Battlefield 4 Upcoming PS3 And PS4 Update - New R18 Server

Dice is finalizing an upcoming PS3 and PS4 game update for Battlefield 4 and will be rolling out on Jan 14, 2AM PDT / 10AM UTC. There is also a new R18 server update. Stay tuned for further details and patch notes. Players may experience downtime for about 15-30 minutes when this happens.

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Majin-vegeta1524d ago

Havent had many problems since Dec update aside from the damn netcode.That should be their top priority.

Oh plz for.the love of.god.tone down the aim assist.That crap is too snaps on people who are like a mile away from you -__-.

jackanderson19851524d ago

do u have to select an option for aim assist cuz i need that cuz i'm awful at the whole aiming in BF4... dunno why it's only in BF4

frostypants1524d ago

It shouldn't work like a damn magnet though.

SilentSolid1524d ago


Go to options. It should be (on) automatically.

combatcash1524d ago


Why don't you remove the aim assist all together.
It has that option.

SilentSolid1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Agree about the aim assist. They should remove it or something. And it's not worth turning it off when everyone are using it anyway. I hope more developers learn from Killzone shadowfall, Gta5 etc.

There's no assist in KZ. And in gta u have the option to turn it off. And then u will join servers with free aim mode only.

Detoxx1524d ago

Playing Battlefield on console without aim-assist in impossible, try it out yourself and you'll know what I mean.

The aim-assist only needs a nerf.

SilentSolid1524d ago


Noob! nah just kiddin. But seriously. it's far from impossible killing ppl without it.


Impossible? I turned it off on BF3 day one. I simply can't stand trying to get a headshot and my aim jumping all over the place, so I don't even try this thing (specially in a game where you have to compensate target movement and gravity).

Utalkin2me1523d ago

I turned off aim assist day one. No problems killing people unless i either lag/lagged out or got hit with the one hit glitch.

ravens521523d ago

im very good if i may say so myself and i turned off aim assist as soon as i got bf4. still killin it.

ArcticWolfUK1523d ago

You lot are stupid, plug a controller into a PC and try playing without aim assist.

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Apollo11524d ago

I can't play Hainah Resort Map. Rubber banding makes me feel seasick.

buckley1523d ago

The rubber banding is still horrendous. My biggest complaint atm

GreenGamers1523d ago

most of the times rubberbanding lies with the server or players with high ping.

buckley1521d ago


If only that's all it was. I have an 80/35 internet connection and I use the server browser to only join local, low-ping servers. Seems more like a netcode issue.

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TheUberAsian1524d ago


ramiuk11524d ago

i sent my copy back to shop and got full refund for BF4 on ps4,was fed up towards mid december with issues.
might pick up when everything is sorted unless something else takes over me .
CONQUEST LARGE was unplayable and the glitches was driving me insane.

SoulMikeY1524d ago

What are the issues? I've had my ps4 and BF4 since December with no issues whatsoever.


Conquest Large lags like crazy. the other game modes are not as bad but CL is horrible.

it's even worse if you try flying a jet or Heli.

I have only noticed it since the Dec update. before that it was not as bad. I don't know if it's just me but it almost feels like the graphics have taken a knock back as well.

I notice a lot more popin and the draw distance is not as good as it was and textures don't quite seem as sharp.

Maybe I have been looking at the game too long but something feels like it's changes visually since that dec update and it's not for the best.

cell9891524d ago

might be your internet connection, I havent had issues with it since late December I decided to give it another try, those patches fixed a lot

Utalkin2me1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )


Up until 2 weeks agao, CQ large still lagged alot and was playable but wasnt ideal.

ramiuk11523d ago

lol at disagrees.
i didnt say nothing that could be disagreed with .

there was a constant rubber band issue on large conquest which made it unplayable and it wasnt my connection.
since december when though soulmikey?
i returned my copy around the 16h i think it was.
(kicked out,rubber band,no gun,fall through map plus few others)

gutted as i love BF series but i vote with my wallet and wont pay for a unfinished game

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1524d ago

Ha ha ha ha... didn't they already patch the game and say it would work after that too? Because ya....

Grave1524d ago

Just got this on PC and feel so ripped off. It has the worst optimization I have seen in any BF release. The netcode is a joke. I am always stuttering/lag stopping. The game is almost unplayable since I end up getting a bad headache after about 30 min of watching my screen shudder.

combatcash1524d ago


Whats your set up? I hear it runs pretty smooth on a mid to high end set up.

Grave1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I've got an Intel i7-3770K OC'd to 4.2GHz, 16GB DDR3, Kindgston HyperX SSD, and run SLI with 2 GTX 660's.

*I run the game on HIGH settings at 5760 x 1080 and it runs at 59-62 FPS always.

GreenGamers1524d ago

it's very cpu demanding. what kind of cpu do you have?

Grave1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

See above.

GreenGamers1524d ago

i7-3770K should be more then enough. try to set your maximum pre rendered frames to 1 or 0. There should be les stutter. Check out our tweak guide on to get a more stable fps.

Grave1524d ago

Thanks I'll check it out, but my fps is stable as I said: 59-62 FPS all the time with like 98% of the time it rests at 60 FPS. The stuttering has no affect on my frames per second because I've been running in place for 3 sec due to lag and looked at the Fraps counter to verify. With my rig and setup I'm pretty sure it's not me, but the game's faulty engine.

P.S. It's not my internet either. I am on fiber optic with a 50+ Mbps download speed.

tiremfej1523d ago

@grave Wow. You really have a powerful setup.

IRON883 1524d ago

Hope they fix the damn lag!!! Oh and what about me losing my save data for single player???? Cause I'm not playing the crappy sp again!

Detoxx1524d ago

Battlefield = Multiplayer, screw the singleplayer.

imt5581523d ago

Yep, no problem for PS4 when you connect on servers. Here is my video which showing various maps in BF4 MP and connections on servers :

KwietStorm1523d ago

First mistake is playing the campaign. But if you're doing it for the guns or trophies, then do yourself a favor and learn to backup your save files, no matter what game you are playing.

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