Fight Night 4 gets Rrrrready to Ruuuummmmble

Gameplayer are reporting that EA has finally annonced the details for the next instalment of Fight Night Round 4.

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Breakfast3872d ago

Whos more money grubbing...Don King or EA?

SlappingOysters3872d ago

yeah, hahahaha. That's a boxing match I would like to see

BeaArthur3872d ago

That is actually a very good question. I think we would all be better off if they both just went away. Although I will admit that the Fight Night series is one of the few games EA makes that I actually enjoy.

Crazyglues3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Because this is one of the few games that I really enjoy playing other people in. (online sucked) but when people come over to the house.

OMG!! hours of fun going around the room holding down my crown as I kick butt and ask who's next... LOL -I once went 6 straight fights without losing against some friends who are really good.

This game if done right will be priceless fun for hours on end. (Please for the Love of god, Please get the online working Right this time) nothing would be cooler then finding out if you really are as good as you think, by going online.

IIamback3872d ago

It would be nice if it was possible to create good and realistic MMA game, but that might be hard, if you consider submision and fight on the ground. I want to fight Fedor :)

clintos593872d ago

U think for tyson they will implement him biting your ear as a cheap punch on fight night 4 or will they stick with the knee to the mid area?

Kami3872d ago

it can be one of the "illegal moves" or something

solidt123872d ago

Hopefully they will have Evander Holyfield in the game also so you can recreate the whole incident. That would be a good ear crunching time.

SlappingOysters3871d ago

part of the 'use my image' aggreement would have to have been no ear-biting.

Same goes for rape as a special move

Strife Lives3872d ago

Thought they replaced it with that facebreaker crap.Im so glad its back.question ? Who's making it if EA chicago has been shut down?

ban fans3872d ago

Fight Night is a great series. Lots of fun. I don't want a cartoon game; I'm not 12 anymore.

I think they said it has been handed to EA Cananda.

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