Half Life 3 Will Disappoint You

The fervent feedback of the masses to these tiny, otherwise inconsequential bits of information is a bad omen, folks, and let me tell you why: Half Life 3 won’t meet your expectations.

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gaelic_laoch1815d ago

Valve has set the bar so high I don't think they can even reach it this time round!

Magicite1815d ago

Half-Life 2 was ahead of its age, making a decent follower wont be an easy task.

Blachek1815d ago

A similar time lapse occurred between Half Life 1 & Half Life 2 correct?

It makes sense to wait this long. Give the industry & tech time to distance itself from the previous iteration so when they rebuild the Engine it has the evolution that gamers want to see.

They release other products on the same engine, I think? (counter strike, portal, team fortress), and it would looks right to me that they would play out the product life cycle like they had.

In terms of gameplay, I don't think there will be any issue to deliver. Half Life 2 looks great, and people loved it for that. But the gameplay was fun, exciting, new. They would make a lot of people happy by incorporating the same mechanics with new twists.

They don't need to change the formula or the delivery to get sales and make consumers happy. Maintain the puzzle theme, excellent delivery of physics, entertainment of the gravity gun & incorporate some of the Portal system into the puzzle elements and you have yourself the gameplay. Keep the writers on board for the story and voila you have a highly rated Half Life 3 which you can use as the building platform for the next 5-7 years of products you release.

If they can effectively utilize destructible environments, (Red Faction) and incorporate more of a personality into Gordon I think it could easily be the front-runner for GOTY.

Jovanian 1815d ago

Stupid article.


What bar did they set and by what means, other than simply saying nothing and releasing nothing with regard to HL3? They haven't set the bar high. We have.

And for the record I think HL3 will be incredible. I haven't been disappointed by a Valve game yet.

gaelic_laoch1815d ago

"And for the record I think HL3 will be incredible"

I am sure it will be! :)But for the record I think HL3 will not be as big a leap as from HL to HL2. Many peoples expectation will be shattered!

ape0071815d ago

Valve has to build a nextgen successor to the legendary source engine

LightofDarkness1815d ago

Wow, where did this guy get a copy? :/

ruefrak1815d ago

And so will The Last Guardian. Certain games have gotten hyped to a point where even if it is the greatest game ever made, it could not live up to expectations. Valve has never mentioned Half Life 3 and everyone is hyping it. Sony showed one trailer for a game years ago and it's still a question that constantly comes up.

Grave1815d ago

Trash article. Should be titled "Half-Life 3 Will Probably Disappoint Me".
I for one am only disappointed by the wait. I know that when HL3 is released it will be awesome, cuz that's what Valve does.

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The story is too old to be commented.