Game Blatantly Copies Levels from Oblivion

GamePlasma was recently tasked with the job of reviewing a game titled "Limbo of the Lost." However once one of their writers, Erik Franck, started playing it, he noticed some very familiar settings. It appears that Limbo of the Lost has blatantly taken in-game environments and textures from Oblivion.


The article seems to have confused some of you. Trisynergy published Limbo of the Lost. Also, Majestic Studios developed it. There is no connection to the development or publishing of this game to Bethesda at this time.

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Sev3837d ago

That is horrible, I cant believe any developer would do this, or think they could get away with it being unnoticed...

Lawsuit anyone?

dxmnecro3837d ago

I'm curious myself to see how this pans out.

donator3837d ago

The game is coming out way after Oblivion, steals their textures and level design, but manages to look worse. Befuddling.

CAPT IRISH3837d ago

if you are going to copy, its common knowledge you have to change things a little bit. Dont know if they thought no one would notice or if they just didn't care.

Breakfast3837d ago

Coincidence....and no one is telling me otherwise.

eagle213837d ago

I am just joking... :)

Max Power3837d ago

for the fact that book on the bookshelves in that one screen are exactly the same.

Silogon3837d ago

This whole thing probably ruined this guys life. This guy probably had this whole lie concocted and told everyone about this project he was working on and now the lid is blown and he's wide open to feel the pain only truth can bring.

For one, his wife is probably packing as we speak. His friends are making better plans for poker night and he's going to be all alone holding his wii very soon.

With all this said I'm not mad at him at all and I bet this guy was a struggling dev with access to the source code and did what he had to do to make it happen. I applaud someone like this oppose to Rockstar who releases the same game to us every year for 50 to 60 bucks, along with EA and Ubisoft.

I'd buy this game just to give him a nod.

Hagaf223837d ago

a new low in gaming.... bound for a huge lawsuit....

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The story is too old to be commented.