Battlefield 4 Beta Preload Now Available

(GDiNews)For those who are qualified, the Battlefield 4 Beta is now available for download through the Origin client. It will require 5,646.51MB of space.

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Ohlmay1665d ago

My body is ready, PC Origin Pre-load done. 64 players, 60+ FPS, 1440p, HERE WE GO!

Spinal1665d ago

I will start the download when i get home. But lets not kid myself ill be playing GTA Online first and foremost. Then BF4 after that xD

Ohlmay1665d ago

Oh yeah, GTA Online! This will be one of the last few great weeks of current gen gaming :)

Are_The_MaDNess1665d ago

perloading started, going slow ATM ad 2.3MB/s
oh well, will be done before everything starts :D

Feralkitsune1665d ago

It starts for everyone on the same day, we just get to download it quicker. Still can't play.

Gamesgbkiller1665d ago

I have to wait until 4 October.