Games Move Forward but CS is Where GES Have Been

"This day and age there are so many different games and gaming genres that have flooded the market that it is increasingly difficult to decide what to play and when. The FPS games really have taken it up to another level over the last year though making the games ever more realistic and full of eye catching graphics.
But, as they say, we would not be where we are today without having to have gone through our past. (Obvious right?) This week whilst formatting my computer and whilst reinstalling all my programs, there sat a Counter-strike icon on the desktop and we decided to play a little.
What we found however wasn't just a game that was enjoyable for a little respite, but something altogether different. It was like finding a lost friend that one hasn’t seen for months or years. In the beginning you’re a little apprehensive, but it doesn't take long till you click right back into the old mode you were in whilst still close friends.

We decided to share with you why Counterstrike..."

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Fr0zeBud1641d ago

I like CS but I must say that it can get a bit boring these days, I can find much better games to play.

kal-el1641d ago

yes, but nothing beats it for that random time killing and simple resource using game that it is.

Fr0zeBud1640d ago

I'll rather play Torchlight then. lol

kal-el1637d ago

lol, so are you saying that you have no love for CS?