Grand Theft Auto IV Didn't Boost Console Sales

The ominous news was delivered by two separate analysts firms, Lazard Capital Markets and Wedbush Morgan Securities, as part of their monthly NPD preview report.

"We do not believe the recent release of GTA IV has generated meaningful incremental demand for the Xbox 360 or PS3 platforms," said Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets.

Analyst Micheal Pachter added that further price cuts could do more than GTA IV to boost console sales.

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Silogon3840d ago

Of course it didn't, it's old hat. It's the same game as it was nearly 8 years ago only with new graphics sheen and less pop up. Why would anyone buy a console for this game when they can have the same experience on a lesser system for peanuts?

Gta is old news. Something new needs to come along and break the mold and trend of these games and it's not fps or wiiware games, either.

Hydrolex3840d ago

boosted console failures.

PS3 60GB freezes
Xbox 360s 3 red ring of death

GTA IV was disappointing in my mind. I expected more for this gen

Silogon3840d ago

Teh only thing I can honestly think of when it comes to the failure that is Gta4 is the fact Rockstar had to leave out all the innovative stuff for microsofts 50 million dollar payday patch content.

Has to be. There is no way this is the complete Gta4 experience. No way. This is taking it back to even before Vice city, man. You can't do anything on it and I think the content is going to be just that.

Imallvol73840d ago

If GTA can't do it, I wonder if MGS4 can do it?

Megaton3840d ago

Well, if Amazon selling out of the MGS4 80gig bundles within hours (or was it minutes?) of availability is any indication, I think it's going to move a console or two.

Bob Dole3840d ago

It sold out in seven minutes and crashed the whole site.

deeznuts3840d ago

With GTAIV, if you had at least one, you're ok. With MGS4, if you didn't have "that" one, you have to go get it. It should move consoles.

Also, lots of people held out waiting for 80GB to even make it back onto the market.

Silogon3840d ago

No, it won't. Mgs4 is going to sell to the 14 million ps3 users and that's it. Not even 3 million copies will be sold when it is all said and done, I believe.

Games are dying out for a faster approach and those are casual games and they're good in moderation but not to base a system around. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo dropped the ball when it comes to their loyal consumers. the hardcore gamer.

All of them failed and this is why we need a new console maker in the loop to maybe light a fire or spark and get things in the right direction.

Captain Tuttle3840d ago

MGS4 is an important game but I don't think it'll significantly increase sales of the PS3, especially in this economy. Now a big price drop on the other hand...

ATLRoAcH3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

...was going to gain sales from GTA IV it would have been the PS3. It didn't because of the price. What will sell PS3s? This years game lineup and price drops. Emphasize the price drops.

(edit) @ Silogon

I don't know what will happen but I sure as hell wouldn't underestimate MGS4.

Captain Tuttle3840d ago

One game won't move consoles until the price goes under $200 and even then it's not a given.

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The story is too old to be commented.