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Game Blatantly Copies Levels from Oblivion

GamePlasma was recently tasked with the job of reviewing a game titled "Limbo of the Lost." However once one of their writers, Erik Franck, started playing it, he noticed some very familiar settings. It appears that Limbo of the Lost has blatantly taken in-game environments and textures from Oblivion. (Limbo of the Lost, PC, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Update The article seems to have confused some of you. Trisynergy published Limbo of the Lost. Also, Majestic Studios developed it. There is no connection to the development or publishing of this game to Bethesda at this time.

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Sev  +   2484d ago
That is horrible, I cant believe any developer would do this, or think they could get away with it being unnoticed...

Lawsuit anyone?
dxmnecro  +   2484d ago
I'm curious myself to see how this pans out.
donator  +   2484d ago
The game is coming out way after Oblivion, steals their textures and level design, but manages to look worse. Befuddling.
CAPT IRISH  +   2484d ago
if you are going to copy, its common knowledge you have to change things a little bit. Dont know if they thought no one would notice or if they just didn't care.
Breakfast  +   2484d ago
Coincidence....and no one is telling me otherwise.
eagle21  +   2484d ago
I am just joking... :)
Breakfast  +   2484d ago
you win...lol.
Max Power  +   2484d ago
for the fact that book on the bookshelves in that one screen are exactly the same.
Silogon  +   2484d ago
This whole thing probably ruined this guys life. This guy probably had this whole lie concocted and told everyone about this project he was working on and now the lid is blown and he's wide open to feel the pain only truth can bring.

For one, his wife is probably packing as we speak. His friends are making better plans for poker night and he's going to be all alone holding his wii very soon.

With all this said I'm not mad at him at all and I bet this guy was a struggling dev with access to the source code and did what he had to do to make it happen. I applaud someone like this oppose to Rockstar who releases the same game to us every year for 50 to 60 bucks, along with EA and Ubisoft.

I'd buy this game just to give him a nod.
Hagaf22  +   2484d ago
a new low in gaming.... bound for a huge lawsuit....
Ali_The_Brit  +   2484d ago
The nerve! i hope there asses are sued
dinkeldinkse  +   2484d ago
There isn't any difference between the screen shots. At least they could move sh1t around to be less obvious.Definite lazy developer.
Mozilla89  +   2484d ago
Wow I was really surprised at this too, I mean they really have balls to do this oh well I guess Bethesda is gonna get some money to help pay for Fallout
iNickk  +   2484d ago
Didn't it say in the article that Bethesda was one of the developers?
dragunrising  +   2484d ago
the article said that Bethesda was one of the publishers
The way I see it is: Bethesda, and owner of the engine powering Oblivion, allowed a small time developer to create their game using similar assets. It isn't stealing, copying yes. When your small time, you have limited access to something called money. Copying levels is neither noble or original but a means for the little man to put out a half decent product without all the overhead.
dxmnecro  +   2484d ago
Bethesda also did not comment on the situation. So I doubt this company was allowed to use some of their artwork.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2484d ago
I hope no one buys that game. Oblivion could be my favorite game ever. Don't mess with the real thing. Somebody owes Bethesda some money.
Bleem360  +   2484d ago
Who owes Bethesday some money? Both games are from the same developer..
AngryTypingGuy  +   2483d ago
Silly me, I thought 2K/Bethesda and Majestic Studios were two different developers. Oh wait, they are.
Coke-a-Cola  +   2484d ago
LIMBO OF THE LOST ? ................. enough said .
tplarkin7  +   2484d ago
I wonder if this is just a joke. I've never heard of Limbo of the Lost. Also, Majesco shifted their focus on portable games after Psychonauts and Advent Rising bombed.
dxmnecro  +   2484d ago
The company is called majestic studios. The game is published by Trisynergy in the US. A quick google search will show you more about the game.
Bleem360  +   2484d ago
But keep in mind...
..that both of these titles are created by the same developers, Bethesda Softworks. It's not as if someone has stolen their assets - isn't it just a case of them reusing their own work?

Fair enough, it's a bit lazy of them - but I really don't see the problem here, legally anyway.
dxmnecro  +   2484d ago
"Eric was recently assigned a game developed by Majestic Studios titled "Limbo of the Lost." At first glance, this game appears to be your typical point and click adventure again." Bethesda did Oblivion and Majestic Studios did this game.
MK_Red  +   2484d ago
Dude, this stupid game has nothing to do with Bethesda or Oblivion. This is a budget PC title by an unknown dev from an unknown publisher that has ripped off Oblivion without mercy!

They didn't even bother to redecoratd the rooms... lol.
UnasFortuna  +   2484d ago
This is absolutely horrible for a company to do. I see no mention in the article that Bethesda is related to the two companies mentioned. The thing that is really sad is that the Oblivion shots still look better. How stupid could a developer be not to change things if you are going to copy the basic structure of objects. Anyways, I smell a lawsuit blowing in the wind soon.
CNIVEK  +   2484d ago
Not the first time...
...a point-n-click game did this. Can't remember what it was, because it's been so long ago, but I played a freeware p-n-c game years ago, that stole assets from another game. Bethesda may just laugh this one off, if there's no $$ being made. If it's a retail game, however...they're in deep doo-doo. :p
dxmnecro  +   2484d ago
£29.99 in the UK. Probably about the same in the US

Shortstop  +   2484d ago
If this were to go to court, Bethesda would win easily. I was expecting to see "similar" images, but they are exact replicas. Something's definitely fishy here.
Pornlord  +   2484d ago
It is uncanny, and yes, it does look worse.
Ashta  +   2484d ago
Wow, they didn't even try to hide it.
Nostradamus  +   2484d ago
Looks like a PS3 / 360 comparison.
ki0365  +   2484d ago
i lold, although as a ps3 owner i am also outrageously offended
mc  +   2484d ago
to me it just looks exactly like olivion running on low settings on a pc in 3rd person view. The website has just taken screenshots of this and reported that this is a new game in development. This is fake news designed to generate traffic for the site but it does nothing for their reputation
project76dodo  +   2484d ago
those fuucks!!
Oblivion is my 2nd fav game ever
these bastards straight up copied the shiit out of it
thats really shady and i cant believe they thought theyd get away with this
juuken  +   2484d ago
That's disgusting.
I smell a lawsuit coming up.
MaximusPaynicus  +   2484d ago
How do you lift whole environments from a game like Oblivion, not change a single damn thing in the environments, and still make it look like ass? How the hell do you pull that off?
Tyrael  +   2483d ago
Imitation is the sincerest form of lawsu- I mean, flattery.
thesummerofgeorge  +   2483d ago
This is mind numbingly dumb.. To think they could get away with reusing other successful games to make their own. Guess they figured no one would play it, so they wouldn't notice... well they got that half right.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2483d ago
They plagiarized oblivion to death.
LONEWOLF231  +   2483d ago

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