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Sony Boasts PS4 Victory for June, Also top Seller for Next Gen Games

Sony Computer Entertainment just sent its own comment on the latest North American NPD figures that saw the PS4 beat its rival, the Xbox One, for a margin that was probably narrower than its previous months due to a strong June for Microsoft’s console. (Guy Longworth, PS4)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   448d ago | Well said
Sony confirms victory for this month too after Kinectless XB1 came out too damn!
imt558  +   448d ago | Well said
I bloody knew it. Anyway, rumor said that Wii U sales results are close to Xbone sales results in June. And that's not good!

I told something similar in thread about Xbone double sales jump and i get trolling bubble.


Quote :

Everyone that wasn't Truefan knew it

Truefan put his pride on the line. That's what he said.

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Abash  +   448d ago
PlayStation 4 is seriously unveatable, great for Sony to be dominating this gen
Skips  +   448d ago | Well said
"Wait for the DRM reversals"

"Wait for Titanfall"

"Wait for E3"

"Wait for Kinectless Xbone"

Wonder what's next. lol

Microsoft is in for a serious beat down when the Destiny and The Last Of Us bundle hits.

EDIT: Watch Dogs selling more on the 360 than the Bone??? lol http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloud...
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bicfitness  +   448d ago
Everyone that wasn't Truefan knew it. All the price-cut did was staunch the bleeding. Next month X1 will be dropping its weekly average once more.
MightyNoX  +   448d ago | Funny
"Wait for Sunset Overdrive"
"Wait for Master Cheif collection"
"Wait for Halo 5"

*plays Benny hill music*
Darkstares  +   448d ago
I figured as much since Microsoft came out early to say sales doubled (for XB1) and didn't mention being number one in the U.S.
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bigbic  +   448d ago
This is huge, just for the fact it is the US, Xbox prime territory last gen.
GribbleGrunger  +   448d ago
Well ... I think we can say with reasonable certainty that the XB1 will never catch the PS4 in the US. Europe/Japan? Let's not even go there. Congratulations Sony on winning another generation.

And then there's this to add insult to injury:


And ... They say games ... why not consoles?


Oh dear.
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Kayant  +   448d ago
Well well what a surprise /s

I told Axios2 there will be a shell shock for some. http://n4g.com/comments/red...
Especially with XB1 only beating X360 with Wolf:TNO in multiplats.

XB1 will have a chance to win around holidays maybe before then not so much.
pyramidshead  +   448d ago
Let this be the shaming of truefan1
Save it and pass it on. This user has officially been owned.

Also keep this picture handy for when the other months come around ;)
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ABizzel1  +   448d ago

I don't think Wii U is close to XBO in NPD numbers, but I pretty sure it outsold the XBO worldwide for June.

I called this though. The PS4 is just HYPE TRAIN EXTREME. June was it's worse selling month so far, and it comfortably outsold the Wii U and XBO both of which should have had their best selling month in a long time.

My calculations for global numbers are:

PS4: 440k
Wii U: 304k
XBO: 254k

And if true the summer belongs to Sony.

The good news for MS is that they have a strong line-up this holiday as well as their global launch which should get their worldwide numbers averaging around 300k per month once the launch hype settles.

Nintendo obviously just needs to keep dropping at least 1 huge franchise per season. MK8 for the summer, something for the fall, Smash for the holiday, something for Spring 2015, something Summer 2015, something for Fall 2015, and Zelda for holiday 2015.

While the PS4 is dominating the good news is that the Wii U and XBO are still healthy.
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MysticStrummer  +   448d ago
"Truefan put his pride on the line."

The equivalent of playing a penny slot machine once.

Congrats to Sony.

Now if only vgchartz would report XB1 as having won my day would be complete.
choujij  +   448d ago
Here's some of the NPD figures that were posted on NeoGAF:

NPD Sales Results for June 2014


1. Watch Dogs (PS4, 360, Xbox One, PS3, PC)
2. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
3. Minecraft (360, PS3)
4. UFC (PS4, Xbox One)
5. FIFA 14 (PS4, 360, Xbox One, PS3, Vita)
6. NBA 2K14 (360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC)
7. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)
8. Call of Duty: Ghosts (360, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Wii U, PC)
9. Tomodachi Life (3DS)
10. Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3)


PS4: #1 best selling
3DS: 150K (up 55% over May, was 225K last June)
Wii U: ~140K (up 233% over last June)
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Mr Pumblechook  +   448d ago
PS4 is number 1 selling in USA.

What is shocking is journalists with NPD figures claiming of-the-record that the Wii U OUTSOLD the XBOX ONE IN JUNE.

EDIT: Microsoft's news yesterday that the Xbox One doubled May sales in not based on NPD numbers but on Microsoft's own internal figures. This likely means that ACCORDING TO NPD THE XBOX ONE DID NOT DOUBLE MAY'S SALES.

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GTgamer  +   448d ago
"Wait for Sunset Overdrive"
"Wait for Master Cheif collection"
"Wait for Halo 5"

*plays Benny hill music*

Let's stop Sugar Coating things TitanFall was the most hyped game of this generation and even with that game The Xone couldn't beat The PS4, so unless you guys think that Sunset Overdrive or MCC has the same Hype as Titanfall then I don't think those will help Win a month because what people fail to realize is exclusive games aren't the only thing selling PS4's but multiplatform helps the PS4 allot just look at watch dogs the same will also happen with Destiny but I do think that Halo 5 could stop Sony's winning streak but it all depends what games Sony releases around the time of Halo 5's release.
miyamoto  +   447d ago
The PlaySaviour 4 is revolutionizing the video game industry!!!!
UltraNova  +   447d ago

UC4 will give Halo 5 a run for its money, you can bet your arse on that! This is the gen where proverbial Kings will fall, just look at Titan-fall (yes its rhymes).
Muzikguy  +   447d ago

Forgot about DX12.

I just hope with this lead Sony doesn't get too arrogant. We still need stuff like DLNA and mp3 support. I'm hoping for an awesome gen and a comeback for good games we've been missing. RPGs too! I hope this leads to more of that
ChristianTheAtheist  +   447d ago
@Skips: wait for secret sauce and the power of the clouds.
DarXyde  +   447d ago
What is "not good"? Nintendo competing with Microsoft?

I hope Nintendo does well. They have a stellar quality record for exclusives that, while outshined graphically, are known to be great fun.
NextLevel  +   448d ago
The Return of The King.

This is embarrassing for Microsoft. Like I said many times, the Xbox One is competing with the Wii U, not the PS4. This should be a serious reality check for some people on here.
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ThinkThink  +   448d ago
Why is this embarrassing for Microsoft? It's still selling great.
gaffyh  +   448d ago
Because they announced the price drop 3 weeks early, and couldn't outsell their competitor with the pent up demand from the previous month. Xbox is in trouble, but I think the Master Chief collection will sell some consoles.
MightyNoX  +   448d ago
Not even doubling their sales on a 5 week month could beat the PS4.

Sony's got July, August, September and October in the bag.

I'll keep my educated guess about November for now.
Spid3r6  +   448d ago
You are going to eat those words the gap is closing my friend the gap is closing.
jebabcock  +   448d ago | Well said
Technically the gap is still widening... X1 has to actually outsell the ps4 before any gap can close...
XStation  +   448d ago
Even with Sunset Overdrive coming out in October? Also all the multiplatform games coming out October that the XB1 has exclusive content for?
The PS4 might win, but I wouldn't say they got it "in a bag."

Sunset Overdrive
Assassin’s Creed Unity
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MightyNoX  +   448d ago
@Xstation: Sunset Overdrive is from Insomniac, they never light up the chart and their last game bombed. Assassin's Creed is STILL on the PS4 and Ubisoft EXPLICITLY said their games chart better on the PS4.

November is going to be tricky, what with the Halo 1-4 dropping.
XStation  +   448d ago
" Sunset Overdrive is from Insomniac, they never light up the chart and their last game bombed."

They may not light up the chart, but it's still a +1 for the Xbox One, since it's a exclusive coming out that month only for that console. Also, i don't think the PS4 has a exclusive game coming out that month, correct me if I'm wrong. In addition, Insomniac may have a bad last game, but does that mean they will continue? This game is way different than the last and it's different types of things that can go wrong. Also, they may advertise Evolve as an Xbox One game like the PS4 does with Destiny. November is going to be a interesting month for sure though.
Mr Pumblechook  +   448d ago
MightyNoX said "Sony's got July, August, September and October in the bag. I'll keep my educated guess about November for now."

@MightyNoX Please don't keep your educated guess about what you think will be the best selling console in November a secret. Tell us!
jmac53  +   447d ago
I wouldn't count out Little Big Planet 3 to move consoles before Christmas. A family friendly game like that will entice parents during the biggest time when they purchase consoles.
MysticStrummer  +   447d ago
"i don't think the PS4 has a exclusive game coming out that month, correct me if I'm wrong."


Not sure about any others that month, but LBP3 will move a few systems during the holidays. All those LBP1 and 2 user levels will be playable with updated graphics. That's a lot of content, and a lot of people are really into creating levels so fans of that will want to get going with the new stuff.

I also think Planetside 2 can move some PS4s if it gets the right commercials. I don't know how long the average console FPS fan will stick with that game, but the big battles do look cool and seeing "Free Download" at the end won't hurt.
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Hardcore_gamerxbox  +   447d ago
Seriously people like you'll the time jumping around trying to make ps4 look good and Xbox one look bad I'm happy Sony doing good this generation but I've got a question for you do u get a penny from Sony by Sony selling lots of ps4 no u don't . People like you ruining gaming industry why don't you enjoy a console u own instead of bashing Xbox one all the time
avengers1978  +   447d ago
@spid3r6 technically the gap widened by about 75,000 units in America according to NPD numbers, and widened by around 200,000 world wide... See as long as PS4 out sells XB1 the gap gets bigger.
For example let's say PS4 is at 3 million in America, and XB1 is at 2 million, and July numbers are 100,000 for PS4 and 90,000 for XB1, the gap has grown from 1 million to 1milllion 10,000 units, it didn't not shrink.

You see if XB1 continues to sell less than PS4 than it can never close the gap.
extermin8or  +   447d ago
See ubisoft are on record saying their games chart better on playstation as are ea yet theyve both alllwed a fair bit of timed exclusive content this year on xb1... thats not the stuff people usually buy consoles over only reason destinynwill sell ps4s is the bundle with white ps4 and advertising..
Muerte2494  +   448d ago
Look guys i called it. He reported my story because the source was from Neogaf but then his uses neogaf in his article and it apparently has more legitimacy.


Check the time stamps
jackanderson1985  +   448d ago
You can't use forums on N4G, never could... abrieal writes it up on the site he's with and that's acceptable... it's why yours got failed and his passed
BitbyDeath  +   448d ago
Bit of a stupid rule but that is how it is.

On-topic: Congrats Sony!
Kayant  +   448d ago
The issue is the link was pointing to a single neogaf thread post not to geoff keighley's tweet. If it linked to the tweet then it will be fine as the rules have changed to allow journalist accounts iirc.
Magicite  +   448d ago
Sony dominates both hardware and software sales (PS4+PS3). Most likely it will continue like this from now on.
Its time for Playstation to reclaim USA and no X-force will stop that.

P.S. Waiting for juicy comments from X1 fans (if they dare to show up here :D)
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funkybudda  +   447d ago
Amen to that.

Looks like PS4 could help Sony get back to the golden age of PS2 days, that's the way it should be.
kenshiro100  +   448d ago
My God, the PS4 is murdering the XB1. Those price cuts and bundles aren't working.
choujij  +   447d ago
Two SKUs...

Double Kill!
Hardcore_gamerxbox  +   447d ago
@skips if watch dog selling better on 360 it's not bad thing people still enjoy playing game on Xbox 360 and soon most of them gonna buy Xbox one
SmielmaN  +   447d ago
*pats on top of head*
Sure they are. Sure....
Letthewookiewin  +   448d ago
Just no stopping it! Good times! Poor Xbone. They need to drop the price to 299$ and maybe Ill bite.
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Letthewookiewin  +   448d ago
You cant have weaker hardware the same price as stronger hardware. The proof is now here.
04STIBluByU  +   448d ago
Yeah b!tches we won! We f'ed yall up big! Just wait till June you'll see...We came and we conquered! Kings of the Hill!!! See how it feels XB guys, its plain stupid! This is what XB fans did all last gen! Fist Bump Bro!
ThinkThink  +   448d ago
Glad to see that we all grew as a community. Two wrongs definitely make a right. High roads be damned.
04STIBluByU  +   448d ago
But three left do make a right! You want me to feel sorry for people who back MS's anti-gaming shenanigans? This is Punishment!
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ThinkThink  +   448d ago
@04STIBluByU I don't want you to feel sorry for anybody. I just want our community to be looked at as less of a joke.
SmielmaN  +   447d ago
N4g doesn't make a billion dollar industry that's getting more and more high profile games, and even Hollywood actors/actresses, look like a joke. Vids that have brats being knobs at Gaming competitions make it look like a joke.

But it's definitely true. I've been reading this site since the 360 started up and it was a Sony troll/bash fest for years. It's just Sony's fans turn to enjoy positive news about their console for gaming.
gusgusjr  +   448d ago
Before Sony fans keep celebrating do it what 36 months straight then talk, that being said I love both my one and ps4. I think they will but at the same time I know how deep microsoft's pockets can get.

BTW I love all gaming and gaming systems.
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Spotie  +   448d ago
Sony already did that with the PS2. Xbox is late to the party.
Jrmy84  +   448d ago
Hilarious here's a bubble('! ') ROMFL
RichardDawkins  +   448d ago
Even the Xbox One price drop and unbundled Kinect didn't stop the momentum of the PS4 for June!
MegaDan  +   448d ago
What excuse are Xbox fanboys using this time? Hmm. #PlayStationDomination
MegaRay  +   448d ago
Wait for Halo collection........
Jiiiiiiin  +   448d ago
Sony = victory
Xbone = R.I.P
funkybudda  +   447d ago
More like XBOX DONE.

dddooozzz9  +   448d ago
Wins again!
Spid3r6  +   448d ago
Calm down you guys the new sku came out on June 9th...So that means PS4 was ahead a week this month due to week month.
BitbyDeath  +   448d ago
The SKU didn't sell out, those who waited those 9 days could have easily gotten one or more when it released.

No excuse.
RichardDawkins  +   448d ago
I disagree.

The whole month of May was an excuse for low numbers; "people were waiting for the new sku to come june 9th".

It was said 360 owners were waiting for the kinect to get unbundled and/or a price drop... The people waiting SHOULD HAVE gotten one regardless of it being June 9th or June 15th..

Sales should have spiked in June for Xbox, at least enough to pass the Ps4 in NA since it's the home territory.. it wasn't able to accomplish that.

What is it going to take? Hell.. MS offered $75 for 360 owners to switch. over. they're trying everything and the outcome is abysmal.
BitbyDeath  +   448d ago
Will be interesting to see next month if that was a spike for those waiting on the cheaper model, as the next spike likely won't occur until Halo releases in November.
Fatal-Aim  +   448d ago
LMFAO! @ Spid3r6

but but but.... input next excuse here---> _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
kenshiro100  +   448d ago
B - But nothing.

Like I said, DRM hurt the XB1 badly.
Kryptix  +   447d ago
The SKU was first announced in May... That's enough time for people to know about it, wait till June 9th, and buy the Kinectless Xbox One. Most of the people that wanted to buy an Xbox One in May should of gathered in with the June buyers, but that wasn't the case. Why? Seems like Sony has a brighter vision for the future with the PS4 and selling a weaker console at the same price as it's competition was pretty...dumb for MS. We live in the age of the internet being used to gather information now, so people wised up, they're not falling for MS's BS.
Spid3r6  +   447d ago
Week 1 June

42,001 PS4
22,000 XBO

After new SKU

Week 2

39,009 PS4
38,210 XB0

Week 3

37,958 PS4
43,426 XBO

Week 4

40,801 PS4
40,104 XBO

Week 5

38,044 PS4
39,025 XBO

So by these number I am seeing now a good competition. Plus you cant forget that the Xbox 360 still outselling the PS3 by double the numbers.
mkis007  +   447d ago

See Kryptix comment below...
Kryptix  +   447d ago

"Week 1 June

42,001 PS4
22,000 XBO

After new SKU

Week 2

39,009 PS4
38,210 XB0

Week 3

37,958 PS4
43,426 XBO

Week 4

40,801 PS4
40,104 XBO

Week 5

38,044 PS4
39,025 XBO

So by these number I am seeing now a good competition. Plus you cant forget that the Xbox 360 still outselling the PS3 by double the numbers." -What you posted (before you actually take my advice and delete it)

LOL Where you get your numbers from? I just added up all of the PS4's June numbers you gave and they don't add up to the official NPD's 269k, but 197k.


It's time to edit your comment and either delete it or get some other made up numbers.

By the way, this has nothing to do with PS3 vs Xbox 360 sale numbers so I don't know why you brought that up.
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hi54geezus  +   447d ago
I think he got those numbers from VGchartz
#10.7.1 (Edited 447d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
04STIBluByU  +   448d ago
I got that Pharrell Williams song in my head...HAPPY! It's because of you Sony!
DoctorJones  +   447d ago
thanks Sony, you wankers.
DoctorJones  +   446d ago
Lol I was drunk when I posted this, I can't even remember doing it :P

Totally disregard my comment.
SpideySpeakz  +   448d ago | Funny
Looks like Truefan lost his pride lol.
saint_seya  +   448d ago
Pride? does he has any?
OT: Good numbers for sony, i was sure about this with only looking at the sales online.
_LarZen_  +   448d ago
6 months in a row as nr1 selling console in the US. I bet there are some big heads over at Sony HQ that are smiling from ear to ear.

That said. It's so deserved. Sony has done right by us gamers since E3 2013 and gamers around the world show their thanks by buying the best and most powerful gaming console to this day.

Thanks Sony! And a big high five to all your gamers out there!
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medziarz  +   448d ago

And that's just the beginning. TLoUR arrives soon to counter that #399 XB1.
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   448d ago
Now Sony start making those games that made you great. And PS2 era part 2 can be underway.
DEEBO  +   448d ago
I love it that sony is doing it's thing with the ps4(fanboy )but now i was hoping the xbox 1 would pull it out this time.

MS is too rich to pull a dreamcast but seeing tv division get axe was sad, the fanboy in me was like sony keep up the ground&pound but i know thiat is not good for the industry as a whole.

I just want great games,don't care who makes it wiiu,pc,x1,ps4.
iceman06  +   448d ago
Remember, it took an @ss whooping of this magnitude to wake Sony up last gen. This might just be the impetus for exactly what you want...healthy competition. If MS TRULY learns from its mistakes, then it will begin to shift in ideology (which we have started to see). I wouldn't be excited or upset to see MS leave the industry. There will ALWAYS be someone with the pockets to step up to the challenge. That being said, Sony or Nintendo can't be left unchecked. Competition is good for the industry.
Bathyj  +   448d ago
I make no bones about not liking Microsoft. I think theyre scum for reasons I wont go into now. But I've also said many times I WANT them to be humbled so they come back BETTER, just like Sony was.

I want the MS who I loved with the XB OG, right up til the time they dropped it so would have to buy a 360. And then I supported 360 for a long time too. Probably even a little bit longer than they did. (zing)

MS definitely need to be taken down a peg or two and if it means they get their crap together and start putting gamers first again and give me a reason to need another one of their consoles then I'm all for it. They need to remind me why I loved them in the first place.

If they dont, well I lose out a bit. The handful of games a year that I would buy that I cant get anywhere else. But they will lose more.

Healthy competition is a nice concept, but its overrated in many peoples minds. Playstation dominated with PSOne and PS2 like no one ever did before or since, except for Nintendo with handhelds, which was an industry they basically had to themselves for 20 years.

Sony dominated, and I dont recall anyone complaining that those generations were worse for it.
funkybudda  +   447d ago
PS2 era was perfectly alright when Sony didnt much competition. I prefer that way.
iceman06  +   447d ago
@BathyJ and funkybudda...

I fully agree with what you are BOTH saying. I was just saying that for DEEBO, he might just get his wish for competition. Competition just for the sake of competition is nothing. But, when a company poses a REAL threat (like last gen with MS), it causes companies to make drastic decisions to stay in the game. Look at all of the shifting that has gone on with the Xbox One. Most of that wouldn't have happened had they had an outright lead straight from the jump. Though the PSONE and PS2 were beasts in sales, they still had companies breathing down their backs. Sega and Nintendo, and to a much lesser extent Xbox (OG) kept Sony on their toes. Sure, I believe that Sony would innovate and strive on their own. Any company worth its salt would. But, the threat of losing potential money to another company that is doing something arguably better is is always there. That's why, IMO, Sony changed their messaging. Their strategy has always been gamer-centric. But, now they are using this as a marketing strategy to remind people of why they bought a PS2.
Predaking77  +   448d ago
Every title on a next-generation Platform sold higher on PS4 than Xbox One. Every-Single-One. Including COD.

PS4 is outselling X1 in spite of TitanFall AND price parity. The most
disgusting news? Data MS released yesterday is not official NPD.
Dontworrybhappy  +   448d ago
Really games too? I def would have thought that would belong to Wii U with Mario Kart 8. Guess nobody cares about Mario anymore. :(
LOL_WUT  +   447d ago
Mario kart 8 is great but Nintendo needs more than that to compete with the big boys. X1 should have no problem from here on out on taking second place ;)
Sevir  +   448d ago
That's impressive, I think perceives value of the PS4 is keeping it a head. Consumer mindshare and announcing first and last year's bombshell announcements have long term rippling effects. The PS brand is a powerful brand that simply cannot be usurped. Though I'll wait till the end of the year to review the sales performance to see if this is the trend continues and if this'll be the story all generation long.
iceman06  +   448d ago
I fully agree. Much like it was with the 360, it's the consumer mindshare that is pushing Sony forward with the PS4. Things have shifted and it's palpable. GameStop no longer assumes that you want the Xbox version of games. Sales associates at retailers actually HAVE the system and are singing its praises. Sony has come down a notch and is simply selling to the core gamer and not bombastic about it. (though the bombastic thing seemed to work for MS last gen.) This is the PRIME example of how each generation is a new battle for these console makers. They can never get too high or too low. They might be sitting on the next Wii (who could have predicted THAT!?!?)
Speak_da_Truth  +   448d ago
Ok now I guess the next excuse is "ppl are waitin for the master chief collection" Lmaooooo!!!! #ps4Domination and btw dat destiny beta is freaking awesome been playing it since 2pm.
funkybudda  +   447d ago
ND should be working on the UC 1-3 remaster to keep the fight strong. I cant wait to see Xbox as brand fall.
OP_Tigrex  +   448d ago
Playstation 4 is dominating.
Dlacy13g  +   448d ago
Good job Sony.
Bathyj  +   448d ago

It aint bragging M*%^&#R F@(%$R if you back it up - Kid Rock
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Ninver  +   448d ago
Great victory for Sony. Let the fanboy tears commence.
mochachino  +   448d ago
Knowing MS, it means that xone's shipped to retailers doubled in June.
GamersHeaven  +   448d ago
Its done its over with PS4 is gamers choice of this generation another console war victory for Sony and very well deserved one at that.Microsoft tarnished what popularity the Xbox brand had,lets be serious them ditching the Kinect was not good enough! 350$ would have been more reasonable price considering the specs between the two.Microsoft has a huge mountain to climb this generation relying on the same old franchises just aint gonna cut it time for them to start investing in more studios and new IP's to compete against Sony they lost the mutiplatform war now there pretty much neck to neck in terms of online services,whats else does Microsoft have?
Revengeance  +   448d ago
Truefan1 nowhere to be found. I know he's too embarrassed to come on here.

PS4 still on top as it should be. Congrats Sony. You deserve to be winning.
patrik23  +   447d ago
Good job SONY!!! 6th month in a row and 7 out of 8 NPD's won. july, august and september almost sure PS4 win.
peshkavusCA  +   447d ago
Playstation Nation dominates everything! I mean everything!!! Everyone else just nod your head and bow your head
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SpinalRemains138  +   447d ago
This is what happens when your company releases a travesty of a console which implemented the most anti consumer policies in history.

MS actually treated this Gen as if they were a monopoly and there would be no backlash.

I'm glad they're not doing as well as they'd like.
CaptainObvious878  +   446d ago
I'm still incredibly confused from the fact that MS thought they could get away with their draconian DRM. That had to be a special blend of arrogance with stupidity to actually believe gamer would accept their anti-consumer policies.

I see MS trying to turn around, but I honestly don't think they're capable of genuinely learning from their mistakes. All I see is them looking at the sales data, seeing Sony's 'for the gamers' strategy working, and copying them in a desperate attempt to garner back some good will.
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