GameStop Outs Beyond Good & Evil 2, New Batman Game

GR: GameStop Germany has listed both Beyond Good & Evil 2 and a new Batman game for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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XiSasukeUchiha1701d ago

Yep Sweet finally the games:)

ElasticLove1701d ago

Fingers crossed for Beyond Good & Evil 2, its well overdue for a sequel.

dbjj120881701d ago

Yeah the wait has been unbearable.

tapaz1701d ago

I swear if BG&E2 gets announced, I'll be happier than this guy.

3-4-51701d ago

^ Nobody is happier than that guy.

It was epic, the odds were stacked against him by "5000%"....Biggest upset in modern tv history.

Concertoine1701d ago

I wonder if its still coming to wii u...?

Hicken1701d ago

It's kinda sad, but you have to wonder that for a lit of third party games now.

Concertoine1701d ago

Yeah, but this has been in development for so long and was previously announced for the platform. Unlike most of ubisofts offerings on the platform this has the potential to not be a shoddy port.

teedogg801701d ago

A next-gen Batman. I could only imagine how great great that could be. If true it should be exclusive to next-gen and open world.

dbjj120881701d ago

Doubt they'd dial back the open-world, though if it's coming at the end of this year or next I could still see current-gen versions.

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The story is too old to be commented.