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If you like hardcore flight combat games, or even a Ace Combat fan then give this game a try. If you’re not into planes then hold off playing this game until they add in tanks and boats.

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GambitPax1805d ago

cannot wait to see just what they add in with tanks and naval battles, but for now will be playing this for the aerial combat and retiring from active service in world of warplanes

Dover81805d ago

I didn't enjoy World of Warplanes, hoping this one tickles my fancy more as I love the idea.

GarrusVakarian1805d ago

I can't wait to play this on my PS4, i played it on my friends PC and loved it.

Jury1805d ago

Yep, I'll be getting this for ps4 too

WarThunder1805d ago

Im playing this game since the closed beta.

Its great. and it will have tanks when the PS4 releases.

Last update they made the game a little bit harder but imo thats a good thing it takes a while to master it but once you get the hold of it, its awesome experience. 3.5/5 is to low for this game.
I will give it a 4.5/5 or a 9/10.

Jury1805d ago

Nice! Tanks! Thanks for the vid

millgate11805d ago

You're reviewing a game that is in BETA? You couldn't wait and extra month when it actually releases?

Trupl01805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I have not played the game but disliked the arcade feel of the bombers and fighters. That was until I saw the simulator mode :) . This was all via Youtube. I hope that the sim mode will also be included in PS4 version.

WarThunder1805d ago

Yea Historical mode and simulator mode will included in the PS4 version.

Trupl01805d ago

Great! Tnx for the info.

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