Better graphics in GRID

The crazy modding scene for Race driver: GRID works on several projects like high quality settings or realistic graphics. PCGHx checked some of the mods and show the graphics you get.

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Gun_Senshi3604d ago

Best gaming platform EVER.

Fishy Fingers3604d ago

If you got the cash, definitely. But each have their own merits. I like them all :)

Dpa3604d ago

Too bad they cant fix the broken handling.

trancefreak3604d ago

whats a good way to play this on pc anyone recommended a steering wheel or controller other than M&KB

TheIneffableBob3604d ago

Wheel > Controller

tamd3604d ago

let them come more mods

darkstar3604d ago

PC gaming is not as expensive as people think if you buy the hardware and install it your self.

lsujester3604d ago

Even then, it depends on what you want out of your games. You want the highest setting in every game that gets released, then you're buying graphics cards every year. You want a decent level for a few years, then you can keep the same card a while.

PC gaming CAN be incredibly expensive.. or it can be only mildly more expensive than console gaming. Up to the user.

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The story is too old to be commented.