Madden 2009 Info

The new producer for EA's upcoming Madden 2009 is prepared to make quite a few necessary changes to the upcoming versions.

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TheExecutive3893d ago

EA: we will add things in 2010 we swear!

Snoozer2823893d ago

If people keep buying it, they'll keep making it.

Breakfast3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

I think EA Tiburon(?) works about 1 and a half months out of the year. There game has been the same for the past 3 years...all they are changing could have been fixed in an auto update...

Refs in 2010.... -lol-, is all i gotta say.

Grown Folks Talk3893d ago

People still buy it & Live every year like they're still great. Developers won't work as hard if they know millions are going to buy them regardless. 2K puts more into their games, but since they require real effort to master, people don't like them. In Madden, I can put in my 5th WR in the 4th quarter & get 300+ yards like it's nothing. Bombs away.

Alcohog3893d ago

They need more than few.

adansirs63893d ago

Will I ever play a madden, or for that matter a game developed by EA .........They are garbage.

Grown Folks Talk3893d ago

because that was the last time the game was worth a damn. The 2K series would have been sick on the 360 if the [email protected] hadn't taken the easy route & bought up all of the licenses.

trancefreak3893d ago

those older madden games and tecmo bowl rocked :)

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The story is too old to be commented.