inFamous Second Son Has A Very Cool Feature When Your DualShock 4 Battery Drains Out

"inFamous Second is by far the best title available on Sony's current generation console, the PlayStation 4. Second Son takes the series into new directions with amazing visual effects along with solid gameplay mechanics."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1336d ago

That's awesome!

"I was in the middle of a pretty heated fight my controller’s battery died and disconnected. Delsin kept running on the screen and I was convinced he was going to just keep running straight and cause me to leave the fighting area. But, instead he ran out of the danger area and hid behind cover."

xHeavYx1336d ago

It does sound pretty cool, now we need a YouTube video

Septic1336d ago

When my battery died, my character just died. Didn;t really move around or anything. I remember because it was my first death in the game. Mind you, it happened at he worst possible moment in the middle of a s***storm.

abzdine1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Pretty cool yeah!! but my DS4 never drains out it's "always connected"

EDIT: but why not just pause the game like most games do?

InTheLab1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Yeah...happened to me. He just ran off and I'm like wtf scrambling for the second controller and he just hides....

It's a cool feature that hides a glaring flaw with the DS4.

S*** just shuts down with no notice. How about a blinking light bar? Or kick me to the home screen. Nothing?

SilentNegotiator1336d ago

You know what would be more cool? If the game f***ing paused.

inveni01336d ago

My controller died, and he didn't run and hide. But I had been warned on screen that the battery was low. I ignored it. I paid.

LOL_WUT1336d ago

I also thought the using of the controller as a spray can in the beginning was a cool idea ;)

WalterWJR1336d ago

Trying to cover up your bull story from the other day septic lol.

Bobby Kotex1336d ago

People are reporting that when their DS4 died their character died and you're downvoting them. Seriously the fanboys here are the worst.

Anarki1335d ago

This "feature" is bullshit. My battery died and he just stood there, didn't even pause the game or anything... leaving me to scramble for my charger...

hulk_bash19871335d ago


I pretty sure there is a message that pops up to let you know your controller is low battery. Mine has popped up on a number of occasions. Thankfully I always have a spare controller handy.

badz1491335d ago

I don't think the "running into cover" thing is real. unless until SP confirmed it but I ran out of juice too while playing and Delsin kept running until he reached the edge of the rooftop I was on and stopped. I was not in the middle of a fight though and had he kept running down the building, it's the enemy's territory.

I said that it's not true because I also ran out of juice while playing Knack and Knack just ran straight to the wall too.

I would prefer the game paused when it happens but we'll see.

kopicha1335d ago


I dont know what happen to yours but indeed Delsin will actually run when your controller battery die out completely in the mid of game play even while you are in mid of combat. Kind gives you enough time to switch to a 2nd controller or hook it up to power source to continue the game. Already happened to me twice.

ChronoJoe1335d ago

He just holds the direction you were last pressing infinitely, and it happens on a lot of PS4 games, not just second son. Anything online where you physically can't pause will just hold the analog input that was being pressed at time of disconnection.

It's Infamous' failing that it doesn't bother to pause the game.

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justSumDood1336d ago

This claim is absolutely NOT TRUE! I'm speaking from experience.
When your controller dies Delsin keeps running in the direction of the last input.

I'm guessing when it happend to the author his avatar ran behind something resembling cover and he jumped to conclusions. It was coincidence.

However, the conditions are simple to recreate, if anyone had the notion to test the thoery for themselves.

Somewhat off topic: after completing my Second playthrough and achieving my platinum, the game went through the credits and dropped me back off in the environment as per usual. As soon as it did Delsin made a comment saying "Well buddy, we are officially done here."

Since I don't remember him saying this after my first playthrough, I can only assume it was a reference to receiving all my trophies and getting the platinum.

Now that's a nice touch.

Jamiex661336d ago

I can also confirm he said that to me at the end of my second playthrough. Definitely didn't notice it after the first, it only happened once the trophy popped.

born2live1335d ago

You might very well be right - something similar happened to me, and my controller died as I was turning. Guess what? Delsin kept running in circles! At first, I didn't realize that my controller had died. I thought it was a bug, none of the controls responded... hilarious, in hindsight...

Ipunchbabiesforfun1335d ago

You have already beat it TWICE??! lol you guys are on top of it.

emad-E-three1336d ago

hehehe it did happen with me and I was like wtf what is he doing wheres the the f**kin usb cable then he hid behind cover for real lol :D

Drekken1336d ago

Mine died and he started running, but I hurried and plugged it in before I saw where he was running to. That is pretty cool!

Gamer19821336d ago

Little things like this scream next gen. I love how games use the microphone in the pad too not to mention when your spray painting the colour your spraying shows up as the light on the pad. Take a look next time! If you spray black it will light violet, yellow for yellow and white for white and so on..

kamisama1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

The ps4 does send a msg saying battery is low and will die soon something to that extent but yeah that happened to me aswell I was like crap where's my charging cable and then he ran behind some wall and stopped I really didn't think anything of it at the time but why didn't it pause the game lol

ITPython1335d ago

I've never fully ran my controller dry on the game yet, but I have gotten the warning, then I connect the USB to charge it. Interesting feature though.

The other really neat feature is using the controller for spray painting. It actually works really well, and is by far the best sixaxis implementation I've used so far since it debuted on the PS3.

With most games using the sixaxis is annoying and takes away from the immersion, but it works really good with the spray paint side-missions in Infamous and feels surprisingly realistic (and also feels good in the hand when being held sideways and using R2 for the nozzle).

The accuracy is astonishing as well, if I didn't know better, I would think the controller was being tracked by a motion capture device.

URNightmare1335d ago

You know what would be insanely awesome? If as soon as the battery dies he levitates a meter or two off the ground and gets surrounded by a protective field of whatever power he has on at the moment.

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pakua1336d ago ShowReplies(1)
Hellsvacancy1336d ago

Only if Dark Souls did something like this, nothing like your controller dying whilst in a boss battle

bloodybutcher1336d ago

I'm sorry, how in the world could someone let it happen?you get an info when your controller needs charging and it can still work quite long after the notification pops up! Never happened to me. Second controller comes in handy, of course.
Ot: seems like a neat feature, though not very significant one. Will check that out when i get my ps4 some time later this year. Fingers crossed for summer, but the autumn is more likely...

DragonKnight1336d ago

Have you ever played a Souls game?

It's the kind of game that you get so in to that you tune out everything else around you. It can easily happen. And like you said, the controller works for quite awhile after the notification, don't you think it'd be easy to forget about it in that time?

Hellsvacancy1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

It's a case of "my controller will hold for another 5 minutes, i'm sure it will"

It happened once when I was playing BF3........ in a helicopter full of players

bloodybutcher1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Fair enough,i wouldn't worry about that in most sp games,but when you play mp then you can get yourself in trouble.that is why i would never allow it,especially with ds games.they make me really jumpy, so charged controller is just one of the things that make me bit more relaxed xD honestly, no horror film can make me jump so high as seeing someone's shadow appearing suddenly next to my character.especially when i'm exploring a new area.that is some undies-soiling stuff, i tell ya.

jackanderson19851336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

i always thought that a message came up on screen saying "please reconnect controller" and paused the game when the battery died on the consoles?

i usually check before i play and plug them in if low so dunno if this has carried over to this gen

ZackStrife1336d ago

That's really cool but I'm not sure what's wrong with just pausing the game. Anyway, the game is fan-freaking-tastic.