Silent Hill: Homecoming due this September

Konami has announced that Silent Hill: Homecoming (formerly Silent Hill V) will arrive in Europe for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 towards the end of September. The game follows Alex Shepherd, who returns to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen to investigate the disappearance of his brother.

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Skerj3887d ago

September just got more hardcore and I won't even be able to play that much, I need to go check a game release calendar now.

SPARTAAN3887d ago

looks like september is wayyy tooo packed LBP KZ2 socom and now silent hill

Jinxstar3887d ago

Yeah I mean I guess it's a catch 22... right? I mean release near Xmas and make money but at the same time take a hit by trying to get people to buy your game over others... I will not buy this before KZ2 or LBP for sure....

meepmoopmeep3887d ago

i'm going to wait to see if the development team had what it takes to bring out a really good iteration.
plus if LBP and KZ2 hit att hesame time then... i will have to wait

TheExecutive3887d ago

there will be inevitable delays. September is always the chosen month early in the year. All it really means is that its most likely coming this year.

jkhan3887d ago

Now Sept. just got a lot cooler. Damn I am gonna go broke :(
LBP, Socom, Killzone 2(HOPEFULLY) and now Silent Hill 5 :D One hectic month of gaming:p
By the way I still doubt Killzone 2 will release in the same month as Socom. Reason being Socom is total multiplayer and Killzone 2 will have a huge multiplayer part. So they won't want to split there consumers. May be Killzone 2 is pushed till October.

R Kelly3887d ago

Don't worry,you can play me on your Playstation 3 in a week!

jkhan3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Thank you GTA4, I don't know what would I have done with out you :p
Bubbles for you mate:)

Lord_Ash3887d ago

Ok Why? Why would they announce more games for this year, this year is packed people get your schedule for next year, or you got your selves to blame if the game sells poorly.

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