Halo 2 Anniversary Gameplay E3 2014

Halo 2 Anniversary Gameplay E3 2014

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DonnieDarko1597d ago

There are those that said this day would never come, what are they to say now! Rated M for mature.

darthv721597d ago

I'm buying this in November even if i dont have an XB1 to play it on. I will eventually...and this will be there waiting.

Automatic791597d ago

Can't wait to play Halo 2

starchild1597d ago

Looks amazing. This is making me want to get an Xbox One.

Dewitt1597d ago

My boy Neighbor still a beast with that sniper. This is going to provide me another 1000+ hours of MP amazingness.

user14394141597d ago

Halo 2 was a good game :)

Dynasty20211597d ago

Halo has never been good.

It has no variety and nothing interesting happens.

Irishguy951597d ago

Halo 2 multi is better than any othe Xbox/PS/Wii FPS exclusive.

QuantumWake1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Ghost and Neighbor! Halo 2! WE BACK BABY!

EDIT: Disagree? So we're not back? :(

Ashunderfire861597d ago

Xbox One must buy, and Halo Collection day one for me! I will get it soon. I am very excited to finally Halo 1 maps online also!

Rowco1471597d ago

That was X one footage?

LAWSON721597d ago

Yeah and it looked to run on Halo 4s engine

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The story is too old to be commented.