NG2 page updated; no more demo?

So far Ninja Gaiden 2's demo has yet to see release to the Marketplace, and for some time now, the game's page had a message for its readers, telling them to: "Get your hands on the free demo coming to Xbox LIVE Marketplace in May." While it is true that May isn't over until the end of the week, the page no longer has the message promising the demo's arrival, and instead points readers to the Ask a Ninja videos.

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sonarus3678d ago

I actually think no demo is a BIG mistake. Certain games benefit from demos. A lot of people don't know what NG is about and they will be looking for a demo.

morganfell3678d ago

fear the camera...fear the camera. *waves hand - demo disappears*

Kyur4ThePain3678d ago

That's funny!
Have a bubble.

chaosatom3333678d ago

After seeing the reviews, people sure will want to play a demo.

ISA_Scum3678d ago

I wouldn't want my day ruined by a terrible camera and F'd framerate. It's probably best to leave this to the sheep who will buy anything XBOX exclusive.

GiantEnemyCrab3678d ago

This better not be happening. I still plan on buying the game but a demo would give a great taste of what's to come.

Breakfast3678d ago

awwww....but i wanna cut someones arm off now...

This sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.