PS4 Launching In Asian Territories In December, Months Before Japan

"Japan will be one of the last countries to get their hands on the PS4, it appears, with the launch now confirmed for other Asian territories – including China, South Korea and Taiwan – just the month after the US and UK in December, while Japanese gamers will have to wait until February 2014."

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OlgerO1761d ago

Wow, I truly didnt see that coming. Guess that the production yield is truly fantastic if they are going to send units there that early. I hope that they are able to meet demand in the west before they release there.

GribbleGrunger1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

They don't have to send units there, they have a manufacturing plant in China. Also, China has said that they're looking into lifting the ban on consoles IF they are manufactured in China ... Add that to the fact that Sony Japan is now Sony Asia and I think you start to see the bigger picture.

OlgerO1761d ago

Imagine just 1 percent of the chinese population buying a PS4. That is 10 million consoles sold!

FullMetalTech1761d ago

Also if i remember correctly Hong Kong also had english text on the psn. So they can benefit with NA and Euro titles than say Japan ecentric games.

Tapani1761d ago

This is good! They are concentrating on countries where the money is, and will be, in Asia.

Plus, if China is pressured by big corporations from both west and east, the ban is to be lifted as the government cannot eventually avoid the possibly huge tax returns. This would mean a huge new field of creativity.

Interestingly, Sony seems to be sure that these markets are satisfied with the western game offerings (albeit the online focus). The reason to release late in Japan was to get Japanese games ready for launch.

Does this mean Japan is going to be even more isolated from the other gaming markets?

abzdine1761d ago

in Asia x1 is in even more trouble than i previously expected.

Chrono1761d ago

Japan doesn't care about graphics, they are still preferring PSP over Vita... It will take a while for the PS4 to sell well there.

sigfredod1761d ago

PS4 world domination confirm

SonyNGP1761d ago

Incredibly backwards seeing Japan is getting it last.

unicronic1761d ago

Japan really have a thirst for Japanese games. Asia is far more culturally cosmopolitan and games like Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, COD etc etc do well in JP not so much.

Plus Hong Kong has a huge video games expo in December that attracts 500,000 consumers and would be a big mistake to miss getting the PS4 going at that venue.

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The story is too old to be commented.