Battlefield 4 For PS4 Suffering Crashing Issues

Yesterday, after having some stability issues coinciding with the launch of the Playstation 4, Electronic Arts posted -- and removed -- a message blaming Sony's firmware update for stability issues on the console. Now, a day later, EA is taking some heat for a crashing problem that is plaguing the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 that seems to have nothing to do with the firmware update.

According to many users on the Battlefield 4 forums, players have been getting kicked out of games, and are getting shown error code CE-34878-0. Upon relaunch of the game, the game will load fine at first before telling you, the first time after receiving the initial error, that your save file has been corrupted and must be deleted...

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Majin-vegeta1773d ago

BF4 is an unoptimized POS game just look at on PC,PS3 and 360.

Enemy1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

It actually is. Not sure why you got a disagree. The game is a completely broken mess even on PC. Anyone looking forward to buying it should wait it out a bit longer.

hellzsupernova1773d ago

this is battlefield though, when have they released a non buggy version?

HelpfulGamer1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Battlefield 4 PS4 Japanese version release date, February 24 2014, can't wait! XD

Comnnsence1773d ago

Obviously they wanted to beat Infinity Ward COD to the store. But this is a norm, EA got to be the worse 3rd party company with deep pockets! Now, all we gonna get is a bunch of patches that eventually gonna full up our HDD......bastards

IaMs121773d ago

Most of the bugs and crashes are server based. The game itself is very well optimized.

Golden_Mud1773d ago

I have to agree with you both , even CoD is bad , the only good games I saw for now are KZ:SF and DR3 (yes I'm buying both consoles)

Lwhit61773d ago

@laMs12 no. The whole game is broken. Servers don't run the single player which is where the floor of one level glitched out causing me to fall and die multiple times. Oh well its not like it matters because I just had to redo the campaign three times over because the game didn't save. It's a massive, fumbling, broken P.O.S. there's no way around that fact.

static52451773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

While I do admit that I love the BF series and I do enjoy BF4 but I definitely don't play it as much as I normally would because of all the bugs.

I don't blame DICE for this at all. They have proven themselves at releasing awesome FPS. But as soon as EA got their hooks into them things have gone down hill. I guarantee DICE wanted more time to work on the game, but here comes EA and says to bad it needs to be released on this date broken or not.

I'm actually happy Watch Dogs got pushed back. There's no shame in needing a little more time to make sure your game his going to be as good as it can be for release

Kryptix1773d ago

Even with PC being the main platform BF4 is being designed still had reports of the game crashing. The game probably got rushed to stay competitive with Ghosts in sales. It's something a patch could fix but EA needs to give DICE more time to optimize their game next time. It gives them a bad view which results in less sales for the next game in this amazing franchise.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1772d ago

Haven't played 1 f'ing game of conquest=fail.

Philoctetes1772d ago

Yes, this game is definitely busted, but it's so good when it's working. Which is not very often.

JsonHenry1772d ago

I play it on the PC and it isn't a "broken mess" for me or any of the ~20 people I play with on a regular basis.

AlexanderNevermind1772d ago

I've yet to get into a MP game since Friday morning. I just deleted the game install and am reinstalling it now. Who knows maybe I'll get in a game today.

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Lwhit61773d ago

YES! I've had to restart my campaign THREE times and I can't play it for more than hour without crashing AT LEAST 3 times

frostypants1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

People actually play the campaign? It's Battlefield...playing the single player campaign is sacrilege. Its very presence is just to appease people uncomfortable with buying an online-only game.

FalconR2891773d ago

Same thing kept happening to me. 3 times I had to restart the campaign. About a 1/4 of the way through the Singapore mission it crashed and corrupted my saved data, 3 times in the same spot.

MajorLazer1773d ago


..because you speak for everyone /s

SaturdayNightBeaver1773d ago

lol yep , with console its nothing wrong

Evil_Abed1773d ago

I just love how ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING will be thrown under the bus to protect the PlayStation image on this site. It's always someone or something else's fault but never the PS brand.

Bad review for exclusive? Reviewer must be biased, a noon or doesn't understand the game.
Technical difficulty with PS version of game? Lazy devs!
Firmware bricking console? Don't switch of the console while it's still updating, duh!

Game runs better on PS console? Yeah dat GDDR 7000/cell of hope!

Majin-vegeta1773d ago

Maybe you should head on over to Battlelog and see for yourself.its the game and not the hardware.

Autodidactdystopia1773d ago

That is as true as it gets, and yours and my disagree counts will verify that.

sourav931773d ago

Yet you will stay blind to the fact that some of those reason's are actually valid. Hypocrite much? With BF4, I can no longer progress on SP because the game keeps crashing on the beginning of mission 7, and this is on PC. The game is completely broken.

Mr-Dude1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

And the same thing doesn't happen with other systems? Like for example the Xbox One or PC?

I am very curious for the 21 and the 22nd, for the reviews of the X1, and what the Xbox fans are going to say when things aren't going the way they want or hope. And the youtube vids appear online of "broken" systems etc... because they will, it's launch hardware and software!

frostypants1773d ago

GGJ, in this case, it's well known that all versions of the game are buggy as hell. Your comments are misplaced.

Dee_Cazo1772d ago

Consoles suffering hardware issues? Foxconn had saboteurs in there to destroy Sony's launch because China hates Japan.

Although I cant find this story on any credible site nor is a picture of an open PS4 prove much.

KwietStorm1772d ago

I guess you haven't played the game then,and haven't played every other PS4 game that doesn't crash.

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V0LT1773d ago

Agree. I have BF4 on the PC and it really is a optimized POS at the moment.

GirlOnFire1773d ago

I have an perfectly fine experience with battlefield 4. It was Ghost that was the problem with error code for me. It works today and it said I had corrupt data then worked fine. It was most likely an update problem because I started Ghost without the update first. ^~^

Nocando1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I have to agree, playing bf4 today and it crashed 3 times, not to mention this annoying glitch where the screen looks like its going into 3d mode and back. Fun game when it works, but I expect far better for the $70 "digital deluxe" premium.

XboxFun1773d ago

And yet everyone was jumping for joy and dubsteppin not too long ago on N4G about dat 1080p for PS4.

Kind of hard to enjoy that 1080 when your game keeps crashing eh?

Another example of jumping the gun and celebrating before actually getting your hands on the game. And also another example of how resolution means nothing if your game is either crap or can't even work.

Both CoD and BF4 were rushed out to meet both new consoles release date. Instead they could have held these versions back and tweaked them more and released them later maybe even during Xmas time to make sure the game was working correctly.

KwietStorm1772d ago

Yes it's hard to enjoy it when it's crashing. What's your point?

RyuCloudStrife1773d ago

I got that same screen on Killzone Shadow Fall one time so far... I'm about to finish the campaign now.

Mosiac771773d ago

It must be EA because my copies of killzone and COD are working fine on SP and MP so is not the firmware.

Magicite1773d ago

runs nice at high settings on my hd7770 2gb + i5 2400

princejb1341772d ago

I got this error 4 times thus far
The game is still playable

trancefreak1772d ago

I have the PC version because I couldn't wait to play BF4 but I had already ordered the PS4 version as well. I wanted to play with a ton of my co workers whom just received PS4's. Looks like that isn't happening with this game

I have not opened the BF4 PS4 version as of yet and its being returned. I am having to much fun playing Shadowfall so I will use the credit to get a compatible gaming headset.

Skizelli1772d ago

Anyone who says BF4 is optimized is full of crap. The game is buggy in general, no matter what platform it's on. I've been playing it on PS3. The game played fine the first day or so, but then I started experiencing game freezes. They weren't random, however. I noticed it only happened when spawning on a squad member, but not when I was alone or the Commander. After browsing some forums and then Reddit, I found out the game's field perks are bugged and I have to use the Defensive perk until they fix the rest. Sure enough, the problem was solved and I haven't froze since.

Battlefield is fun and all, but it's been a buggy, clunky franchise ever since BF1942.

starchild1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I don't know what you are talking about. I haven't had any problems with the PC version. It looks amazing and runs extremely well.

I have an HD 7950 and i5 2500k and I can tell you Battlefield 4 looks at least as good as Crysis 3 (probably better) and runs a hell of a lot better. I haven't had any real issue to speak of. I think they did a pretty good job optimizing it for the PC. I can't imagine how good it is going to run after the Mantle API is made available.

Skizelli1771d ago

Like I said, the game ran fine for me for a day or so, even when I chose different field perks. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones, but the problems DO exist on the PC version as well.

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Enemy1773d ago

I fear DICE may soon approach the route of annually rushed Battlefield thanks to EA.

konnerbllb1773d ago

I love bf but "soon"? Its already happening. They have always botched the launch since bf1942 on PC.

Pandamobile1773d ago

Name a Battlefield game that has had a smooth launch.

You can't.

It's just the way it goes with some series. Most multiplayer games have horrible launch-period issues. They all get ironed out in the first couple patches, but the first week of a game's long life cycle is never a good metric for how good the game actually is.

aceitman1773d ago

battlefield is every 2 years not annually.

tehpees31773d ago

We all know it will become an annual event if EA see it sell enough.

TheStorm1772d ago

Nah, because their next game is not even Battlefield, it's the reboot of Star Wars Battlefront

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ELpork1773d ago

Launch games you say?

svoulis1773d ago

Wait wait BF4 BROKEN on another platform wayyyy


frostypants1773d ago

Dice is kind of the Bethesda of the FPS genre...they make epic games, but they also have epically bad QA.

ufo8mycat1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Guys you have to realise DICE had to develop BF4 for 5 platforms - PS4,XBONE,PS3,360,PC

That takes a TON of work

There is bound to be issues

TheGreatAndPowerful1773d ago

Then delay the game for a month or two or however long it needs to freaking work properly on release day...what's so difficult about that?

badkolo1773d ago

exactly im getting fed up with the excuses dev's use, dont release the game until its ready

leogets1773d ago

the fact is that the problems are server based and can't be fully tested until its available to the masses! der


unfortunately the truth is that it's not up to the devs.

it's up to the publishers, in this case EA. ea hold the $$$$ here. EA want it out before Cod, they don't care if it works or not.

this don't have nothing to do with the ps4 or it's power.

I have it on 360 and it's constantly locking up my console.

TheGreatAndPowerful1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


and what do you think the purpose of the beta was for exactly?

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hellzsupernova1773d ago

so iron these issues out before release

OrangePowerz1773d ago

Especially when EA insists on releasing before CoD.

NovusTerminus1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Assassin's Creed 4 did that plus the Wii U and I have not hit any issues. DICE just launches the games almost in beta and then fixes it all after they cash in.

famoussasjohn1773d ago

There's too many issues that are there to even have thought of releasing it with pride of putting DICE on it. The launch of BF4 on PC has been atrocious and had endless crashes and can only assume that the consoles are getting screwed too. There's been a lot of things that shouldn't have been passed through QA but was.

svoulis1773d ago

I agree, but I feel like they should've waited then. I can't even play on PC without random crashes and horrible FPS I have 2x 680's. Then I get it for PS3 and PS4..(cause of the digital deal)

and it works alright on PS4 (did the whole campaign with only 2 crashes) but online crashed a few times already.

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