Madden 2009 Cover Athlete Announced

Were you thinking that Eli Manning or Adrian Peterson would be gracing the cover? Well, you might want to start thinking again.

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Grown Folks Talk3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

John Madden is on his nuts. At least they didn't jinx my boy A.D., but Farve will probably get a split in his favorite pair of Wranglers now.

DomUltra3889d ago

People still give a shіt about madden?

Grown Folks Talk3889d ago

Hasn't been worth a damn since 93 however.

deeznuts3889d ago

Football games haven't been good since NFL Blitz!

packerfan803889d ago

o yeah , the best athlete of all time, and my favorite, is going to be on the cover, hell yeah go brett

joydestroy3889d ago

so this is confirmed but not confirmed? haha

not sure what's up with all the disagrees. i give much respect to Favre.
i'm not much of a sports game player, but my brother plays the hell out of the madden franchise. so much so that every year, months before the new one releases, the previous years disc is screwed up majorly.

Favre had one hell of a career.

PimpHandHappy3889d ago

for 7-8 years running. I have the games to prove it

if this cheese head is on the cover i hope he dies because im not buying the game. I hope he breaks his neck and sh!ts himself on the grass of Soldiers Field

I would rather wipe my a%% with a toothpic then use this game

plus Madden was old 3 years ago and if they dont change much about the game i wouldnt buy it anyway

MattFoley3889d ago

Like to see you play Pro Football for 16 yrs without missing a game!

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The story is too old to be commented.