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Submitted by majorkilljoy 603d ago | news

EA brands Battlefield 4 launch as unacceptable

EA boss Andrew Wilson has branded the troubled launch of Battlefield 4 as "unacceptable" while also stressing developer DICE has learned a valuable lesson so it shouldn't happen again. (Battlefield 4, EA, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Yi-Long  +   603d ago
Well duh....
... It was an atrocious launch, with a game completely riddled with bugs and errors, where for many customers their experience was often completely ruined by all these problems.

I believe only recently (last month orso) it seems the game is largely without problems. That's 6 months orso after it launched. Ridiculous.

You'd think EA had learned their lesson after the horrible SimCity launch, but I guess they even exceeded that with BF4.
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user1439414  +   603d ago
No wonder they get voted the most hated company in the world, its typical of EA passing the blame over to DICE when it was them who FORCED DICE to release the game unfit for release just to keep with the release schedule. I think the ones who need to learn from this is EA and that is if the game is unfit for release hold it back and fix it BEFORE its released.
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ScottyHoss  +   603d ago
Somehow they didn't get it this year, time Warner Cable did. They almost threepeated
DarthZoolu  +   603d ago
It won't happen again because I'm not buying the next one.
thehobbyist  +   603d ago
Time Warner only won because they REMOVED EA from the running altogether lol
UltimateMaster  +   603d ago
I brand Battlefield 4 itself as unacceptable.
I also brand the graphics of Battlefield Hardline as unacceptable.
If EA weren't own by investors; they would actually care for their customers.
Either way; if EA were to go under, the individual studios would survive.
We really need to have a new major 3rd party publisher; one that actually gives a damn about gamers.
IcedOmega13  +   602d ago
I don't blame DICE I blame EA for sure, if they want to pump out games annually they need to go the Activision route and hire multiple developers to make the games i.e COD where one team works on one game while the other team works on the next years release. You cant expect that kind of quality without breaking your people they do have lives after all. and @ Ultimate Master WTH is up with the hardline graphics I had to uninstall it after about 15 minutes it was worse than CSGO
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   603d ago
As an "I'm sorry that BF4 launch was so terrible" they should sell the game for $40. Or give free Premium accounts to everyone that buys Hardline. Saying "I'm sorry" doesnt cut it when people spent $60 on BF4 and the game was unplayable and is still riddled with bugs months after the game has been launched. Not to mention Hardline isn't exactly a brand new, state of the art game. Its practically the same game, same shooting mechanics, just with a new setting, vehicles, and weapons.
IcedOmega13  +   602d ago
They probably broke the freebie budget with all the free games they gave away with the broken Simcity launch. I got deadspace 3 for free when it was still selling for $50
danny818  +   603d ago
after countless updates and being more than half a year after launch I cant finish the campaign. It still erases my saved file
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   603d ago
I'm at a point in the campaign where I'm in the jail, and when I take the elevator up, all the enemies and character begin falling, non stop, shooting at each other. If you step back on elevator you fall and die. If you step towards enemies you fall and die. So I cant even play the campaign anymore.
badz149  +   603d ago
Of course they will now admit they did wrong with BF4 because they want people to think that they are really sorry and believe that BF Hardline will be better. It's pure PR move to try to market their next game, nothing more!

I think gamers should vote with their wallet and stop being paying beta testers! Let's all send a message to EA and to all publishers for that matter, by making hardline the worst BF launch ever sales wise.
mogwaii  +   602d ago
You do realise "orso" isnt an actual word dont you?
I personally had nary a problem with BF4, lucky i guess.
KAEM7  +   603d ago
EA blames DICE!? Lol
nypifisel  +   603d ago
What a joke...
Neixus  +   603d ago
A friend of mine who works at Dice, told me their deadline is so tight, everyone are sweating their ass off..
Oh well, atleast Dice -tried- to finish the game before release, but EA has to ruin it by putting a stupid deadline.

I asked him about his thoughts about EA recently
''EA is nice for my money income, but not for everything else, so far the work enviroment seems more like a chore,stressful and whatsoever, than before were we could take our time and atleast soften up the edges on our product''

Damn you EA
Dirtnapstor  +   603d ago
This is what I entirely suspected from the get go as to why it was released as was. Fortunately for me, I've never really had trouble SP or MP.
Mega24  +   603d ago
No respect.... EA doesn't give a flying f**k about their studios, damaging DICE's reputation.
Activemessiah  +   603d ago
EA: We're releasing BF4 for the console launch
DICE: But... but it's not ready..
EA: JUST DO IT! It looks ready, just patch it as always... idiots will still buy this.
*Launch turns to disaster*
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djplonker  +   603d ago
You forgot the major point

Ea: Get it ready before call of duty comes out
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Flo-con  +   603d ago
Is there actually any evidence that it's how it happened?
Mega24  +   603d ago
Yeah, few of the Leads in DICE said the game wasn't ready, it would have been ready by march/april, but EA kept pressing them because they wanted the game out before Ghosts.
Razputin  +   603d ago
Yes the former CEO John Ricitello sp* came out and said it.

When your CEO comes out and bashes you as a company. You've known you screwed up.

I run a clan that used to play Battlefield games. Now we are just playing random games.

I see no point in buying an EA game any time soon.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   603d ago
So it was DICE that forced DICE, BioWare and countless other great developers to release games early and compromise the quality and damage the flawless reputation of these developers in the process.
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Mikefizzled  +   603d ago
Wrong to blame DICE when EA would never of allowed for them to miss the release date. Yes Dice released a bad product but they where probably given a release date to work to a year in advance that arrogant EA would not have budged from.
Encouraging to see they are honest about their failings and not spinning it.
Ickythump31  +   603d ago
this is ridicolous
Dojan123  +   603d ago
I learned my lesson as well. I will not pre-order another battlefield and will buy after the reviews and first price drop.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   603d ago
Me too. I learn to do that with all EA games now. EA is gonna ruin the BF series with these yearly releases. I really don't care for BF Hardline. BF4 can last me another 2 years and I still play BF3 also.
TheFreshestLlama  +   603d ago
I'm actually really curious as to how much BF4 will effect Hardline's sales. It seems a lot of people are taking the wait and see approach.
BlingBlaine  +   603d ago
Gamefly Dont buy EA.
The_Sneauxman  +   603d ago
I'm not buying this Battlefield game. They took almost the price of two games out of me. This title can wait
asmith2306  +   603d ago
Yup. Played the shit out of BFBC2 and BF3. BF4 was tragic. I'm waiting a long time after BF5's release before I buy it.
BattleReach  +   603d ago
In this article, Visceral and DICE people are stating Hardline has been in development for 3 years, while some Visceral developers tweeted 'We started development 18 months ago' and 'This is what we've been working on for the past 18 months'.

How long have you worked on this game?!
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LordMe  +   603d ago
Prolly early stages of development with a skeleton crew for 3 years. Then hit full production 18 months ago.

Not an uncommon thing to have happen. So about half and half on full scale development and concept builds.
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daBUSHwhaka  +   603d ago
And what do we get back.A player appreciation month with battle packs and double xp when you still couldn't play the game.It's alright saying this now when you have made your money you moron.These guys really are the vermin of the industry.To this day BF4 still plays sub par.
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HappyWithOneBubble  +   603d ago
I said they should have waited this year to release BF4 and it would've been better since a lot of games have been delayed til 2015. Blaming Dice really EA. I hope Dice team leave and start their own studio like Respawn so they won't have to worry about dead lines and pressure from these big companies.
Parasyte  +   603d ago
DICE are their own studio. EA is merely their publisher.
thehobbyist  +   603d ago
Their publisher that apparently can force a ludicrous deadline on them. Some publisher they got there.
Parasyte  +   603d ago
It's all in how they negotiated their publishing contract. Not saying EA aren't the bad guys because they very much are.

And, I have no idea why anyone disagreed with me. What I said was true.
DOMination-  +   602d ago
EA own Dice
elhebbo16  +   603d ago
I don't care who is to blame here, but the first step is always acceptance.
BigBosss  +   603d ago
Typical EA is all I gotta say, hey that rhymed LOL
XXXL  +   603d ago
EA continues to show the masses why they are so beloved.
XXXL  +   603d ago
Can't wait to see Battlefront. I'm sure they'll rush that out the door whether it's finished or not to coincide with the new movie releasing next year...
amnalehu  +   603d ago
If they ruin Battlefront I will never buy another EA game again... except NHL... and maybe Fifa :-)
sevilha82  +   603d ago
Yea because like,it wasn´t them that pressured Dice to release an unfinished product,it´s totally Dice´s fault...

Arrogant much?

But that´s what happens when you sell your soul to the Devil,one of the coolest studios of all time has it´s reputation in shambles whitin two years...I hope they can turn it around but i´m doubtfoul.
theXtReMe1  +   603d ago
Yet they give gamers nothing in return. I was never able to finish the single player, due to the save file glitch, then the game freezing. A wasted $60. Lesson learned. Buy no EA game before it has been out for a month or more, to see if gamers run into any bugs or glitches.
MasterCornholio  +   603d ago
EA forced them to rush the product which is why it was so bad at launch.
Slugfest321  +   603d ago
Lol Ea made them rush to get it out on time . The problem is DICE had a huge task ahead of them when you think about it, they made the game for ps3 xbox 360 xbox one ps4 and pc that is a pretty huge effort. On top of that these gen versions weren't just ports of last gens, graphic wise and player count there is a big difference so they had a lot of work to do but considering the time they had with the new consoles im surprised they got what they did done.
cellfluid  +   603d ago
Funny how the boss States the launch of battlefield 4 was unacceptabl. But all orders to llaunch the game came from the boss.. Lol unbelievable lok
Nodoze  +   603d ago
This is why less suits are needed. EA ruins studios.
skulz7  +   603d ago
I miss bad company 2 so much. Vietnam DLC was the greatest FPS multiplayer experience I have ever had. They seriously should not annualise this series like CoD. Its been doing downhill ever since bad company. I know EA are a business but the fact that they are trying to appeal to the mass market like CoD is putting immense strain on their games. Make bad company 3 but spend time on it and make a new battlefield game every 2 to 3 years.
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quenomamen  +   603d ago
Agree 100% take BC2 upgrade the graphics and add the Javelin for the circle strafe helicopter dbags and you got a great BC3.
0P-Tigrex  +   603d ago
This is why i don't buy EA games anymore.
thehobbyist  +   603d ago
Unless it's Valve, since in that case EA is just the publisher and look how TF2 and the L4D series turned out.
Drithe  +   603d ago
I would rather play the latest version of Duke Nukem than the travesty that was BF 4. Worst FPS ever.
BlingBlaine  +   603d ago
Just waitin on Planetside 2
iamneo  +   603d ago
well, we the people who shelled out 60+dollars for this train wreck are the ones who found it unacceptable. apparently EA thought it was acceptable since they pressured Dice into releasing it way too fucking early. lets get this straight, EA only found it unacceptable after everyone started complaining, nice try ea. the brand has been damaged because of your greed and stupidity. the best i can tell them is stop your bullying developers to put games out way too early and some of the with DRM. anyone remember the Sims debacle. yeah i thought so. they really learned their lesson didnt they. lmfao
quenomamen  +   603d ago
1. Way to throw DICE under the bus EA considering it was probably your use of shitty servers cuz the SP was not that screwed up.

2. Again, stop acting like BF was or will be the only game that had online issues.
GTA 5 ? The last 5 CODs ?
Takwin  +   603d ago
I'm actually done with FPS as a genre, at least the brosef-style multiplayer ones. I'm fine with cover shooters and games that have shooting mechanics in them (Bioshock, Infamous, Far Cry), but the multiplayer FPS genre is so stale and the yearly schedule of broken and buggy releases isn't doing it any favors.
GamersHeaven  +   602d ago
Wow EA are trash forcing DICE to make BF4 and have them release on multiple consoles putting the blame all on them pile of dirt bags.

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