5 Games That May Be Delayed Forever

Videogamer: "The last few weeks may have seen South Park: The Stick Of Truth, DriveClub, and Watch Dogs receive delays, but at least those responsible had the decency to tell you. Sometimes we're not that lucky."

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maddskull1662d ago

some games might be cancelled but the last garduian is not and i think that also agent is still in dev and i hope they take a switch to ps4

zeal0us1662d ago

I think its more they are going through development hell rather than cancel.

Most games that go through development hell tend to amass a hefty budget. That only result the game needing to sell more copies in order to make an profit.

maddskull1662d ago

or maybe the companies are not making these games their main development and making a small amount of people work on it

ATi_Elite1662d ago

The Last Guardian will see light of day on the PS4 you can COUNT ON IT!

Frame City Killer = DEAD along with Namco

Sadness = WiiU will arrive but by the name Last Flight and by another Dev team.

The Outsider = No one cares because the Dev team is working on a Much more important game Elite:Dangerous which will go toe to toe with StarCitizen. ANyway The Outsider may see light of day on the XB1/PS4/PC but ONLY AFTER Elite:Dangerous!

Agent = will see light of Day as a PS4 Exclusive now that Metal Gear Solid is multiplat Sony wants another Exclusive Stealth game and Agent will fill that void.

One problem though, Rockstar North is very busy. They got GTAV PC and DLC to do plus Red Dead Redemption 2, maybe Bully 3, plus L.A. Noire 2 and GTAVI. Yes i know other Rockstar studios are the leads in some of these games but Rockstar North are the GO TO GUYS.

Agent went from PS3 exclusive to PS3/X360 game back to PS3 Exclusive to NO way a Dev team would waste time trying to pump out a PS3 game with PS4 on the shelf.

Other Games: Prey 2 - still in Development most likely will see XB1/PS4

STALKER 2 OMG if Sergie wasn't such an idiot people would work for him but as is STALKER 2 has no funds and no Dev team. Get those two things and we may see the ZONE again. Other than that Survarium made by the Original STALKER team is the next best thing.

OlgerO1662d ago

The last guardian at the PS4 launch Event. I WANT TO BELIEVE!!

ABeastNamedTariq1662d ago

The Last Guardian and Agent are coming. THEY HAVE TO....they have to. Lol I'm blindly speculating: VGAs or E3.

porkChop1662d ago

"5 Games That May Be *Delayed* Forever"

*lists 3 games that have been confirmed cancelled for years*

Great work

Agent20091662d ago

Agent could be announced around December/January.

I sense it in the Force.

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The story is too old to be commented.