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Latest Battlefield 4 Update Causing Crashes On PCs And Next Gen Consoles

"Players who were still able to play before now experiencing terrifying freezes and complete lockdowns. Read the details here." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   631d ago
Ughhhh, ive been able to play fine since launch, if this starts giving me problems im going to bust a nerve.

EA are the worst.
twinspectre  +   631d ago
and i would like to know WHY YOU STILL BUY EA Product???

we all know EA is the Worst company
but why you still support them ?
i'm glad i don't buy BF4 because i know this game will have bugs
i bet you will buy BATTLEFIELD 5 and BATTLEFIELD 6 and BATTLEFIELD 7 and you still complain because the game Crashes
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   631d ago
Try reading my comment properly, my game has been fine, ive hard hardly any problems, ive been loving BF4 online.

My love for videogames outweighs my hatred for EA. If i want to play something, i will but it. Let them froth at the mouth for my money, i don't care. As long as i get enjoyment from my purchase (which i am) then im happy.
seanpitt23  +   631d ago
Have they fixed the campaign yet? Everytime I play its starts me from beginning.
Septic  +   631d ago

Because we play games, not politics. BF4 has problems yes, but it isn't a complete broken mess. DICE are hard at work fixing it, even halting work in other areas to make sure BF4 is fully functional.
malokevi  +   631d ago
Agree with Lukas. Some issues here and there aren't enough to deter me from enjoying a great game.

Hopefully they can get these problems ironed out sooner than later, so that we can all enjoy the best FPS in next-gen consoles. I would be bummed out if this update started causing problems for me, as I've been having a pretty good go of things, apart from occasional crashes to the dashboard.
AlexanderNevermind  +   631d ago
@ Lukas,

PC or Console (which one)?

I'm on the PS4 and for the 1st week and 1/2 I could not play at all. Now I'm playing regularly with a few crashes (had 3 yesterday-all at the end of the match and I lost my stats for the match).

Still, its a blast to play and is the best shooter for the PS4 right now (imo).
Lukas_Japonicus  +   631d ago

PS4. It crashed 3 times to the UI but apart from that i really have been playing flawlessly. I play rush mode 99% of the time and only choose servers with full connection.....idk if that makes a difference lol.
pandehz  +   631d ago

BF4 maybe a bit of a mess but dont take it too far.

Dont become a politician
UnholyLight  +   630d ago

I had the same problem, lost my campaign progress in that level with the typhoon. The latest patch has fixed most of those random crashes in the campaign...Although I still experienced one which did NOT delete my progress thank god. Just play straight through the campaign and don't press the PS button. I think it is related to the interface because that's what caused the crashes for me when I was in a singleplayer game!

This is on the PS4 platform, it might be different elsewhere!
mewhy32  +   630d ago
This game regularly crashes on my PS4. It's also lost my save data 3 times forcing me to start over on the campaign. Not Happy.
mgeezy313  +   630d ago
I've never been so disappointed in a company in my life. This will be the last time I ever pre-order anything from EA because I feel like my money was absolutely wasted. I was so excited for this game, and with every crash that I have, it dwindles away at my hope.
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princejb134  +   631d ago
Might be the last battlefield I buy. Bf3 had bugs they still haven't fixed and now in bf4 I keep getting kicked out of games.
If I had money I would sue EA for selling incomplete products
hollabox  +   631d ago
@ seanpitt23
Getting the same crap, pissed me off to start over on the Typhon level last week. Stopped playing until Dice can get their crap together. Also do anybody know when the Mantle API patch/software suppose to come out?
BALLARD32  +   631d ago
"EA are the worst."

EA are indeed greedy assholes, but too bad they have nothing to do with the patch. The blame is all on DICE here.
tee_bag242  +   630d ago
I have it on PC and can't even be bothered with it, but not for the crashing. I didn't suffer any crashes but my mate couldn't even get through a game.
BelkingOfSony  +   631d ago
this is worse than the gta v online problems. this is what happens when you rush a game.

'a rushed game is forever bad, a delayed game is eventually good' - miyamoto
mochachino  +   631d ago
XiSasukeUchiha  +   631d ago
Damn EA a top-tier publisher failing like this that garbage
AllroundGamer  +   631d ago
just a fact for you: EA doesn't program the game... i like how everyone is angry at EA, but DICE is the one with unskilled programmers who are making all the problems. And btw. i don't want to defend EA in any way, just stating, that both companies are crap.
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mochachino  +   631d ago
EA gives the time deadlines, and budget for how much to spend on testing and fixes.
CJDUNCAN  +   631d ago
exactly, EA gets too much of the blame when they are just the publishers in this case.

Anywho, DICE dropping the ball is nothing new.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   631d ago
Either way EA and dice always are both garbage and seriously EA step up your game
Parasyte  +   631d ago
SO it's DICE's fault that EA made them rush the game through it's QA phase just so they could beat Ghosts to market? DICE didn't have enough time to find and fix all of the coding issues before the game had to be shipped off for production.

I will give you that DICE are seriously dropping the ball on fixing this mess. One patch fixes some issues but causes more.
DanielGearSolid  +   631d ago
DICE isnt an independant developer that EA hired to make battlefield. They are EA employees, wholly owNed by EA. Dice is literally just a name at this point. EA as a whole developed and published the abomination formerly known as Battlefield 4
Nocando  +   631d ago
So, in other words nothing has changed.
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SmartassesCreed  +   631d ago
I've been wanting to pick this up for PS4, but i guess its best to wait.
venom06  +   631d ago
The pathetic site "Gameranx" has been on a mission to report so-called issue without a SHRED of evidence (video with time and date) of said issue... hell, ANY CoD FANBOY or DDoSer can report so-called issues after evert patch, but with no time and dated proof, THIS IS ALL BS... people please be smart and realize that just as there CoD haters, theres BF haters, and the little garbage site, Gameranx is definiitely one of them... Timed and date proof of issues OR STFU...
JessiePinkmanYo  +   631d ago
Gameranx must be in Cahoots with dualshockers, Kotaku, IGN, N4G, Polygon (who changed their review to a 4) and even registered BF players like myself on the battle log site. I own both BF and Ghosts, and actually prefer BF. The game is fantastic, when it works, but keep telling yourself it's a fanboy conspiracy.

EDIT-I guess you're part of the conspiracy. You stated this a few days ago-"the amount of crashes on the consoles are DEFINITELY diminishing.... and one thing's for sure, when this game is working as intended (which is MUCH MUCH more the past few weeks), it world's better than CoD.. especially from a gameplay/graphics standpoint.. #4
20d ago by venom06 | View comment"

There may be CoD fanboys, but judging by your comments, you're a rabid BF fanboy.
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venom06  +   631d ago
and you are about delusional as they come and TOTALLY miss the point of the comment. I could care less about you, DICE or this game, but i'm not blind or stupid enough to realize that people dont try to sabtog games (just like people try to downtalk and sabatog CoD)... the point is,

1. the patch JUST came out today
2. you're mentioning sites that made comments before the latest patch
3. without TIME and DATED prove of issues FROM THE LATEST PATCH, you're comments are pointless.
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   630d ago
I'm delusional? "The patch was just released today"...so by Dice doing this everything is fixed? My point was numerous players on multiple sites are reporting crash issues, against your comment blaming gameranx for "sabatoging" BF4. Maybe some of those reports ARE before the patch or during the patch which will cause instability, but numerous sites reporting it may mean something. I also remember when this game came out, EA making a statement blaming PSN which they retracted. It clearly wasn't Sonys fault because all other games played fine. It also happened a week later on X1 when I picked it up.
BTW, you're misinformed too. The patch came out today, but one system was left out, (Xbox One) http://www.videogamer.com/p...
Keep blaming the fanboys of CoD, and keep feeding us the conspiracy theories though. EA/Dice have a shit track record, and anyone who believes otherwise is dillusional
Nocando  +   630d ago
How about you go to the thread online and look at all the posts from pissed off gamers? Crazy, I know, but what the hell, right?
HenryFord  +   630d ago
Obviously those comments were written by Employees of Activision. BF4 has no issues - it is a bug-free game with everything in place. ALL the troublemakers are from Activision trying to push CoD instead.
DanielGearSolid  +   631d ago
At this point they should just fix one platform at a time. Its already broken, everyone knows it. Focus in on each console and get it done. All these simultaneous patches seem to be making it worse
RE_L_MAYER  +   631d ago
played most of the night after servers update and didnt get kicked at all...seem to work better(ps4)
Lawndart1981  +   631d ago
CR servers have been working fine so far but I've had considerably more lag,crashes, and rubber banding on normal servers on the PS4 since the patch. There have also been the commander mode issues that are also new since the patch.
RE_L_MAYER  +   631d ago
Yes I forgot I was twitching quite alot and couldnt land any sniper shots cause others were twitching too
WorldGamer  +   631d ago
Great move DICE/EA. Kudos for a job well done.... Oh wait!
This is ridiculous. At least I'm able to play the campaign. Double XP weekend was also cool. Last BF I will get this soon tho. They have really lost trust with this BS.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   631d ago
I remember something similar to this years ago with the Medal of Honor beta. Dice released the beta across all consoles, and it had MAJOR issues on the 360, to the point they released it a month later, leaving days between release and the beta lol.
I've been playing BF4 on X1 (Southern California) with mixed results. Seemed to work okay Friday night, some issues Saturday (mainly Conquest) then last night it was back to its old self dashboarding, and failing to connect. I even had it freeze a couple times to where I had to remove the disk.
I agree with those saying patch each console/PC one at a time, and get it right without a blanket patch hoping it's fixed. The game is fantastic WHEN IT WORKS. Right now, it's just half baked, and playing Ghosts is like Déjà vu-I'd rather play BF.
demonicale666  +   631d ago
All i want is them to fix the fucking single player campaign save bug. Currently i can't play the campaign till it's fixed.
RE_L_MAYER  +   631d ago
I actually want to beat campaign this time and it deleted my save on 3rd mission......sucks I guess I have to play entire day and beat it without saving)))
isa_scout  +   631d ago
I was at the end of the singleplayer campaign on hard a few days ago and it froze while I was playing it, booted me back to the PS4 UI, and corrupted my saved data. I'm not saying it's not possible to beat it in one sitting, but it's still just as likely to freeze and corrupt while you're playing. Just thought I'd give you the heads up.
I raged pretty bad when it happened.
ChipChipperson  +   630d ago
If it helps, next time you play, play it one mission at a time. Once you complete one level, quit the game and back it up. Note: I was playing on PS4 when I did this, so I just uploaded it to their online PS storage thing and a USB for good measures.

I know it'll be tedious and stuff, but if you're doing it for multiplayer weapons, it's unfortunately, one of the more guaranteed ways to beat the game without major crashes and file corruption going on. Good luck.
jmc8888  +   631d ago
The game is great. Gotten much better in reliability since launch on PS4.

I had the PC beta and it crashed like mad. Similar to how the PS4 version was when it launched.

But I still had great times with the game.

This does not excuse the crappy state it was in. But when it crashed, I'd just go back in and start playing again.

Since the first patch it's really been good. Usually play obliteration or rush. Not so much conquest. They should really have 64 player obliteration or rush.

Now it crashes maybe once every ~10 games I play... maybe less.

Yes I've played alot... currently at lvl 68.

Though I don't play single player, like basically all my FPS games. So I feel for people there.
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ZILLA  +   631d ago
Ever since they got the Server Browser working the game has been mostly trouble free.it goes back to the basics of online gaming.go into the server browser and select all the options and maps and modes then the key is picking a room with 5 bars for signal.ive been playing all week on PS3 and it works all the time.
Aleithian  +   631d ago
I've simply put this down until they fix it. I keep losing XP and time. Plenty else to play.
ninjagoat  +   631d ago
Just off 4 games on the PC version without a crash.
KNWS  +   631d ago
I play team deathmatch on Battlefield 4 a lot, and i don'ty experience any problem. On x box 1 by the way. I play for hours and enjoy it.
BX81  +   630d ago
That's because you're playing Tdm. Try playing conquest you'll get crashed to the dash a lot, kicked out a game and put in small conquest maps with no vehicles. The game is a mess right now. Also broken chat.
isa_scout  +   631d ago
Apart from the error messages,being kicked from MP matches randomly, and my campaign corrupting this game is awesome...lol
One of the most annoying things for me is that you can't spawn on squad members in the PS4 version. So I spend 10 minutes hiking back to my mates only to die 20 yards before reaching them. Sure, you can use spawn becons, but because everyone knows thats the only way to spawn on squadmates they get destroyed a few minutes after you set them.
Get this garbage fixed DICE. People can make fun of COD all they want, but at least I can actually play it.
xbjuan  +   630d ago
i dont know the problem ur having but i can spawn on teammates fine on the ps4 since day 1
Jovanian  +   630d ago
Coulda got this game on sale for PC for like 30 bucks

glad I waited
ambientFLIER  +   630d ago
Terrifying freezes? Exaggerate much?
BX81  +   630d ago
A quick question for those playing on xb1. When you search for servers does anyone else come up with every server having 0 players In it? The only filter that shows players in a server is if I have a friend in a game and history. If I search it show 0 players online in all servers. Thanks
deathsarm  +   630d ago
this is the first and last time i pre-order any game.... especially from EA

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