COD4 PS3 variety map pack

the new Variety Map Pack released on PS3 in North America on Thursday, April 24.

In addition, the Map Pack passed Sony Europe certification and will be propped on the European PlayStation Network on May 1.

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Neurotoxin3896d ago

Thanks SCEE you have made my purchase of the Console so worth while that i have to wait longer for no good reason to get the games i want to get, and the downloads that come with them. Thank you.

/End Sarcasm

jackdoe3895d ago

If you want to blame someone, blame IW. They KNEW the exact release date for the map pack on the PS3 ages ago, giving a specific 21 days after 360, which means it ISN'T a certification issue but more of a IW holding back release issue.

poeo3895d ago

"Someone" probably paid IW to delay the ps3 map pack. It's very possible in today's corporate world, maybe even likely.

Science_NERD3893d ago

OH WELL! At least the speed of light is still 3e8 m/s

theKiller3895d ago

is the maps free??
thanks in advance

Clinton5143895d ago

Inf.Ward pisses money. They're not going to let up anytime soon. Nothing's free from them.

MaximusPrime3895d ago

after all the hard work they have done? Make new maps for free? I highly doubt it.

Maps will not be free.

xhairs3895d ago

You mean to tell me that these maps they're making are hard work? You do realize people make maps on a daily basis that are better than some of the maps in the game. Don't try to pass this off like it's not their fault.

The problem in this is that they screwed up. The map pack comes out 5 days before Not, I see a huge problem with that, people are going to be sacrificing money for 5 days? I doubt it. And even at that Europe is getting GTA4 before the map pack even releases.

I believe this is about the 4th time IW/Activision have shot themselves in their feet.

Nostradamus3895d ago

When a company is paying someone $20 to $30 an hour, they want to see some return. Even if the maps were easy to make, which they are not, they would have spent alot of money........oh forget it, I got better things to discuss.

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villevalorox3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I don't see why they had waited for the release of MGO and GTA IV.. I will not even get to play them!

gEnKiE3895d ago

Wouldn't it be funny if they did offer them for free though?

jackdoe3895d ago

They won't. They already announced pricing.

gEnKiE3895d ago

Well theirs always wishful thinking :)

BLUR1113895d ago

there so awesome you guys will love them if you dont have 360 then you get to know there good when released

SUP3R3895d ago

Only people who aren't interested in GTAIV is gonna buy this.
After GTAIV I'm moving onto Haze then MGS4 then Battlefield.
COD4 is done for me.

justgamez3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I agree with you. Too little too late and there is just too much out and coming out to care now. IW shot themselves in the foot with this delay.

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The story is too old to be commented.