Why do we hate Nintendo's E3 strategy again

GGG writes about the reasons to like Nintendo's new approach to E3 and questions why people have gotten so upset about it to begin with.

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Benjaminkno1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

We don't hate Nintendo's e3 strategy. We just hate Nintendo.

They certainly could use the over-hype of a controlled audience.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1687d ago

Glad to hear >_>

They must had threaten your life or something.

lonelyplayer1687d ago

Why would somebody hate Nintendo?

HavokPants1687d ago

no just YOU hate nintendo

HavokPants1687d ago

and the big N saved the gaming industry back in the day

Nevers0ft1687d ago

Before we all pile-on this guy, surely "We just hate Nintendo" is sarcasm? The alternative is that we're all currently down-voting somebody with a mental illness.

Benjaminkno1682d ago

@lonely player


My icon is "Captain N the GameMaster"...

I thought the statement: "over-hype of a controlled audience" was a dead giveaway to sarcasm. I'm glad somebody caught it.

... good god, come on people

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Thatguy-3101688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

E3 is just a place that a lot of people hype about which is nothing bad. Beign absent again is a bad move. The embarrassing moments on stage, unannounced games beign shown, etc are what makes E3 presentations fun to watch. Last year we didn't get a lot of game demos on stage but the trolling that companies do with one another made one entertaining showing. The atmosphere around the event is good.

videgamenext11687d ago

They weren't at E3 last year ? And they won't be there this year ? I thought they just just put out a video detailing their E3 plans. Guess it was a dream.

bobacdigital1687d ago

Hope that Is sarcasim I'm detecting lol. They had a big presence at last years e3 outside of a stage show lol... Tons of game stations and a massive booth... Not to mention demo kiosks at best buy.

wonderfulmonkeyman1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Dude, be honest; aside from Sony's little jabs against Microsoft, last year was a flaccid joke.
In fact, it's been far less impressive ever since they barred the public at large from the show; we get better reactions to the news from the Big 3, out of freaking YOUTUBE videos now.
If you need proof that the audience reactions at E3 have degraded, just look back at E3 2006...

Thatguy-3101687d ago

How about the crowd reaction to the last of us demo? Heck I was at home and even I was shivering from what I witness.

bobacdigital1687d ago

Last years e3 totally killed the Xbox 1s sales lol... So not sure why people are saying a stage show alone is positive.

videgamenext11687d ago

@Bobacdigital yeah i know i was giving the guy i replied to crap.Nintendo will have a huge e3 presence this year as well. Can't wait to play smash at best buy.

jessupj1688d ago

I kinda agree with the article, but I'm unsure.

There's just something exciting about a live presentation with amazing announcements.

Geobros1687d ago

I said many times here that Nintendo wouldn't do a normal press conference this year. This would mean that Nintendo would have recognized his last year mistake, to give us only a Nintendo Direct at E3 2013.

Its really very very rare for Nintedo to recognize his mistakes, so this year we will have another Nintendo Direct or "Digital Event" as Nintendo calling it.....

BattleN1687d ago

He, Nintendo need's to bring the bombs to her e3. If not, He Sony and he Microsoft will steal her e3.

WheatBread1687d ago

Nintendo is run by stubborn old farts that are stuck in the past.

BattleN1687d ago

At least there's quality from those old farts in there games!

Benjaminkno1682d ago

A dog and pony show of video games doesn't constitute progress.

And I don't really think console gaming has progressed in the last 4 years, judging on what's selling.

Let's talk about how much "progress" Call of Duty has made.

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