Metal Gear Solid 4 Hands On

Geekpulp writes: "First of all, if you're a MGS veteran, you'll feel right at home. The controls aren't precisely the same, but the basics are still there, and sneaking (or running as I did) around feels and looks (in terms of animation) very reminiscent of the MGS series"

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yourgodisdead3613d ago

Change in wind direction effects sniper shots perhaps?

And tv to watch while the game loads?

awsome =]

Genesis53613d ago

This game is going to be so great. Can hardly wait.

resistance1003613d ago

'Change in wind direction effects sniper shots perhaps? '

Its the little things which make a game great or not, remember the sniper mission on COD4, hopefully it works well.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3613d ago

I can see the Coriolis Effect being implemented into the game.

After all its kinda required if you want the game to even be slightly realistic.

n4gzz3613d ago

Hey, One my buddy is manager at Gamestop, he sold me copy of MGS4 but he rang it under Haze so he won't get caught for selling game early. Well, Its a lie but wish i can have copy right now.
* Made your heart pounding, didn't I ??

ICUP3613d ago

June 12 can't come soon enough. :)

jkhan3613d ago

That was the shortest hands on impression I have ever read:|
The game is going to be awesome. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.

yanikins1113613d ago

Is it just me or did it read like this guy was itching to give it a bashing?

beavis4play3613d ago

everything positive he said seemed like a back-handed complement. oh well, it's his loss- not ours.

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