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Xbox One: Microsoft secures Tom Clancy's The Division exclusive content

Microsoft has just announced at their Gamescom conference that Tom Clancy’s The Division Xbox One version would contain some exclusive content. (Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

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drsfinest72   398d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Wizziokid  +   398d ago
I'll retain my excitement until they say what it actually is
slimeybrainboy  +   398d ago | Well said
These things are never interesting. I never even finsihed the AC exclusive hours they were lame. The only do this to try and make you choose to buy it on one conosole over another, there pretty much always just guff.
Tvensky  +   398d ago
MS exclusive content works for a limited time mostly..

and If they really get some exclusive stuff, it mostly sucks... who would want to release something good on a failed, people rejected platform..
HammadTheBeast  +   398d ago
So.. so far it's PS4 with AC and Destiny content, and MS with Division/some EA titles.
koston3647  +   398d ago
^^^ watch dogs too
Gman0173   398d ago | Spam
Godz Kastro  +   398d ago
Makes a big difference with COD. I think it makes more sennse on these types of games. Me and many of our clan members are excited for this one. We will run through it quick so any add ons they throw at us will be much appreciated.
Godz Kastro  +   397d ago

So if I have an X1 and I have the division. I am a fool for buying the extra content it has? That is flawed thinking brother.

Opposite platforms need to start a petition. Thats how you get it done.
vigilante_man  +   398d ago | Well said
Don't like exclusive deals - on either side. It is lazy and disrespectful to the fans who buy your game on another platform.

It is great for game developers who need the cash.
torchic  +   398d ago
I agree and it needs to end.
vigilante_man  +   398d ago
It will only end when gamers refuse to buy a game because developers chose exclusivity to another console.

Only when we stick together can we change things. Look at DRM..
torchic  +   398d ago
I wish it were that easy

many of the less hardcore gamers who don't visit forums are the ones who are somewhat fooled by these schemes and so it will never end.

I just really, really want this shit to end.
Underworld  +   398d ago
I don't really have a problem with it. If Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo want to try and secure their fans extra content for third party games, what's wrong with that? And I think it helps sway some people to their console. Especially if a lot of games have exclusive content on that system. I'm interested to see the exclusive content in Assassin's Creed on PS4 with Aveline.
niaboc  +   397d ago
You guys are only complaining because sony didnt get the exclusive sh*t. You didnt care when they got watchdogs, destiny, and ac 4 content. People like you guys make me sick. When ms does it, its blasphemy.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   397d ago
Well said Vman
Death  +   397d ago
Look at DRM? DRM still exists, we simply lost the ability to rip our gsmes to the HDD so we can access them anytime and from anywhere. No ripping, no access, no need for the data rights management needed to make this possible.

pixelsword  +   397d ago
Exclusive DLC only works for me if I think the game is actually worth playing. Getting Darth Vader or Yoda in Soul Caliber would have been great...

...if I actually cared about the game, for example.

All because these games are getting exclusive DLC and they look great now doesn't mean that any of these games are worth playing in the long run.
iMixMasTer872   397d ago | Spam
spicelicka  +   397d ago
I rarely buy DLC anyway. I think it's a bunch of bullshit for most games. Worse is paying real money for armor, skins, and cosmetic crapp, whoever exploits that and whoever supports that are both pathetic.
andrewsqual  +   398d ago
Exclusive content that customers will have to pay for. Also Exclusive Lower Res textures exclusive to the platform.
PFFT  +   398d ago
LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Not really but keep dreaming all you want. BUT make sure not too mistake reality for your wishful dream like thinking cause the reality of things will be much more different and you will be in for a rude awakening. In other words the reality of things to you will be like a kick to the nuts.
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niaboc  +   397d ago
Umm no.. Maybe a few framerates. Has nothing to do with textures
Death  +   397d ago

You say that now, but look at Last of Us. In 2021 Playstation will dominate. Again...
Salooh  +   398d ago
I even hate the concept of DLC , they used it in the wrong way. I wish if they remove it but i guess that won't happen..
Godz Kastro  +   397d ago
This I agree with, its much more sensible. Some DLC is decent like Borderlands 2 but other stuff seems like it shouldve been put in game.
blackmanone  +   397d ago
A shed a tear when Expansion Pack turned into DLC. Since then we've had a flood of pointless add-ons all designed for a quick buck...and very few true expansion packs.
spicelicka  +   397d ago
Exactly. What happened to those days where even if there was DLC, it was made free after 8-12 months. I boggles me how 6 year old games still have full price DLC, when barely anyone plays them and you can buy the actual games cheaper used then the DLC.

It seems counterproductive to further detract gamers in an already low populated game, rather than attracting more players with free DLC.
TheLyonKing  +   398d ago
Kyle Bosman shows a video laughing at the word exuding content, I agree with him cause that content could be anything from a weapon to a map to just another player skin.
MysticStrummer  +   398d ago
I've never understood the appeal of announcements like this, from either side. The same goes for the exclusive Destiny content for PS4. We all know it will show up on the other console sooner or later.
StoutBEER  +   397d ago
I like how you're comment got barely any likes. Why? Because people want you to talk up one console and downplay the other. Come on on man, give the idiot... uhhh errr uhhh people what they want!
Mounce  +   398d ago
"Exclusive Multiplayer map", lol
StoutBEER  +   397d ago
Hammad... some EA content. 0_0 Battlefield 4 ya twat! Thats all the convincing I need!
xtremeimport  +   397d ago
They're really gunning for the whole "exclusive content" thing this gen.

I dont really love the idea of exclusive content that effects the actual game experience, because if you own a Ps4(in this instance) you will lose out on a experience. In launch titles I get it a bit more cause it can sway the buyers, but once the cycle has started it kinda sucks.
Consoldtobots  +   397d ago
exclusive content/dlc/pink ponies

have done nothing to make ANY title significantly better than it's rival platform counterpart this generation so I for one couldn't care less about MSs nyah nyah neener neener exclusivity deals.
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   397d ago
Its probably a mission or something not bothered.
KrisButtar  +   398d ago
I was a bit surprised by this as Ubisoft is usually Sonys area of exclusive deals, While Microsoft has other Publishers(Activision, Bethesda) for their exclusives deals. With a new gen looks like all the cards on the table do get shuffled.
slimeybrainboy  +   398d ago
I wish both Sony and MS would just focus on making their own great excluives rather than getting into deals with thrid parties.

BOTH Sony and Microsoft are guilty of this. With MS the DLC thing is really petty, and with Sony getting one hour of exclusive gameplay is anticonsumer. I want them to invest in one more hour of The Last of Us, not some third party game that don't give a crap about giving good exclusive content.
KrisButtar  +   398d ago
I agree, I would much rather an exclusive game then just a bit added to a game. 3rd parties get enough money from sales, they shouldn't have Microsoft or Sony paying them as well
ZodTheRipper  +   398d ago
Tell that Microsoft, they started it with GTA4, CoD and Skyrim if I remember correctly. Instead of investing money into game development they rather invest into this kind of stuff.
NateCole  +   398d ago
Yeah that has been my biggest problem with MS this gen. The money they spend on these deals could have gone to buy new and upcomming devs to create new and exclusive and exciting content for gamers.

It will result in
1. New and better exclusives that takes advantage of their hardware.
2. Grow the gaming business.
3. New franchises that pushes competition and provide variety.

These deals not only screws other gamers on other platforms but also gives established publishers more leverage/power.

Even on their platform i am sure most xbox fans would rather get new exclusive games than getting some stupid time exclusive deals, DLC.

The same goes with Sony when they pull this crap. I rather they give the money to NS to create a new IP instead of paying off say Rockstar for a couple of GTA DLC's.
Death  +   397d ago
Buying developers doesn't translate into more profits. Look at all the developers that are shut down in both camps. Kicking a few bucks at a third party with a high profile IP is a great marketing move to gain exposure for the platform. I'm not a fan of the practice, but from a business perspective it's a good investment of marketing dollars.
DiRtY  +   398d ago
MS has exclusive content from EA, UbiSoft, Activision so far. Bethesda, as you said, will most likely join them.
KrisButtar  +   398d ago
Its early in the morning here but shivers went down my spine as when I was thinking "exclusive content" and all it could mean for XB1 is added Kinect functions. Then all the publishers should have exclusive content since its packaged with the system.

I think this gen though that the 3rd parties are just going to bounce between each of their game releases to get coin from both Sony and Microsoft as that would be a win-win in their eyes.
christocolus  +   397d ago
rumored partnerships also include platinum, epic, konami prod,namco and ninja theory
Spoons  +   397d ago
Money talks.
B-radical  +   398d ago
Good win for me i guess im so excited for this game
HolyDuck   398d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(4)
devwan  +   398d ago
It's only a win for you if you work for Microsoft.

As a consumer, paid for exclusive or timed content is not something to rejoice over, for any game, for any system. What the company paying is doing is offering money to withhold game content from other platforms 99% of the time, not pay for its creation as exclusive.

The only time this practise a good thing is when a platform holder throws money at a dev who would otherwise not have created the game in the first place, then it's entirely positive.
B-radical  +   398d ago
Hhaha i ain't complaining mate
HolyDuck  +   398d ago
Both systems lose out but whatever.
#4.3 (Edited 398d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
HolyDuck  +   398d ago
@DeadPoolio, actually, finished my fourth year of college passing all my exams & standard tests.

I'm a fully qualified Electrician, and at the moment I work with a company installing Security systems.

I don't see why you have to get all defensive like you're too poor to own either console, get a grip, I wasn't boasting, just stating things, don't take it too personal. Such a child.
#4.4 (Edited 398d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
iMixMasTer872   397d ago | Spam
Mills93  +   398d ago
Codeman420  +   398d ago
That's Funny you would think sties like Joystiq and IGN would also post a story about this but havent.......makes me question its credibility.
GusBricker  +   398d ago
Gamestop live blogged it. So it's definitely true.
Codeman420  +   398d ago
just read the Live blog from Gamespot, not gamestop :P, no mention of exclusive content.
Codeman420  +   398d ago
now they are posting, it. eh no biggy not going to take away from the main story, still get it for my PS.
ape007  +   398d ago
hmmm if this trend continues, i may have xbox one as my main system like the 360 was
Deadpoolio  +   398d ago
LOL Micro$haft needed something from them considering that Assassins creed 4 has exclusive content on PS and so does Watch Dogs....So how exactly is 1 out of 3 a trend lol someone is a delusional Xbot
Brix90  +   398d ago
Don't forget Destiny!
walkincarpet  +   397d ago
actually... Division looks much better than the other two. But I agree with some of these posters that MS could use that money to further enhance 1st part studios and games rather than extra content on 3rd party games. There isn't a lot of value there as far as I'm concerned unless it impact the entire game like cloud powered dedicated servers for COD Ghost for instance.
karl  +   398d ago
Lol ms will never understands whats important wbout a game console... and neither will the peoble who buy it
MysticStrummer  +   398d ago
"hmmm if this trend continues, i may have xbox one as my main system like the 360 was"

Timed exclusive content is that big a deal to you?

Announcements like this from either side mean nothing to me.
aiBreeze  +   398d ago
I hate this exclusive content BS, it does nothing but hurts all gamers especially seeing how Sony have started doing it too now. Just make all content for every console on multiplatform games, that way every gamer wins.
ape007  +   398d ago
yeah i agree but it's a fierce competition
The Meerkat  +   398d ago
Horse Armour?
gaelic_laoch  +   398d ago
Looks like M$ have pulled out their Chubby.........Wallet!
givemeshelter  +   397d ago
Like Sony did for AC4 and the other titles ;-)
seanpitt23  +   398d ago
It's just each company having a pop at each other and normally Microsoft wins these timed exclusives because they have deeper pockets I can remember when they did it with gta4 they paid $50m for that.
princejb134  +   398d ago
Exclusive new ip > exclusive dlc
golding89  +   398d ago
lol you mad.
kenshiro100  +   397d ago
Yeah he's mad over exclusive content for a multiplat third party game.

Please get over yourself.
Hicken  +   397d ago
Why be mad? Who the hell would anyone be mad when they get new whole games instead of a few skins/maps?

Shouldn't you be mad, cuz you're getting crap like this and 30 days of Peggle 2, instead of a whole new freaking game?
drsfinest72  +   398d ago
Lmao at me being flagged for trolling... So "money talk" is considered trolling? Tell me when does money not talk in life.
cr33ping_death  +   398d ago
Again with the exclusive content deals, not exactly trying to win many people over are you MS
Good_news_every1   398d ago | Spam
Jury  +   398d ago
This is bullshit. Paying to deny other platforms content is a shit way to do business. Investing in your own first parties for new ips is the way to go. Hate this new trend. From a selfish point of view it hasn't affected me yet cause I don't care enough about the games it's happening to, however I can imagine I'd be quite annoyed if it was a game like read dead redemption and I had to miss out.
extermin8or  +   398d ago
*sigh* its not going to be anything worth writing home about.. Ubisoft aren't stupid, speaking as soneone who played AC4's exclusive content-an hour they said took me maybe half that time and didn't come close to anything the main missions offered... expecting AC4's and Watch_Dogs content to be similar. These deals annoy me and I do sort of blame MS they started it this gen so far as I can tell there was none of this jonsense between sony and nintendo etc prior to the 360 launch and I think the gta4 dlc and COD dlc deals.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   398d ago
Very nice awesome news.
90Supra  +   398d ago
Never really cared about these kinds of deals.....no matter the console

9 times outta 10, the "exclusive content" just seems like garbage that didn't make the final cut of a game...

Definitely not content was made specifically for a certain console...

M$ or Sony: "Here's some cash - we need some exclusive content for our consoles' version of ________."

Developer: "Sure - We can create some new missions for your version.....no problem"

M$ or Sony: "Thanks.....we really appreciate it. We value our partnership with you guys."


Developer to their devs: "Just clean up whatever we cut from the final build and we'll use that for the extra content for M$/Sony."
HurtfulTimez  +   398d ago
Pfft. Typical Microsoft.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   398d ago
I'm curious what this exclusive content will be, but if it's anything how the exclusive content ubi gave sony, then it really makes no difference. Either way, gonna get this for pc now that, that's announced.
paranoid1971  +   398d ago
I wonder if this is how they are spending their $1 billion dollars of investment in exclusive games. On exclusive content not exclusive games.
DinoNYC  +   398d ago
Cool for MS gamers, but exclusive content has never been a console seller for me. My guess is the exclusive content is the tech gadget items and/or some guns. That or it's smart glass focused, that seem to imply that.
progaor2013  +   398d ago
as usual company of corporate greed they r new apple since jobs died apple gone downhill since gates left micrsoft never been same.
Clarence  +   398d ago
No thanks.
310dodo  +   398d ago
after that disastrous E3 showing, MS has decided to open its pockets for exclusive content.

Lawyer Ball no doubt, but a very smart move.
They saw what people liked and threw $$$ at the developers.
Belking  +   398d ago
When you have money you can use it however you want.
310dodo  +   397d ago
not arguing that at all.
HugoDrax  +   397d ago
Which is why I'm certain they're throwing money at Respawn Entertainment for exclusivity for TitanFall. It's a no brainer, if I had 19billion I would do the same. Especially after winning over 60 E3 awards.

#26.2 (Edited 397d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Godz Kastro  +   398d ago
This is my most anticipated game, no brainier to get it on the X1 now. I want every piece of content I can get.
Zephyrus_808  +   398d ago
They just can't help it, can they? Whether it's trying to fuck over their own fan-base with all their DRM bullshit or fucking over other gamers by throwing money at publishers to create artificial exclusivity of content (which 90% are either only timed or at best distinctly average), Microsoft just can't resist the urge of fucking over consumers as much as possible. Honestly one of the most toxic things to have happened to the video-game industry.
Wikkid666  +   397d ago
Someone is angry
SynestheticRoar  +   397d ago
This type of thing no longer has any weight. Only suckers fall for this. Old habits die hard. Just better off spending the money investing on a new exclusive IP.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   397d ago
But will it stay exclusive? Dum dum duum....
IHassounah  +   397d ago
If they said something like "Coming first to Xbox One" then you would see it as a timed exclusive , but they said that it's Xbox One exclusive content so yes , it's fully exclusive
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