Dead Rising 3 Day One Patch Confirmed, Fixes FrameRate Issues

Those who are planning to play Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One later this week, here is some good news for you guys. Dead Rising 3 will have a Day One patch to fix some frame rate issues (the game runs at 30 FPS, 720p resolution).

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dedicatedtogamers1799d ago

Good to hear they're patching it. It's one thing for a game to have bugs, but it is worse for those bugs to persist. At least they're taking care of the issues Day 1.

Dragonborn3121799d ago

Awesome news. The demo I played a few days ago did not have any frame rate issues at all (I only played for about 20 minutes though, but it was still reassuring). This, Ryse, and AC4 are the games I am most excited to play this Friday. It is a great time for all gamers no matter the system they choose to play on.

Dewitt1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

So happy to hear to this, trying to decide between this and Ryse right now. Waiting for reviews for Ryse first, but this is making it alot harder.

polow got sol1799d ago

Greatness awaits tomorrow can't wait

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