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Submitted by Kayant 831d ago | news

Shuhei Yoshida has clarified that MP3 and DLNA support will be considered post launch

After the revelation of MP3 and DLNA missing at launch on PS4 Shuhei Yoshida has clarified that support is being considered after launch. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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FamilyGuy  +   831d ago | Well said
Why was this even something to think about!?

OF COURSE we want to be able to play our MP3s and have DLNA, Media player/media sever support.

Most annoying is that the fact says "no support", not that it will come in a patch or that they are considering it. The most surprising thing I've read here in months.

Pre-orders are being cancelled over the no mp3 thing alone , people complaining that it was attempting to force Music Unlimited on us as the only option, and this is no exaggeration! I can literally point you to at least 5 people in the comments saying things like "pre-order cancelled, they've gone too far".
I've been using my PS3 as a media center since the day I first brought it home and have been all for Sony ever since. Was hoping for MKV playback an instead I read no media server support. Lmao (but not really)

The culmination of losing MP3 support, media streaming from my pc, external HDD support for media files (unmentioned in the official faq) all had me reconsidering my interest in wanting a PS4. Those are called DOWNGRADES an it pi22es me off that they even thought it'd be okay to omit them.

I'm glad Shu said something, the comment section of the faq was completely void of any relies from the Sony team (on the Eu blog at least)
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Kayant  +   831d ago
Yep. Depending on what other music services are available at launch it could soften the blow a bit if you can play it in the background for some people.

The only reason I can see why it's not here is that they are working more on gaming stuff first & knowing this they are taking the time to push their media services.

This can be seen with movie playback not being available without the patch.... WTH Sony you have been the format pusher on consoles for so long why stop now....

And no local support for music playback & probably movie playback.

Also DLNA will push people to use APPS.
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xHeavYx  +   831d ago
@Family Guy
"Pre-orders are being cancelled over the no mp3 thing alone"
Yeah, sure...
FamilyGuy  +   831d ago

Maybe that's it, they're pushing apps more. I'm pretty sure they'll be other music apps available, hopefully free ones like TuneIn that just released on the PS3.

@ xHeavYx
You don't believe me read even a few of the comments on the official PS blog (I read the eu blog as it was the first I was linked to)
No audio cd support is one thing but no MP3 support after we've been requesting custom sound tracks all this gen?
Come on man.

I'm %100 all sony, never had a 360 or an interest in one and I'm this disappointed so I'm not surprised by others being swayed more easily than me. It's a big freakin deal but I'm POSITIVE Sony will add support, they have to.
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Narutone66  +   831d ago
If the ability to stream media from my NAS server is added, I hope it won't be choosy with the type of files it plays. It is frustrating when I tried to stream a file and it wasn't supported. And Sony, while you're at it, please add support to .mkv files.
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decrypt  +   831d ago
Welcome to being controlled by corporations lol. No BC, pay to go online, no mods, restricted to what they feel is good for you lol.

All part and parcel of a controlled system.
johndoe11211  +   831d ago
I've never used the mp3 player in my ps3 so this really doesn't bother me (though I can see why it would bother a lot of people). The no media streaming on the other hand is a major issue for me.

It definitely won't make me cancel my order but I hope sony fixes this FAST.

On the flip side though there is something else to consider. The reason why the ps4 is being praised for being such a powerful gaming machine is for just that reason, they focused on it being a gaming machine.

I'm noticing a lot of the media features are either coming after launch or weren't added at all (though they did say they will consider adding them).

Their focus was obviously gaming first and media second. Is that a bad thing? I really can't say but looking at what is happening to microsoft right about now I would say sony made the better move. Capture the main audience first, gamers, and cater to the casuals as they come along.

I prefer the gaming machine first and media device second as long as I know that the features I like will be coming in the future I can wait. My main purpose for buying the ps4 is not for DLNA, it's to play games.

This is just my opinion.
Army_of_Darkness  +   831d ago
Wow! No mp3 support at launch?! wtf?! My $50 curtis Blu-ray player has mp2,mp3,mp4,divx,avi, mkv and any other media support available so I'm very disappointed in this news! That's a big downgrade from my ps3.....

Mp3 's are a big thing in this day and age and even as a big Sony fan this is complete bullshit.
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Darrius Cole  +   831d ago

My problem with it is that the PS3 can already do these things. This can only be read as an attempt to restrict people from using what they already have in a attempt to sell it to them again.

We can only assume that they are going to sell us some app that will play CD's and/or MP3's. What about MP4's? I also was hoping for MKV support. I at least understand that MKV support is about fighting piracy. But MP3's are just the standard way of listening to music now. Even if they are pirated sometimes, the fight is over, MP3's have won.
decrypt  +   831d ago

What can i say :P

Just get a PC save your self the misery. Amazes me none of you make an issue over all the unplayable games you bought this gen on the next box. What a mess.

Console gaming = bending over to corporations lil by lil, cheerlead whatever they think is good for you, until one day you realise you have no rights lol.
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johndoe11211  +   831d ago
@Darrius Cole

Agreed, and in no way am i excusing sony or giving them a pass for not having those features in the ps4, I will excuse them and give them a pass if they intend to include them in a future update. As long as we don't have to purchase it.

I'm just saying that I don't see the focus on gaming first and media features second as a bad thing. Bringing those features in the future isn't so bad as longas I know they DO intend to bring them.

Although I stream a ton of movies from my pc to my ps3, If sony were to try to sell an app to do that on my ps4 no way in hell would I buy it. I really hope sony doesn't go the route you described, even though I don't think they would it would be one hell of a disaster and a big stain on their rep.

But I agree with the fact that those two features should not be things that they are "considering", they should have either been included or on the table in a future update.
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Underworld  +   831d ago
You can't install songs from CDs can you? That sucks.
LOL_WUT  +   831d ago
Being able to play music off your hdd or disc is a must have! I was pretty upset about it too ;)
Dee_91  +   831d ago
Most of the music I download now is either mkv or mp4 but still looks like i'm converting a lot of music to mp4 .. that is if it supports mp4.Someone canceling a pre-order because of this is hard to believe because that would be a completely retarded thing to do.The irrationality of people seems to always amaze me.
ambientFLIER  +   831d ago
"You can't install songs from CDs can you? That sucks."

PS4 doesn't support audio cds
BattleAxe  +   831d ago
Aren't MP3s still the predominant form of music files? Seems pretty stupid to not have that support right from the start.
DOMination-  +   831d ago
Uhh.. what? Ps4 doesn't support audio cds? Thats more ridiculous than mp3 imo. Who cares if few use it anymore.. its like literary no effort to have that feature and clearly was taken out on purpose. Agaon to stop people burning to whatever crappy format sony allow in favour of using their crappy app. But oh no only MS is greedy!!!
awi5951  +   830d ago

Nope they pulled a microsoft sony has always been aholes about MP3 music. If you ever bought some of their digital music products like the old Mini discs players Sony would only let you copy your mp3 4 times before they lock you out of your own damn hardware.

You could only use sony's software to burn songs onto the minidisks and they controlled what type of mp3 you could burn and how many times you could burn it. And i think it would do a copywrite check on some music files and was such a pain in the butt and made me avoid all sony products for music for years.

But as other people have posted i bet the ps4 has a itunes like store where its the only way you get music on ps4, well thats what they planned anyway. Sad move sony i never trusted them with music players and files anyway because there were such dicks in the past.
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MazzingerZ  +   830d ago
Anything that PS3 supported should be there.
I have never used music unlimited but if the catalogue has my music? Why not? I will barely use it to play music either way so don't care. I want to play games!
ChrisW  +   830d ago
Hmmm... Since I can plug my iPhone into my sound system, I fail to see what's so important about an MP3 player being omitted. Regardless, why do you people get so uptight over the littlest things?
joe90  +   831d ago
No MP3? No USB drives? what kind of device doesn't even play music files in this day and age or support external devices. Pre-order just canceled.

Sony's new slogan: Playstation It only Does Some Things.

Xbone here i come. ;)

Lord. hang on, how come some games do 1080p but some don't. Can't be the hardware when some Devs can achieve it and some can't. Ever thought with the Xbone hardware been late to the game been the reason. You remember when Sony told everyone they were releasing the PS3 the same year as Xbox and even took pre-orders for it knowing they were no where near finished? biggest dick move in gaming. Least Xbone plays MP3, a file that nearly every electronic device does these days..
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LordMaim  +   831d ago | Funny
Maybe it plays MP3s at 1080p.
scott182  +   831d ago
It's funny that trolls swarm these comments saying pre order cancelled over tiny things like mp3 at launch. And will defend the X1 to no end about 720 resolution.
PeaSFor  +   831d ago
oh no!

another fake pre-order being cancelled, such a drama.
johndoe11211  +   831d ago
"Pre-order just canceled."

Are you that clueless that you don't realize that everyone can see your comment history?
SniperControl  +   831d ago
BS Joe, you never had any intention of buying a PS4, I've seen your comments on here, you are a PC/xbox fanboy.
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bromtown  +   831d ago
Major Nelson is looking it up (according to twitter) regarding MP3's and DLNA so you might want to wait a while before you do anything rash. Remember, Microsoft has Xbox Music - they'd like your money too.

PlayStation has never supported HDD's for game installation, so it's not really a big deal to existing PS owners. And the HDD is replaceable unlike the One so it's not the end of the world either.

Though I kind of think you were already getting an Xbox One and just wanted to have a tantrum haha
Brix90  +   831d ago
MS doesn't support external hard drives at launch what your point??
JasonKCK  +   831d ago
I heard about the no USB drive support over at reddit but I didn't know if it was true. Now that I know it kinda sucks.
SoulSercher620  +   831d ago
That's fine enjoy 900p while we play in 1080p.
DragonKnight  +   831d ago
When you say USB drive, are you talking about an external harddrive with a USB connection, or a regular flash drive. Because the PS4 has 2 USB ports and I think it'd be pretty pointless to have them JUST for charging the controller.
T2  +   831d ago
Fake a&& preorder cancelled bull... No true gamer returns new tech for this .
However Sony does listen so I still say everyone hits shu twitter to complain cuz this is not cool
KodevEx  +   831d ago
I would Bing that, but sadly, GOLD is required.
RedDevils  +   831d ago
The most disappointing for me is the media server, as I always use that with my PS3 and I never store a single Mp3 or Video file on Ps3 I only stream it from PC to listen/watch movies especially when the Ps3 can't read the MKV or certain files, I hope they better included
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4me2  +   831d ago
"... what kind of device doesn't even play music files in this day and age ......." - XBOX 0ne for example along with PS4 --> regarding MP3 playback.

"... support external devices... " yet again XBOX One till early 2014 patch.

You know, If you just wouldn't say "Xbone here i come. ;)" your comment could have tiny bit of validity.
hobohunterz  +   830d ago
It doesn't say no USB drives it says you cant install games to external drives..
PlayStation_4  +   831d ago
most of those "pre-order cancelled" comments are just troll posts.

I'm pretty sure that almost everyone getting a PS4 has a device which already does this.
FamilyGuy  +   831d ago
Go to the official faq page, those "troll comments" are coming from some PS+ members.

Do you really think it isn't a big deal? :/

Edit @ below

I only mention that they're PS+ members because you claimed them to be trolls. I know trolls are gonna have a field day on this, these were not trolls. Over dramatic is possible but their disappointment was real.
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Baka-akaB  +   831d ago
It's a stupid and bad issue .. but i dont see how them being ps+ users give them credibility over the cancellation threats ...

Anyone came make such empty threat , especially when angry ... hardly means it will be followed through .

other than that , it does need to be fixed for everyone's peace of mind

" almost everyone getting a PS4 has a device which already does this. "

Well it's not even only about that . How will you use custom soundtracks ? Unless there is some sort of compatibility with unlimited services and their kind ?

Liking the console doesnt mean everything and decision is good and gospel word .


Dont worry i'm dissapointed too . Truth be told i dont even use the console for mp3 , and only once everywhile as a DLNA machine , but i dont like loosing stuff i felt were default features and options
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brave27heart  +   831d ago
Id take MP3 support over guaranteed 1080p anyday. My PS3 is my "one" and only device - it plays my movies, browses the web when I cant be bothered to get a laptop out, and plays my music as well as games.

Music is a big part of the package. Playing SSX to a custom soundtrack, or GT5 was a brilliant experience. Don't take that from me.

I havent pre-ordered, I was waiting until new year after I move house. At this rate I will be hanging onto my money for a bit longer
Sayai jin  +   831d ago
I am pretty sure some of those post are trolls, but maybe not all. I am surprised that the PS4 will not have this support at launch. I am still getting my PS4 in about to weeks...can't wait.

@PlayStation_4- Why should people have to use another device to play MP3's...shouldn't the PS4 have this capability. How many media/gaming devices do not have this support especially in the $400 price range? It's the standard now. Is it a deal breaker? IMO, no. Sony will most likely do a patch to add this later though.
domford1981  +   830d ago
Yeah, it's called a PS3
Edward75  +   830d ago
From a man who is no doubt getting both systems on launch day, this is by no means reason to cancel my preorder. My two daughters, oldest daughters (19 and 15) were raised as much as a gaming parent could raise their children to love gaming. This news was a bit disapointing for my 15yo. They are not fan girls, but the 15yo wants the xbone now more then the Ps4... While the 19yo is sticking by her PS4 guns.

For my 15yo media playback and playing mp3's is huge. I can't even stress how important this was to her. Both will play both systems, borrow games from me, and see what each has to offer, but this one thing surely swayed the younger of the two into what system she wants. I'm sure that if people aren't fanboys this could sway some that were on the fence of which to buy first. I seen the change in my daughter over this one thing.

Edit* Shortly after launch are the numbers that could be affected... When both are available, like I said, this decided which system she wants now, and what she would choose because the difference in graphical prowess doesn't trump the media and mp3 playback for her. Preorders are only being cancelled by select few.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   831d ago
The pre-order cancel thing is a running joke that's been going on for months now just FYI.

I mean, i don't doubt there's one or two blockheads out there who actually did but for the most part, anytime something negative happens to PS4/Xbone everyone starts talking about their pre-orders lol
FamilyGuy  +   831d ago
Dude I know how to read sarcasm, it was not the "oh, no blah blah blah happened, pre-order cancelled" type remarks.
These were real, legitimately disappointed people, expressing why it was a big deal for them saying it. There was no sarcasm to be found and I'm very good at reading comprehension and understanding expressions. Just look at the comments for yourself instead of doubting me instantly.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   831d ago
I assumed you were referring to GAF or other game sites.The official blogs are literally always like that.Constant whining, crying and complaining all the time lol.

It's the mecca of entitled customers.
Omegasyde  +   831d ago
I am thinking about canceling my pre-order because of this.

How can you push an online music subscription but won't have the ability of playing local files such as a mp3's. That's greedy as all hell and that nearly approaches a MS level.

Look at my comment history, I am pro-Sony but that is a feature that should be there day 1. ESPECIALLY if the PS3 had it!

I can buy a Mp3 player for 15$ USD, but my gaming console which is 385$ more can't support mp3's? BS.

What if Sony decided to remove DVD support? What then?
T2  +   831d ago
Preorder cancelled is a joke ... But this is important I want those features and I think Sony will add if we complain .... Its worth it to let your voice heard no downside
hobohunterz  +   830d ago
Idk why anyone would cancel a pre-order anyways when they could just sell the ps4 online if they didn't want it and make more money..
-Foxtrot  +   831d ago
I kind of doubt people are that bad and would cancel pre orders just because these things are not supported.
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iamnsuperman  +   831d ago
"Pre-orders are being cancelled over the no mp3 thing alone and this is no exaggeration!"

I think those people need the re - address their understanding of what a games console is if that really is the case

In all seriousness the lack of this sucks but not that bad to be throwing those ridiculous statements around. I am surprised by the move (being a big player in the music industry but I guess their idea was to try and push their music streaming service) but also I am not bothered. I think i played my music once through my PS3. I have never seen why I should. TV speakers aren't exactly spectacular to warrant playing it through your TV and if you have a system then it would have a way to do it anyway. The only thing is custom soundtracks to games (which I never got unless your playing a racing game)
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Omegasyde  +   831d ago
In order for you to listen to music that YOU want while playing your game, you have to subscribe to a music SUBSCRIPTION service.

Nevermind the fact that SONY themselves have sold GAME SOUNDTRACKS on the PS store.

So I can upload a video, but I can't listen to my own music? Stop defending them.
Sarick  +   831d ago
Isn't the PS4 supposed to be a game system with with multi media capability. Unless I'm mistaken MP3 and DLNA is standard in any multi-media device. If the unit is intended to be a central media device then these features should be a given. It's a $400 entertainment machine.

You do realize Sony could've decided to removed the ability to play DVD and Blu-ray movies right? They didn't did they?

I use my PS3 for MP3 and DLNAS all the time. When I record home movies with my camera. I then copy them to my DLNA server. When guest come over I can load them on the PS3 through the DLNA server so we can watch them on the TV screen.

Now I'd need a cloud service to do the same thing that was available for free on my PS3. The lack of some free features that where on PS3 make me less willing to spend cash to upgrade to a PS4.

Please explain why Sony wouldn't want to support these features other then implementation cost. Just saying it sucks or me whining about it won't make things better. The only thing available is to wait. I still have this awesome PS3.
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Sayai jin  +   831d ago
@Omegasyde - I did not know that part of about the music subscription service. What service is this and how much is it or is it something like Pandora?

Just got to playing GTA 5 on my Phat 1st Gen PS3 while listening to a custom track.
Conzul  +   831d ago
It doesn't matter what the essence of a gaming console is when the draconian competitor is releasing a console that actually has more freedom and more of what gamers want.

The irony, it is mind-bending.
ANIALATOR136  +   831d ago
completely agree. No replies whatsoever on certain questions. It has been really frustrating to just get an answer then find out it really wasnt the answers you wanted
Transporter47  +   831d ago
As nice as those features are, I still have my PS3 for that until they roll with an update. So no problem for me, all I want are Next Gen Games lol.
malokevi  +   831d ago
DLNA would be fantastic on consoles. Haven't bothered to check and see if it's supported, though. My AV receiver costs more than both consoles combined, so I've got all the airplay/DLNA/media support I could dream of...

andibandit  +   831d ago
sony has already stated dlna isnt supported on ps4
Sayai jin  +   831d ago
What brand receiver do you have?
MoonConquistador  +   831d ago
xHeavYx I'm considering selling my launch day model on, I'd cancel my pre order if it wasn't paid off already. It sure won't be replacing my PS3 under my tv going by what's being said.

Something had to be rotten in Denmark with all the good news the PS4 has been riding

It seems that where the PS3 was built around choice/numerous features and versitility, that focus seems to have been lost somewhere with the PS4
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BlackCountryBob  +   831d ago
You could look at it another way, the ps3 was built around an everything and the kitchen sink model, spending huge amounts of money and resources on developing and supporting what were features used by a minority of people despite being readily available in many other devices most own. A focus has been sought to concentrate on gaming and supporting popular services like Netflix on PS4 as these are what the majority of users do most if the time.
b777conehead  +   831d ago
get your money back if your not happy . use a mp3 player . I care about the gaming
jatakk  +   831d ago
Wow.. "good" news coming to both sides today! :(

I'm currently streaming all my media from my PC to the PS3. Sony not implementing DLNA on the PS4 sucks major balls for me!

Today I decided cancelling my X1 because of the major f-up with BF and COD, and now I'm not considering PS4 either. I'm going to invest in my PC and wait for nextgen till everything settles and every skeleton is out of the closet.

What a day!
MoonConquistador  +   831d ago
Haha jatakk, well put
denero1  +   831d ago
I agree at first i was championing ps4 because of xbox 1 policies but then i started to look at both systems and honestly right now getting them at launch seems kind of pointless i'll stick to my ps3 and pc awhile longer
Hufandpuf  +   831d ago
I'm actually considering dropping next gen consoles and building a PC too. But then I might miss out on MgsV, KH3, and Dead Rising :(
JimmyLmao  +   831d ago
i'm curious to see if we can get confirmation from microsoft about this stuff on the xbox one.

because they did confirm that there will be no externall HDD support at launch, not until a patch in 2014 at some stage.
bromtown  +   831d ago
I agree with most of this, but MKV will likely never come to anything from a reputable, major corporation due to it's reputation as the Pirates file of choice haha...

I didn't use the media server option often, but I liked the choice if I couldn't be bothered to copy a 4 gig file onto my HDD. As for the MP3's that's a pretty basic function you'd expect, but it's not a deal breaker, more of a bummer.

Shu normally delivers though, I expect 1.70 to have MP3's and shiz. Side note, PS3 didn't have DLNA at launch either, took a good while.

I have hope.
FamilyGuy  +   831d ago
"I agree with most of this, but MKV will likely never come to anything from a reputable, major corporation due to it's reputation as the Pirates file of choice haha..."

Sony is pretty much the only company that blocks native MKV support. There are a ton of blu-ray players from panasonic, samsung and other big electronics makers that support MKV playback. Just about all media players do like the western digital Live media players for example.
Sony might not but it isn't some industry wide front to prevent MKV playback because of the fact that pirates favor it.
jcnba28  +   831d ago
Yes this is very annoying and makes no sense unless (like you said) they are trying to force us to use their Music Unlimited service. I used to always have my external hard drive plugged into my ps3 to play movies and music. Removing this feature from the PS4 was such a bad decision.
MegaRay  +   831d ago
Pre-order Cancelled!
come_bom  +   831d ago
No MP3 support for the PS4 at launch... must be some kind of joke! That's a pretty stupid move by Sony. Sony needs to rectify this ASAP.
#1.16 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
esemce  +   831d ago
Yeah it's a bit out of order considering many cheap TV's allow media playback through USB, Divx/mp3's etc.
LonDonE  +   831d ago
i have got to call Sony out on this one, seriously wtf are they thinking? i used to love listening to my own music while i played racing games and gta on my 360 its a great feature, and this is total b.s! what is their to consider? we want this feature its a basic one which has been on xbox and pc for years!

Sony drones may not like what am saying and thumb whore me down, but i keep it real.
I have to call it as i see it, and regardless of who it is, if b.s is done i call it out!
AND THIS IS SUCH BULL CRAP! they are trying to force people to use and subscribe to their music service, but i don't see why if i have legally bought and paid for my mp3 music and want to hear it on my next gen PS4 then i should be able to, in game or not!!!

While not a deal breaker and a stupid decision on sony's part, i mean hell its not like i will cancel my pre order over this.
But it is a bare minimum feature which should be included on PS4! i just hope more Sony fans agree with me and are mature enough to call it out!
MikeGdaGod  +   831d ago
i, a huge supporter of Sony, agree 1000%
MYDEATH21  +   831d ago
The new Tune In app on the ps3 is pretty awesome. Almost every radio station that broadcasts over the Internet is on there. I'd enjoy that on the ps4. They even have a lot of the stations I used to listen to from my home state.
isa_scout  +   831d ago
Completely agree. I sub to Music Unlimited, but it shouldn't be forced on people...The no DLNA thing angers me in ways that I would be banned for typing the words. Thought this was next-gen???Still be picking my PS4 up at launch, but damn Sony get this shit sorted quick....Also, props for mentioning MKV as it stands now most of the movies I *cough* download are MKV so I just plug in my laptop and rock VLC player.
kwiksilver99  +   831d ago
just do it sony.
dont think too hard,especially for stuff like this.:)
iiorestesii  +   831d ago
I feel like its mainly due to overheating issues.
rainslacker  +   831d ago
People weren't getting this worked up over the announcement that it wouldn't play audio CD's. I guess they had MP3's to rely on.

Seriously though, being someone that prefers CD's myself, I find it rather ironic that people that weren't pissed before about the omission of audio CD's are pissed now because it actually affects them. It's not so nice when it affects you, so I would encourage anyone that decides to dismiss someone else's preference in the future to remember this and why it's good to speak your voice and tell these companies what you want before it becomes something that affects you.

BTW: Not saying you do this. You're generally OK by me.:)
FamilyGuy  +   831d ago
I spoke up against the lack of reading audio cds too, I was just more understanding because they/someone claimed the newer blu-ray drive had a problem reading audio CDs or some crap like that. They used that as their excuse for not playing PS1 games as well but never answered why PS1 classics through PSN wouldn't work.

Losing features that the PS3 has is just a huge blow though, going from "It only does everything" to "It only does gaming" is a slap in the face. With all those great upgrades, new features, the reasonable price and hardware design: Speed, power, development ease and even appearance were all a big deal because most people assumed they would be on top of the great features the PS3 already has.

Speaking up is what we do, call it "whining" or "entitlement" but the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" is true. Sony will be giving us these features. I'm just surprised that they didn't know we wanted them.
JustPlay4  +   831d ago
I don't think this that big a deal to me, but I guess that just because I play my ps though my laptop so that it might be why.

But it does kinda suck for everyone else that can't play mp3
asmith2306  +   830d ago
I'm sure they will introduce it back in with an update. Sony have learned from their past mistakes and aren't going to avoid something the fans aren't happy with. I reckon we see a patch within a year.
domford1981  +   830d ago
Totally agree, gutted about this. PS3 will have to stay set up now for media purposes
Godmars290  +   830d ago
But its the "considered post launch" which makes his statement BS. That this is something that they're doing because of complaint. Was something they they actively did.
Lulz_Boat  +   830d ago
cancelled for which console?? xbone?? the same xbone that doesn't support mp3 and dlna TOO??

yup, smart move.
DA_SHREDDER  +   830d ago
not only should their be mp3 support, but Mp4, pandora, and satellite in game music. :(
finbars75  +   830d ago
At least they they didnt hide it until launch and then announce it.Personally I could care less.I buy consoles for the gaming experience not mp3,media streaming and external Hdd support.I'm sorry I have been gaming since the very first console called the magnavox and its always been about the games for me not all this extra stuff that most likely 80% don't even use.If you want a multi media console then but the xboxone since thats there main focus.I'm not saying its right that Sony is doing this but its obvious that there trying to move away from what MS is doing because most people want to play games and I mean great games.It seems like everyone is just spoiled and do not relize what we had back in the day to what you have now a days which to me shows the direction gamers are going.Its not all about the games for you guys any more its all about me,me,me.Its really shameful to see how you guys act about non needed stuff. i don't want the PS4 to end up like the Xboxone with low res games and terrible framerates.I want games that run the way they where meant to so compromising right now is the main objective with Sony and you know they will give you what you want.They care about there consumers so stop bitching about it.
Rainstorm81  +   830d ago
Yea i was just talking to my brother that they are trying to force Music Unlimited down our throats.

This news here is disturbing....what about MP4s AVIs.... Come On Sony this is one of the things yall did perfectly right last gen....Let me put my media on my PS4...dont go the 360 route
saber00005  +   830d ago
@FamilyGuy, Your so full of it man. Pre-orders aren't being cancelled over the no mp3 thing. Do you HONESTLY believe that people would buy a GAME CONSOLE, to ONLY listen to music while maybe playing a game? If so, people need to re-think their lives.
#1.32 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Studio-YaMi  +   830d ago
Sony deserves the heat over this,people just love their own choice of music being played,some prefer artists that aren't famous or sound tracks from anime or video games(8-bit soundtracks anyone!?).

So saying that it might get supported later is good but not good enough tbh!

Sony wants to profit from this by forcing us to use their music apps,which AGAIN doesn't have all the songs that we might want to listen to or like.

This sucks & I'm glad that lots of Sony fans are against it and knocking at Sony's doors about this issue.

Believe it or not,some people are actually in LOVE with music more than anything & they enjoy gaming as well,so not supporting their audio CDs or tracks and limiting them to what's on the Music apps that Sony provides on their PSN is not ideal at all and IS a deal breaker for a few.

Not bothered much by this myself but I can see why some people can get upset over this.
#1.33 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
majiebeast  +   831d ago
I find it strange Sony isnt supporting DLNA(their own tech) atleast at launch, for the PS4.
majiebeast  +   831d ago
Okay insiders on neogaf are saying its planned well atleast thats a tiny bit of good news now the question is Q1 or Q2 or even later.
Evil_Abed  +   831d ago
Can't monetise DLNA. Want music? Pay $60.

Lol these "insiders" with their quick damage control.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   831d ago
Joined 6 days ago
4 bubbles
Pure trolling

Say it aint so
meatnormous  +   831d ago
I use it all the time with my ps3 to play movies off the nas. I'm disappointed, but keeping my preorder
GiantEnemyCrab  +   831d ago
What? So this thing won't connect to my media shares at launch?

This is a huge let down!! WTF was Sony thinking?
Evil_Abed  +   831d ago
Oh you thought free to play meant free to play music and movies too? No, we want your money for our services only. Our machine, our services!

Let's see who can predict what they'll charge for next.
JustPlay4  +   831d ago
You can play movies on it
Dlacy13g  +   831d ago
I find it strange that it seems many "features" are getting added in post launch on both systems. I worry when I see feature sets that were promised at a reveal are not standard at launch but rather being patched in. This isn't a Sony slam either...this is both next gen systems have things that were touted as features that are now "coming later". Prime examples: MS - you can add an external HDD to the Xbox that support will be added later. Sony - You can suspend and resume your game at any that feature will be added later.
lsujester  +   831d ago
Add this to so games getting delayed or just not being ready in time from the start with rumored issues with both consoles, it really seems both Sony and MS rushed to get these things shipped.
LonDonE  +   831d ago
Agreed sucks big time if anyone who doesn't use the net and is not as informed as some of us buys a x1 or ps4 at launch and finds most of the things don't work or ar not as advertised without the day 1 patch! i hope that crap is temporary, and all subsequent shipped consoles will have everything pre loaded like on wii u? otherwise this is not on!!!!
Studio-YaMi  +   830d ago
WiiU had a first week(if I'm not mistaken) update which was pretty huge and made the WiiU run better since people were having loading issues and what not.

So no,it wasn't pre loaded with everything out of the get go.
LonDonE  +   828d ago
no it wasnt at launch, everyone had to download the update including me,but after launch all consoles came loaded with the update i believe unless iam mistaken in which case sorry
isa_scout  +   831d ago
well said bro +bubble for you. Starting to wonder if these next-gen systems are actually even ready for release...News as of late has not been very reassuring.
dboyman  +   830d ago
What this sounds like is that they rushed the consoles to market before they were ready from the sounds of it....
LoTuZ  +   831d ago
So we cant play music in background unless we subscribe to their music service. Bullshit. MP3 support isnt out of the box. Talk about backpeddling.
Hellsvacancy  +   831d ago
Yeah I thought the PS4 supported custom music, it's a feature I was much looking forward to, playing my own music whilst gaming

I will certainly not be signing up to Music Unlimited, Sony can go fu<k themselves

Even I will admit Sony have shot themselves in the foot a little on this one, they'll patch it though so nothing to worry about......... I hope
Spontogical  +   831d ago
Will be considered? Make it happen sony.

I find it utterly perplexing that the PS4 is basically a barebones gaming device (hit me), with everything else requiring an update? No MP3's and DLNA support? Launch PS3 OS is superior to Launch PS4? Can't be..
ANIALATOR136  +   831d ago
so...I cant have custom soundtracks off my hard drive? What a load of shi*e
#7 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Hellsvacancy  +   831d ago
Bad ain't it, it's the one feature I was most looking forward to, listening to Slayer whilst playing BF4

And it doesn't support USB drives wtf is Sony doing
Omegasyde  +   831d ago

Hmm what feature will I use most? Listening to my own music or uploading Video's?
4logpc  +   831d ago
Wait no mp3? Can I not rip music to the PS4??
Soldierone  +   831d ago
Not currently. It doesn't support USB drives or CD's. It also doesn't have a music visualizer.

According to this, all media will need to use their stupid Unlimited services. One of few mistakes Sony has made, but its a rather harsh one.
4logpc  +   831d ago
Wow thats awful.
SpiralTear  +   831d ago
At least it's in the cards. I already pay for Google Music All Access which is $8 per month, so having to shell out cash for another subscription-based music service just for PS4 seems unreasonable to me.
dx_factor  +   831d ago
No mp3's or dlna??? Haha witnesses the almighty PlayStation!
CGI-Quality  +   831d ago
Battlefield 4 and CoD on X1 must have you sore right now. Take deep breaths, it's OK. :)

OT: Doesn't affect me much since I have plenty of devices that do this anyway. I'm buying a PS4 for games, not to listen to mp3s.
#10.1 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
badkolo  +   831d ago
and thats what youll get, a barebone system to play games on and the others will have a x1 that play games, lets us use our own music and tons of other things, thank god for ms
dx_factor  +   831d ago
I'm not a fps fan so your point is mute to me! Nice try tho! Haha haha ... the almighty PlayStation smh
#10.1.2 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(11) | Report
CGI-Quality  +   831d ago
Your post only continues to remind me how immature you are. But, whatever floats your silly boat!

@badkolo: Yep, so bare, that it outperforms the "better" system. Good job, your two bubbles have proven their worth /s.
#10.2 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JustPlay4  +   831d ago
Ya, to bad I can't use any of the tv on Xl

Why because my tv box is wireless
RytGear  +   831d ago
Quite frankly as long as they come at some time I am not too bothered. The PS4 is a gaming machine, thats solely what I use it for and I understand that some people use it for Media purely but the PS4 is first and foremost for playing games.
All the rest is just bells and whistles, albeit very nice bells and whistles but unessential all the same.
People need to remember what they are buying and wait for the inevitable patch that will bring these features.
MoonConquistador  +   831d ago
It's still a downgrade from what the ps3 offered at launch. While they appear to have learned from all the things they done wrong last gen, they appear to be making an ass of all the things they done right too. Poor show Sony, looks like PS3 is still the console to have under your TV this holiday season
#11.1 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
RytGear  +   831d ago
The PS3 didn't have DNLA for 6 months, there is ALWAYS problems with the features included, this one is no exception.
MoonConquistador  +   831d ago
@Ryt no but it still played the majority of media files (bar mkv), ripped my cds direct to the harddrive and would accept external drives. It was a better all round media hub whilst also offering the best games and blu ray playback.

I can accept the no CD playback, that's been known for a while, but no external drives and mp3 playback is a joke
kenmid  +   831d ago
Of course is going to be considered when all the negative feedback you been getting all day.
badkolo  +   831d ago
this is not to good, but at least it plays games.
Belking  +   831d ago
That's basically saying no.
LordMaim  +   831d ago
No, they said the same thing about external HDCP capture, and they're patching it in. I'm confident that they'll do something about this in short order. If only to keep a feature that the Xbone has.
TechMech2  +   831d ago
What's dlna?
jatakk  +   831d ago
You'll find you answer here:
pwnsause_returns  +   831d ago
Digital Living Network Alliance. its a standard that has been imposed back in mid-2000. Pretty much devices that comply with this standard means they should be able to stream their media from any device.

the PS3 is currently a DLNA device as you can stream your videos and music from your PC to the PS3.

the PS4 not having this nor mp3 player support is stupid and offensive seeing that they want you to pay for their music unlimited service.

eventually they're going to have to support it, not being able to listen to music while playing a game was one of the biggest outcrys people had with the PS3 and we know that the PS4 is more than capable to handle it, 2gbs of ram is reserved for the OS, and that feature doesnt even take lots of ram in the background. not to mention the DLNA, which, again, the PS4 is more than capable of doing and should be able to support more codecs out of the box.
TechMech2  +   831d ago
I never listened to music much on my ps3, but I use my ipad instead. I guess it won't affect me, but it's sad people can't use it yet.
#15.2.1 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
pwnsause_returns  +   831d ago
the main reason why people want this is so that they can use it as a custom game soundtracks, you know listening to the music in the background while playing your game.

this was only possible on select PS3 games. PS4 should be able to do it universally like on the 360.

this was an expected feature for the PS4.
Sarick  +   831d ago
A good 3rd party router with custom open source firmware can also be used to stream.

The ASUS-RT66U with Tomato Firmware has that built in. You can connect two very large drives to it or small USB 4-64gb flash drives to store your library.

On further note.
This makes me sad I had high hopes for PS4. The world is rapidly becoming a cluster of greed and corruption. I'm not happy with it.

With all the rumors of war, collapse of the US economy, FEMA camps, lies, NSA spying, sun disruptions, comets, asteroids, government shutdowns etc. etc. etc. etc. Doom greed doom greed. One can understand the extremes of seeing the glass 75% empty.

With China and Japan on the brink of war and the Japan reactor clean up at code red.

I guess we can just wait and see how things pan out. I for one have decided NOT to purchase a PS4 at all. My PS3 will remain an awesome addition to my home until I see positive changes.

More bad news is something people with eyes opened wide don't need.
#15.2.3 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
RedDevils  +   831d ago
Fuck their stupid music unlimited, most of the music I listen to is not even on there
#15.2.4 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   831d ago
First bad news for PS4 since..ever? Total money grab tho.Not going to sit well with consumers and is totally not cool.

So, who's starting up the #PS4MP3 campaign? lol
ANIALATOR136  +   831d ago
good idea
sdozzo  +   831d ago
Launches take time. Easy everyone. It will be great.
LoTuZ  +   831d ago
Yes, it will. I just cant believe that a nexgen console cant play mp3s lmao
k1ngd4n  +   831d ago
No mp3 playback at launch that really sucks. This should be a standard feature in anything released in this day and age. Wasnt expecting that I think everyone just assumed it would be a feature.
finals  +   830d ago
Many gamers have wanted it since 2006 and Sony almost always replied they were looking into it. They saw an opportunity for a bullshit cash grab with the custom soundtracks and they jumped right on.
$50 for custom soundtracks is just wrong and unnecessary.
The closer we get to launches the worse both consoles get. I'm really starting to despise this industry.
Evil_Abed  +   831d ago
Didn't clarify jack. Just said he'd pass along the message. Also since when is a tweet considered an article or news? Couldn't you wait until someone wrote an actual article about it? This just seems like trying to do damage control for Sony's sake.
rainslacker  +   831d ago
"Also since when is a tweet considered an article or news"

Since long before you joined 6 days ago to troll Sony with all your might. Seriously, you really suck at trolling.

Anyhow, according to the rules of N4G, a tweet or forum post can be posted as news if it comes from a industry executive or developer. It does not need an associated article to be considered news.
#19.1 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   831d ago
I'll admit it , it's stupid . Does it change my order ? Nope .

Does this mean people shouldnt at least ask Sony to reconsider what is a mistake ? Nope
Omar91  +   831d ago
Sorry not understanding what this means. So I can't listen to background music while playing my games? Isn't this one of the major features fans wanted a long side cross game chat?
If anyone can clarify what this means for me that would be great!
Evil_Abed  +   831d ago
You can't play music, AT ALL. Unless of cause you pony up (pun not intended btw) $60 extra yearly to be a part of there Music Unlimited service.
Think of the PS4 as a free to play game. Extras cost extra.
Omar91  +   831d ago
wow…. just….wow..

thanks for the reply
Hicken  +   831d ago
Please don't feed the troll.
nevin1  +   831d ago
lol at the the people who buy launch systems.
Baka-akaB  +   831d ago
Lol at obviously jealous folks . People will enjoy the ame games you do and will on older system , and the new ones .

I dont see what you gain over them by waiting for more or maybe some price cut . it's just a matter of preference
nevin1  +   831d ago
lol how the hell Im jealous? There nothing on next gen that impressive to warrant a quick purchase. And these latest news from Both Sony and MSoft(OS/Xbox live issues) is funny.

In my household I have NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, PS1, N64, PS2, PSP, PS3. The quality of games on those systems dominates PS4/Xboxone's luanch lineup.

So I think i'll manage if I play the waiting game. And by the time I get a next gen system, most likely it will be more better than whats coming Nov 15 and Nov 22.
Baka-akaB  +   831d ago
I'm not pitying you over waiting , again it's a matter of preferences .

But i dont see what's to quip and make fun of here . Obviously a good portion people felt they will enjoy the launch line so made the plunge that's all . Those coming later , are just that , coming later of their own volition .

Again those people have the same access to old consoles than you do , if they chose to . I know i will .
#22.1.2 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
MegaRay  +   831d ago
Agree. Bought PS3 at lunch and was disapointed. Sold it and kept playing my ps2 till 2011 and then bought a new one and still enjoying it till today ^^
Rainstorm81  +   830d ago
Sephiroushin  +   831d ago
It is because of us (early adopter) that people like you (the ones that get the system 1 or 2 years down the road) have good games by then; what do you think it' would happen if we early adopters didn't get the system because it has few games and lack of stuff?!
Yeah if early adopter don't get the product then the product is considered a failure, in this case console out of market or just no support at all for it ...
#22.3 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
matrixman92  +   831d ago
people play music on their video game consoles? you really not just keep all your music on itunes or even just your laptop?
Baka-akaB  +   831d ago
i never play music from the ps3 . however it was useful for custom musics ingame .
rainslacker  +   831d ago
I probably would if I listened to music at home. I keep most of it on my Vita though and play it through that. Custom soundtracks have been highly requested this gen, but even still I don't think the outcry is as big as some in this forum are making it seem.

The system plays games, and I'd imagine a vast majority of early adopters are looking at that important feature more than anything else. I'd imagine this is something that will get added later. Hopefully it won't take too long though. I want DLNA support so I can retire my PS3 to "retro" gaming.
cyberninja  +   831d ago
Mr. Yoshida just get the shit done; not supporting DLNA and MP3 playback is fucking ridiculous. We also want custom backgrounds. Thank you.
Custom backgrounds as in like, your favorite car? or custom backgrounds as in like the ones your ps3 has? If so, The latter is confirmed.
cyberninja  +   830d ago
As a custom wallpaper on home screen; for instance, a picture I took while i was on vacation.
ahh okay. Yeah many asking for that... who knows
XboxFun  +   831d ago
So not supporting DLNA, does this mean you can't stream movies from your PC to your PS4?

That seems really odd and kind of unbelievable if true, because the PS3/360 does this and seriously this is the biggest plus I have had with consoles.

I haven't bought a movie in.....forever.

And I have a ton of mp3's on my PC that I also stream through and listen to while I game.
#25 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
RedDevils  +   831d ago
That is the main reason they stopping you from using it, because you fucking pirating movies!
#25.1 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
XboxFun  +   830d ago
What if I'm digitally buying them and I want to stream it to my TV?

How about my homemade family movies or movies I shot of my child's Halloween recital and I want to show my extended family the movie. I would stream that to my PS3/360.

Now Sony isn't allowing this? And this still doesn't excuse MP3's which I have bought over amazon.

This is definitely a move from Sony to promote their own movie and music features if this is the case. Not a good friendly consumer move.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   830d ago
That is such a BS excuse. Just because you may steal your movies RedDevils doesn't mean the rest of us do. Project much? This is a huge letdown and really lame Sony didn't even consider this for launch. The PS4 is NOT going to be the center of my living room if it doesn't support basic things like MP3 and DNLA.
#25.1.2 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Rainstorm81  +   830d ago
XBOX FUN clearly said he hasnt bought a movie in forever..... RedDevils didnt make that up CrabCakes
RedDevils  +   830d ago
@GiantEnemyCrab learn to read, look at the comment from Xboxfun "I haven't bought a movie in.....forever. "
FlunkinMonkey  +   831d ago
Are they telling me that i can't plug in my external HD and play my movies that i have on them? Is that true? or is it just that i can't save game data on them?
MasterCornholio  +   831d ago
I don't like it but I'm not canceling my preorder.

Nexus 7 2013
ricochetmg  +   831d ago
ODD and it being a media player makes it even stranger. The would deter me if I was buying one at launch. j/s I stream a lot from my pc.
M-M  +   831d ago
Both consoles have their share of bad news, wow. Why no USB or mp3 support? I don't think Music Unlimited will have the song choices I desire, which is why I would prefer to listen to my own MP3s. I think the "no USB support" is the result of game save hacking this generation.
Mr-Dude  +   831d ago
Whats with all the no usb? The ps4 supports usb 3.0...?
M-M  +   831d ago
Meaning no support for USB drives or external HDDs. It's strange I know.
Mr-Dude  +   831d ago
Really weird because you can update trough usb (patch) but it isn't supported? I don't get it...
GiantEnemyCrab  +   830d ago
I didn't know they won't be supporting external USB devices either? WTF? A new console with less features?
Mr-Dude  +   831d ago
Lol at all the troll comments and fake pre-orders all of a sudden. It sucks but they will patch it in. For now it's just ammo for trolls who are hurt about the 1080p things...
rainslacker  +   831d ago
What'd you expect? It's the first real bad news the PS4 has had since launch. Granted it is pretty bad news for those that care about these features(I want DLNA. Not worth cancelling my pre-order for though since games always come first for me.

People seem more upset about this than having to pay for online which would have made the rounds more if not for MS complete incompetence in their own reveal and policies.
#30.1 (Edited 831d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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