathetic can some people be.

kneon1190d ago

Yup, it's the same mentality as those that think their choice of phone, car, shoes etc makes them better or more important than someone else. They tend to have low self esteem and other insecurities.

I make more in a day than most people make in a week, so I could buy all the latest trendy crap, but I don't. I buy what I want, when I want because I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks.

ATi_Elite1190d ago

@Big game hunters

"Wait really? some people actually think that owning a system gives them some kind of "rank""how pathetic can some people be."

The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!!.........that is all!


polow got sol1190d ago ShowReplies(1)
andydalum1190d ago

Ok ok ok ok ok enough people i am own a xbox one and wii u and i must say i don't consider myself second or third rank because i prefer the games on the xbox and i have FUN you know the thing games are meant for. Also xbox is listening to us and changing sony coasting i think they can close the gap over next couple years. Also PC is the best i can't afford it otherwise i would and i know you can build one but im in military so mobility is important. Before you say PC isn't a console you can't compare then why is it that if a microsoft game goes from xbox to PC it's not exclusive anymore . . . . . because it's on another gaming rig so shut up and just enjoy what you have. People make great games for us to enjoy not to argue. Also im at work only reason im not playing some games right now :D