PS4 vs Xbox One Boot Time Comparison

Watch a new video showing a boot time comparison between PS4 and Xbox One.

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VENOMACR12271729d ago

Man, people will find anything to compare. If the PS4 took 5 minutes to boot up and the X1 took 30 seconds, would anyone NOT have bought a PS4? People just looking for stuff to compare and make an argument for which is better.

"yea well I get Titanfall."
"well my PS4 boots up in less time"
winner lol

Stsonic1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Biased much? This has nothing to do with an unreleased game which may or may not be the new "cod"

PS4 saves you an hour for every 20 boots. Whilst this is not really important it's still nice information to have.

Sci0n1729d ago

are we factoring in the reduced boot time for the PS4 for vita users who want to boot there consoles up and have there game of choice launched and ready to play before they get home? or if they don't feel like waiting until they get home and they have a solid internet connection they can play it on the go.

I_am_Batman1729d ago

"PS4 saves you an hour for every 20 boots."

I can't play the video right now but I'm pretty sure you miscalculated something. It would mean the PS4 boots 3 minutes faster then the X1.

Stsonic1729d ago

Yes batman you are correct 20 boots will save you just over 10 minutes. I am not usually so stupid with numbers :/

r1sh121729d ago

Umm 20 boots saves 1 hour? WHAT kind of maths is that.

VENOMACR12271729d ago

My comment wasn't meant to be "Titanfall rules thats why you should buy an X1, PS4 sucks." I meant it like, who buys a system based on boot time? I just used Titanfall as an example that people buy systems for the games, not the boot time. That's my bad for not being clear.


The only thing I'm getting from this whole boot time articles is that each and everyone of them is getting different results... WTF is wrong with this? Do these guys don't know how to read/operate a stopwatch or what?

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Apex131729d ago

OMG god bless you @VENOMACR1227 #1 someone who finally get's it and thinks like a human being and not some sad specimen.

Let's be friends because you are normal and think as such also.

These people under the stairs or stuck in front of the screen zombies will eat you for stating that fact.

abzdine1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

you humans think weird!
cause in my world Titanfall isn't exclusive to x1.

VENOMACR12271729d ago

It's exclusive to MS. I love how people act like it's not an exclusive jut because PS4 isn't getting it.

Anyways, my point wasn't that Titanfall is greatest game ever, it was that games make the system, not the boot time. Was just an example using a game.

Sleepless1729d ago

Yeah we are gonna play it on PC

Or better dont give a f#@k

DragonKnight1729d ago

I would love for someone to explain how Microsoft owning Windows = Microsoft owning the PC market too. Would LOVE to hear that farce, I mean legitimate explanation.

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ZeroX98761729d ago

We could debate on which console got the best games for hours, but let's be honest, both consoles got great games to play.

So the choice comes with the hardware for now. For me, since I already have a great PC for gaming, I prefer more performance for the price when getting a console. Maybe I got spoiled by the PC graphics over the years.

muttsurini1729d ago

Well i can get titanfall for the pc with 1080p.

LeCreuset1729d ago

While I agree that it's a bit much to compare boot times (I didn't even watch the vid), your comment ends on a petty note, as if PS4 only has a boot time and doesn't have games like Uncharted 4, Gran Turismo 7, The Order, and Infamous SS coming to it.

TRGMatt1729d ago

Last gen the justifications for why one system was better than another were insane for a long time. Trivial things such as boot up times and OS streamlining (not functionality...streamlining) were arguments and I believe even bootup times for both the machines and games were "reasons why I can't buy a PS4" while free vs paid online gaming and multiple disc changes - another trivial argument - were largely ignored. They're all fruitless.

And don't get PC people started, either :p

GraveLord1729d ago

Your tears are delicous.

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tigertom531729d ago

xbox one boots up in stand by faster

mushroomwig1729d ago

Yeah, it's surprising how the PS4 boot time vs it's standby time is basically the same.

Having said that, there's no excuse for a 1 minute boot time on the Xbox One, not everybody wants to increase their energy bills by leaving the console on standby.

FANTA11801729d ago

not sure if you pay bills , but do you know what .22 watts cost ? lmao

LordDhampire1729d ago

@fanta, you'd be suprised at how energy sensitive some console gamers amazes me hkw cheap these people are....

It would take four ps4 on full load to come near my pc on power consumption, things a monster

Mister_G1729d ago

I've theory why that might be ....

Kinnect is always listening, even in standby, so the Xbox is probably more powered up when in standby than the PS4 is.

It's only a theory though, don't jump on me :)

FANTA11801729d ago

on standby the xbox does consume a bit more due to kinect being on standby also ...

its like 15 watts vs. 8 watts(ps4)

Apex131729d ago

3 people disagreed. errrrm HOW? it was in the vid. I have a ps4 and I have to say it does. odd balls

neocores1729d ago

My ps4 boots from cold in 10secs stand by less then 5

KingDadXVI1729d ago

Seriously? Who cares. I was more interested in the Nokia Windows phone ad. I think I might just go with a Nokia next time.

4logpc1729d ago

I've had 920 since launch. I'll never go back to another OS.

Wikkid6661729d ago

920 is great phone... can't wait to see what is coming out next year when my contract is up.

SpinalRemains1381729d ago

Never had a Lumia, but I have been a WP supporter going back to WM.

WP is outstanding. In the 2.5 years I have been using the OS, it has never crashed once. Not one time.

KingDadXVI1729d ago

I think that good things are on the way for WM and Nokia. Windows 8 seems to be catching on finally and is starting to displace android on mobile platforms (more on tablets than anything but it is coming). I read a report on Forbes I think that was saying it looked like it would move ahead of android by 2015 if its growth continued.

People can bash windows but it sure is convenient to have it on all of your platforms.

Hellbringer1729d ago

Both are very slow. My PC needs 16 seconds

Thegamer411729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Your PC is also slow, mine takes 8 seconds.


If you have a good SSD (connected correctly) and disable all the start up screens from the BIOS, its possible.

Hellbringer1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Wow, that sounds fast. Is that even possible?
You are right. My PC is slow.

EDIT: Thank you. I'll try it.

Apex131729d ago

PC fight. Let's get it on. Makes a change from the fan boys lol

Mister_Dawg1729d ago

Depends what sleep state you're using, S3, S4 or maybe even hybrid. But with an SSD it'll be fast, like you said.

Booting from cold on a pc, has too many variables to take into account. Many of which are windows, software and driver related. Little to do with the bios. Although some start up screens will slow it a couple of seconds, granted.

If people feel they are losing a few seconds of their life because of a slower boot-up time, then maybe your life is filled with too many empty, dull moments ;-)

GrandTheftZamboni1729d ago

4 seconds new Linux Mint install Toshiba Q SSD.

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curtis921729d ago

How fast does it boot naughty dog games?

OrangePowerz1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Faster than the Xbox one because they are unfortunate and don't get those great games. :)

LordDhampire1729d ago

@mister_dawg, or maybe my life is so extreme and fast pace I dont wanna lose a second of it

Software_Lover1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

My w8 pc boots in 6

Edit: its actually 8.43 seconds

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