Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - 2013's best game | Scripted Sequence

Why you need to play Brothers, 2013's unexpected hit. How it does things that only games can do and why that's important.

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Revolt131648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Really, this game was great.
a bit short, but really good.

vikingland11648d ago

I agree,after I beat it I sat there for about an hour just thinking.

rayzorn1648d ago

Think im going to buy it this week from amazon. its only 7.50 and i got 5 off from that winter promotion..

the only reason i haven't got it yet is cause of all the games i got on sale from steam,amazon,humblebundle and gog right before the new year.

Fizzgig1648d ago

It was really cheap on Steam not long ago so I took the plunge, and I'm so glad I did. Amazing game.

BoNeSaW231648d ago

Can't wait for this to hit PS Plus this month. It's gonna be a great experience!

Hicken1648d ago

Yeah, I've been hearing good things about it, so I was definitely gonna grab it for Plus. I was hoping it wasn't just my imagination that I heard it'd be coming.

BoNeSaW231648d ago

I believe it is Bioshock Infinite this week then Brothers the next.

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