inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Retail Version Shows Radical Differences Compared to E3 2013 Trailer

Today the first 20 minutes of gameplay from the retail version of inFAMOUS: Second Son were leaked, and interestingly enough they include a scene that was shown during the E3 2013 trailer.

Even more interestingly, the new version of the scene is very different, showcasing completely remade lighting and even some different environments, as you can see from the screenshots below.


Since some people really can't look at an article without taking the chance to flamebait or to be overly defensive, please allow me to take the chance to clarify something important: Not once the article mentions a "downgrade" or an "upgrade." There is a difference in lighting, time of day and environments, and at least a scene has been changed in its contents. The comparison is not about *quality* and visual fidelity. It's a simple before and after to show how a game evolves in nine months of development.

"difference" does not mean downgrade. It doesn't mean upgrade. It means "difference." It's different. Not necessarily worse or better. Just different.

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kiz26941259d ago

Only seeing a time difference (sunset not midday), graphically looks very close to there concept. Also the locations have changed but not graphically.

Irishguy951259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Earlier reports were correct, the graphics have taken a massive dive

This was apparent in leaked gameplay vids. However now it's clear as day. Seriously, the X1 and Ps4 were completely miscalculated by MS and Sony....or..well, not really. Like E3 2005 again but just not as bad on sonys part


The difference is immense. I wonder why they changed the lighting from before too? Imo the old one looks better, however Infamous 1 and 2 had their own 'unrealistic' lighting which looked great in the gameplay and set the mood so maybe it's better for the gameplay

Yes it clearly is a massive dive kiz. The texture resolution, jaggies, shading, shadows, all look like **** compared to the E3 version.

In the pic alone above, the hat, the buttons, the jacket, the facial details, everything is very noticeably worse.

kiz26941259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

The difference is the time of day, if the new image has the same lighting with the harsh sunlight, they would be incredibly similar. Detail wise they share the same detail, but its hard to tell because the two images are compressed at different resolutions. Its definitely not the "massive dive" your stating.

@in reply to your edit about the time of day

I would say they changed the time of day because it add to the atmosphere of the scene, if they having an argument it would make more sense to have it dark and gloomy not in the a nice summers day.

@ second edit

I seriously cant see what your seeing, the two set of images have different resolutions and are both compressed. I see little to no "jaggies". Taking to consideration the resolution difference, the textures are the same for sure. the time of day is different and the environments(not the appearance just the objects in view)have changed but i wouldn't say for the worse.

lifeisgamesok1259d ago

"Radical difference"

They should have just said "downgrade"

GarrusVakarian1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )


"The difference is immense"...."massive dive"

C'mon, that is pure hyperbole. Apart from the screenshot you posted being very low quality/compressed, it also doesn't have the same lighting conditions as the E3 build. The E3 build is very saturated and has direct sunlight on the environments.

If you wanna compare, at least use screenshots that aren't taken from low quality footage and with different lighting conditions and make sure they are the same res.

"Yes it clearly is a massive dive kiz. The texture resolution, jaggies, shading, shadows"

"In the pic alone above, the hat, the buttons, the jacket, the facial details, everything is very noticeably worse" are complaining about the texture resolution and jaggies on an uncompressed picture taken from low quality YOUTUBE footage. Look at the edges of that 2nd screenshot....blatant signs of compression, plus the fact the image is only 720p(?). C'mon man.....You are grasping at straws here. At least compare a direct feed 1080p screenshot to another direct feed 1080p screenshot with neither being compressed.

The only difference im seeing in the E3 build and the newer build is lighting conditions/shadows. The area in that cutscene doesn't look like it's in direct sunlight like it did back at E3.

Eonjay1259d ago

Are you saying that the E3 trailer has been downgraded to the best looking console game. Ever.

GarrusVakarian1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Here is a direct feed, 1080p screenshot from a cutscene of the most recent build shown to the public -

Here is your biased, compressed screenshot from a cutsecne in a youtube video-

Lol. Doesn't look washed out/jaggy/low quality at all in the image i posted. Next time, make fair comparisons.

Although i do agree on the lighting, but im not sure if i would say "downgraded"...just looks like they changed the time of day/direct sunlight/saturation.

Watch this, E3 gameplay-

Then watch this, most recent build gameplay -

Downgrade? Where?

NewMonday1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

you should get your own source where you can confirm the quality of the material you have, you jumped the gun on this one.

sloppy reporting Abriael, you can do better.
----------------------------- -

the difference here is the lighting, first obvious thing is that it's a different time of day

and the lighting is more subtle in the new shots, where in the old shots they are to strong, making object in the shadow hard to make out.

also notice the character textures in the new shots are actually better, and no change is apparent to the rest of the game world textures.

arika1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Watchdogs maybe downgraded because its multiplatform, but expect Infamous Second Son to be the standard for next gen graphics since its ps4 only exclusive not in pc or xbone, so believe me this game is going to something special and amazing.

FlunkinMonkey1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

You must really be dim brother.. It's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TIME OF DAY!

I know how you guys just LOVE images using too much contrast and sharpness, but the new build is clearly better.

You also provide an inadequate comparison, with some images being compressed to fack.

This is a complete fail, revealing your true colours partner.

For the same morons who moan about PS4 owners spouting BS in MS articles, you, lifeisgameok, ArbitorChief are doing a fine job.

Hypocrites. Try harder, this looks miles ahead of anything on the XBone.

abzdine1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

haha you fail!
the "new" Delsin clearly has a better defined face and your 2 pictures show that.
does it hurt your **** that this "downgraded" game looks better than anything out there? keep trolling but you will FAIL everytime :)

While some are feeding us garbage and CG graphics about their games and clearly downgrade it the day it releases, others like Sucker Punch step their game up and deliver.

Ezz20131259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

oh dear ...oh dear,
the time of day is different let's call it "Downgrade"

didn't expect this from you @Abriael
always liked your articles but not this time

Abriael1259d ago

@NewMonday: you say that I should get better sources , and then you proceed to say exactly the same thing I wrote? Double personality?

I wrote that there's a large difference, not that there's a large downgrade (or upgrade). And there is. The quality of the videos has nothing to do with it, as it doesn't change the lighting, doesn't add or remove elements of the environment, which are the differences here.

Only fanboys (either looking to flamebait or to be overly defensive) would read "difference" as "downgrade," because there surely isn't a single mention of a change in QUALITY in the whole article.

@Ezz2013: you didn't expect what? Me to show the evolution of a game in nine months of development? Weird, because it's not the first time I do it, and not the first time people completely misrepresent it in order to flame over it.

arika1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Next time don't put flamebait titles, so it won't be misinterpreted as such. Instead of radical differences put big lighting changes or infamous ss added some night and day details on previous footages, etc. You kind a get my drift, because this game is touted to be a system seller(I for one believe it is), so you cant blame gamers to be a little touchy on the subject matter.

LightofDarkness1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Well, I played it last night. The cutscenes look outstanding, but the actual gameplay has suffered a bit. Characters don't really cast shadows any more, and the lighting appears quite flat (probably due to absence of self-shadowing or ambient occlusion). It still looks great, and even reaches ~60FPS at times, but to say that it hasn't been downgraded in any way is definitely a tad dishonest. The devs themselves even said they had to make some sacrifices, particularly with shadowing, so I don't know why everyone is getting so defensive. They figured the particle effects were more important to the game's aesthetic than most other elements. It still looks beautiful, just not AS beautiful as it might have with more time or slightly stronger hardware.

4Sh0w1259d ago

pffft "time of day is different" and dualshockers were being polite with "differences"= excuses for downgrade. Seriously Im sure infamous SS is still going to be a great game but looking at those pics compared to E3 it's an OBVIOUS downgrade in graphics. It is what it is and infamous SS still looks great, heck of alot better than DR3 which is my favorite next gen game but it has been downgraded without a doubt, ironicly some supposedly can see the minor differences in games like BF4 on X1 and ps4 but they can't see a obvious downgrade here, not to worry though infamous is still a beautiful open world game I just think it's BS that Watch Dogs was heavily criticized but this game get a pass.

Abriael1259d ago

@arika: "difference" is a completely neutral term. It's not positive or negative. "radical" is also completely neutral.

I'm not exactly sure where you see the "flamebait."

The only correct thing you've said is that people are way too touchy.

Ezz20131259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )


here's the thing
any one would see your article and the first thing that come to their mind that this is either downgrade or upgrade article
and as you can see xbox fanboys wasted no time declare that the game is downgraded even though any one with a working brain would know it just a different time in the day
also those pics look really bad quality wise
are they taken from youtube video ?!

you should have picked a better headline than this

arika1259d ago

After the watchdogs fiasco about downgrade in graphics and after seeing your headline of your article what do you think people will say? See. And radical is kind of a strong word to use. Just say added night and day cycle or something.

Kayant1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )


Yh so obvious because it is indeed a different time of day with sun clearly not as visible due to the clouds.

In the new video it is clear like they said with more direct lighting you will get your dynamic shadows which you can see from around 7:60. Look at the rocks shadows are present just like they were in E3.

So please show where this *MASSIVE DOWNGRADE* comes from when the only real differences is the shadows around their faces .

Abriael1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

@Ezz2013: the quality of the picture doesn't change the lighting, which is the point of the comparison.

If people are looking with a lens for any chance to flamebait, warping a completely neutral article and headline into a negative one, joke's on them. Time to be less touchy, because it's getting ridiculous.

@arika: radical is a strong word, but it's not strongly negative or strongly positive. The change is radical, because the original lighting *was* radical. The new one isn't, which is probably on purpose because the original lighting effectively hid expressions, as the pictures clearly show.

As a matter of fact, I believe it's an artistic choice, and while it's aesthetics are subjective, I completely agree with it from a storytelling point of view.

If people can't understand that, I can't help them.

@Newmonday: so I should skip reporting on the facts because Trolls don't care about them?

@Arika Below: you know better than me that people that want to troll would have found the chance to whatever the headline was.

The matter isn't that the headline is a problem. The matter is that people are way too eager to jump on everything because nowadays they NEED a smoking gun against the other console, whatever that console is, and that's stifling.

No_Limit1259d ago

Whoa, that is some major changes from last year to the final game. What is going on here?

Ezz20131259d ago


i'm not talking about the lighting that's normal because it show different time in the day

i'm talking about the pics it self
is it coming from youtube video because it look really bad

arika1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

But you see because of your headline some trolling people are making it a negative issue. My point exactly. Just choose a better headline next time ok. Im sure downplaying or downgrading infamous ss wasnt your intention, but this is n4g and you know there is a lot of spinning happening here from both side of the camp. Ok.

NewMonday1259d ago


I know the screenshots are from bad compressed sources so I knew to ignore the blur and bad resolution quality and talked about the constant which is lighting.

but the trolls don't care about facts, you see from some comments here they wasted no time.

TheGreatAndPowerful1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Shadows took a bit of a hit but that's about it the rest looks about the same. And I didn't see any jaggies at all from last nights footage so...

for those that didn't get a chance to download the vid last night. enjoy. :)

inveni01259d ago

It almost looks like a time of day + filter is all that's changed. Shadows aren't as harsh (ToD), and there's a bit of an orange overlay (could be a filter or the light of the early morning sun). Doesn't look worse, that's for sure. This isn't another Watch Dogs fiasco, thank the Punch.

Clarence1259d ago

The difference is the time of day. Stop it your reaching.

Baccra171259d ago

And once again, as usual, the PS4 is being treated like the red headed step child of the game industry. So eager to paint greatness with the same brush as the Bone and Wii U that we have to make these stupid articles, constantly, every f-ing time so that certain gamers can feel good about their purchase of inferior hardware at ridiculous prices. ENOUGH!

Cuzzo631259d ago

you chance to shine with one bubble and you jus made yourself look silly lmao. Sorry try again next time

razrye1259d ago

Bad attempt at trolling irish. Try harder next time.

abzdine1259d ago

i dont see the problem with the title, cause apart from the time of the day i can see a "radical" change in environment and background.
the title fits well in this case, doesn't always have to be about graphics.
Remember Cole from Infamous 2 and the design change after? that's a radical change regardless of graphical quality.

NewMonday1259d ago

"so I should skip reporting on the facts because Trolls don't care about them?"

you should make the FULL facts clear from the beginning, like how the bad video quality adds blur and makes the textures seem worse.

you usually do good work, don't take this as hate, it's constructive criticism.

just let it go this time, do a few other good articles and people will forget about this.