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PS Vita as Second Controller for PS4?, "Depends on Developers"

Shuhei Yoshida is President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for SCE has confirmed that Playstation VITA cannot be used as a second controller to Playstation 4. (PS Vita, PS4, Sony)

Credit url: gamepur.com
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MariaHelFutura  +   431d ago
That sucks, but I kind of expected this.
Need4Game  +   431d ago
Of course PS Vita cannot be used as a Second Controller on PS4, its because PS4 is not out yet.

What about PS Vita as the First Controller or Third or Forth controller?
mewhy32  +   431d ago
All games are "required" to work with Vita.
thechosenone  +   431d ago
"Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita"

So it's definitely possible but not by default.
kfloydchicken  +   431d ago


"@InsideEddie Hey BRO! In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita."
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darthv72  +   431d ago
It could probably be done at some point. I can recall the GBA could be used as a controller for certain games on the gamecube.

The added circle pad pro for the 3ds could potentially lead to the 3ds being some sort of controller option for the wii-u.

I wouldnt lose hope just yet.
MaxXAttaxX  +   430d ago
Title is wrong.
It CAN be used as a controller. It depends on the games.

Not sure why you'd want to use the Vita as a PS4 controller though.
However, Vita Cross-Control features and Remote Play, hell yeah!
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abzdine  +   430d ago
vita cannot be used as a standard second controller for each game for the very simple reason that vita isn't mandatory for PS4 to work
King_many_layers  +   430d ago
This should be fairly obvious as there's no way that you can just flick a switch for it.

There are no r/l 2 triggers and no input for r/l 3 inputs available so a developer Needs to work in a control scheme that is as effective and natural.
Guwapo77  +   430d ago
@ Need4Game - OMFG I thought I was going to die laughing.

good stuff bro.
Dir_en_grey  +   431d ago
Misleading and made up title by submitter.

The tweet specifically said that Vita "CAN" work as a 2nd controller for PS4 if developers made it so.

So the title is completely wrong in saying that it "cannot be".
ANIALATOR136  +   431d ago
Funny how all the xbox fans have suddenly crawled out of the woodwork after the backlash has finished. You have hid away until now where you think the tables have turned and have the right to put a negative spin on every playstation article
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   431d ago
That what they do man.That's what they've always done.And when the smoke clears and it turns out they're wrong, they run back to their caves and wait for the next chance.
gamertk421  +   431d ago
GABRIEL1030  +   431d ago
Hi, Ms President what are doing here?

Please read

"Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita"

An update is enough in the future to allow to Vita be the second controller.
3-4-5  +   430d ago
So games can't, unless the dev's make it so.

The Ability is actually there then, it's up to dev's to use it though.

Not bad news at all. It will be a huge bonus for dev's to include it as they will then have the handheld market playing their game.

They then can release a Vita game later on and have a better chance of sales because of the awareness of them as developers from their PS4 game that was played via the Vita.
bangshi  +   430d ago
This is using the Vita as a controller, not playing PS4 games on the Vita - but playing PS4 games _using_ the Vita as the controller instead of the DualShock 4.

All games will have Remote Play unless it requires the camera.
cgoodno  +   430d ago
Wouldn't want to use my vita in the first place. Battery life is horrible.
MariaHelFutura  +   430d ago
Great point. It nice as an option, but I'd rather just use a real 2nd controller. It's obviously more accurate aswell.

I would bubble you up, but that would be pointless.
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Nicaragua  +   430d ago
In all fairness my Vita's battery life is a lot better than my WiiU gamepad.

If im using headphones then i dont think vita battery is bad at all.
badz149  +   430d ago
Vita's battery is not great but far from bad either! it's almost as good as current smartphones. my Samsung GS3 drain its juice like a thirsty camel even just by playing Candy Crush! play it for like an hour and it ask to connect the charger! (15% battery left)

I play more demanding games on my Vita and it easily give almost 2 hours of continuous play before saying the battery is low. on idle, the Vita easily last for days!

the Wii U gamepad however...that's the definition of horrible battery!
sinncross  +   430d ago

If all game require the PSV controlling mapping for remote play, how hard could it be to make the device a controller?

Seriously... what a stupid move. I am slightly disappointed by this.
edonus  +   430d ago
This is one of those things I dont like about sony.... They dont support they stuff right. Vita as a standard controller would be psycho cool. This would be a nice piece of innovation even though it would something like the WiiU (but better).

Maybe they should make a Vita Ps4 revamp with a light bar on the front or a vita ps4 controller that works just like the wiiU where its not really portable or maybe portable but can only play games via remote play and price it at $100-$150.

That would be..... compelling
FamilyGuy  +   430d ago
That's not expected at all actually. With remote play an all you'd think PS Vita as a controller would work automatically, at the very least with the games that already support remote play.

Not sure why anyone would want to though, aside from not having to purchase an additional controller, the DS4 is supposed to be a great improvement so I'm sure it would be the most comfortable way to play PS4 games.

I actually wish they'ed make a DS4 style controller for the PS3. A PS3 controller with the DS4 triggers an analogue sticks would be pretty cool.
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rayna11dame   430d ago | Spam
yeahokchief  +   430d ago
Come on kid. Use your head.

Not all games are going to benefit from using a touchpad as the controller.

The simple games where you want more touch than you get with the touchpad on the dualshock or games where you want a second screen will be the ones to utilize the vita.

It would be a waste of resources for every developer to use the vita as a controller for every game. Are you really going to play call of duty with a vita as a controller? get real!

it will still be fantastic to use the vita for the games where it can add to the experience. you do not want every game to use this feature. lol.
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THC CELL  +   431d ago
Don't care about second controller, games will work on vita thru remote play is a winner alone. Also if developers want too may as well of been said.
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Elem187  +   431d ago
I'm curious how bad the latency is going to be. Nintendo did it right by putting two wireless N chips on the device so one can handle network/internet while the other is strictly for streaming video to the gamepad.... if the PS4 doesn't have two seperate wireless chips the off tv play will have to piggy back off of your local area network which will add up to 100ms of latency (50ms each way)
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Crillvirus81  +   431d ago
I been saying this from the beginning ....the vita ps4 remote play is using wifi so it will be laggy
ChozenWoan  +   430d ago
been remote playing PSN games with my vita and I've not noticed any lag. You have to remember that the vita's screen res is not that high so the PS3/PS4 doesn't have to send high bitrate video. So unless your playing something like KZ:SF or BF4 online, your not likely going to notice any lag.
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badz149  +   430d ago
@Elem187 @Crillvirus81

you guys should try remote play for once before saying that it will be laggy! when games are coded to work with remote play, the lag is barely there to begin with! I've played LEGO Batman demo using remote play on my PSP and it worked great! GoW Collection and ICO collection works almost perfectly with remote play on the Vita too. and these are achieved with the PS3. We can only expect things to get better than it already is with the more powerful PS4!

the Wii U pad is useless for gaming out of the range from the Wii U but the Vita can do remote Play from anywhere with wifi. and The Wii U pad itself can't play the whole game while the Vita is pretty mush your PS4 in your pocket. 2 very different things!
sherimae2413  +   431d ago
why does it needs to be a controller when you can play ps4 games on it through remote play instead....
nick309  +   431d ago
Thats something else entirely.
jujubee88  +   430d ago
No. It's PART of the same thing. What the rumor is talking about is slicing off the easiest part of remote play and doing that.

This is literally the easiest computer language trick, you literally just isolate the gamepad API to say "listen for the wireless signal from a dualshock 4 (in this case, a vita instead)" and boom.

Remote play is built on the same fundamentals, but adds a compressed video to be beamed to the vita display too. I guess what some might want is literally to have a blankass vita display while just using it as another DS4.
Hicken  +   430d ago
Well, technically, since the Vita has pretty much all the functions of the DS4, it CAN be a controller. And, in fact, the response actually SAYS that it's up to the dev to allow for it.

The title here is just somebody trolling.
Cam977  +   430d ago
And yes, I agree, although it would be a decent feature, I guess.
buynit  +   430d ago
Thats what im saying...
Tuxmask55  +   431d ago
DigitalRaptor  +   430d ago
The Vita is different, build and feature- wise to the DualShock 4.

But if you can remote play PS4 games through the Vita, I don't see how difficult it could be to have it as a native controller.

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nyobzoo  +   431d ago
Kind of misleading title, he pretty much says that it's up to the developers to decide whether they want to allow a Vita controller or not. Like how you can use the vita as a controller for UMVC3 and LBP2 on the PS3
GameCents  +   431d ago
Like how it's up to developers to allow mods on Xbox One but everybody decided it meant no?
fsfsxii  +   430d ago
How do these two connect??
McScroggz  +   431d ago
Honestly I don't mind this. I love my Vita, but there is zero chance using the Vita will be a more comfortable, more responsive input device compared to the DualShock 4. The fact that every PS4 game will have remote play is what really matters!

Oh, and games. I guess those are kinda important too huh? :D
Bluepowerzz  +   431d ago
why does it needs to be a controller when you can play ps4 games on it through remote play instead.... quote sherimey inb4 stupid xbots
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strigoi814  +   431d ago
if you can play PS4 games on it why does it need to be used as a DS4 controller??
iamnsuperman  +   431d ago
It can anyway. The author of this article has purposely put a misleading title

"@InsideEddie Hey BRO! In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita."

(from the twitter page)
tubers  +   430d ago
Wouldn't it be nice if you can get the VITA to work as a pseudo 2nd controller?

There's still some value to that.

"Hey dude, I have X game for the PS4 and it has split screen MP.. too bad I don't have a 2nd controller"

"Hey, I've got a VITA.. let's use that instead."
Confickercrash  +   431d ago
A rather misleading title, the author must really be trying his hardest to find something negative that Yoshida has said.
OT - I kind of agree with what some of you are saying, the Vita would be great for remote play, but it is a good decision not to make it available as a controller, would be rather unwieldy in my opinion, with those diminutive sticks and all.
Chicago8506  +   431d ago
Wouldn't wanna use my vita for a controller anyway.
Mess around & crack my vita screen when gaming.

Sh*t gets real when ya playing a good game : )

Game on.
GameCents  +   430d ago
Implying the Vita doesn't have good games on its own? Not good enough to crack the screen when messing around that is.

Totally your logic there, not mine.
mark134uk  +   431d ago
fake shit shouldnt be allowed on this site
MysticStrummer  +   430d ago
N4G would lose a lot of content.
Loki86  +   431d ago
Fix the title with an update or lock this mods. It clearly says it can if the devs make use of it.
Caffo01  +   431d ago
I'll play PS4 with the DS4... when i want to use Vita i'll use remote play...
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coolasj  +   431d ago
Bad title. And kind of misleading. I think it's saying you can't play your PS4 games on your TV with your Vita. But, Remote Play, PS4 on Vita, still works.
But, this is slightly dissappointing, my vision was that I would be able to hijack my PS4 from anywhere with my Vita, and either us it with the TV or on the Vita screen.
pyramidshead  +   431d ago
didn't realise it was going to be a second controller.. doesn't affect me, probably won't affect most to be fair lol.
Darkfist  +   431d ago
i only want all the ps3/ps4 games to be played on vita through remote play.
llMurcielagoll  +   431d ago
And what was the "Orbis Vitae" thing all about?
wynams  +   431d ago
Flip-side question ... Can a DS4 be used as a Vita controller?
Edward75  +   431d ago
That is a great question... It would be nice.
bsquwhere  +   431d ago
The last article he submitted was for the Kinect, dont wanna sound all conspiracy, but I'm pretty sure I know what side he's on.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   431d ago
The article reads completely differently from the title, eezo please grow up.
"@InsideEddie Hey BRO! In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita."
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unicron7  +   430d ago
Misleading article title. The Vita can be used as a second controller if the devs make it so. Xbox fans are really trying hard this week aren't they?

Guys...just because MS has backpedaled on a few things does not make the XB1 any less of a turd. I personally don't understand how anyone can be so loyal to a company that just tried to throw you to the wolves a couple months back. I guess I'm the only one that remembers that.
Salooh  +   430d ago
Suddenly everything forgiven about MS. Lots of disagrees lately >.< .. lol
unicron7  +   430d ago
Just shows how stupid consumers can be.
TomShoe  +   430d ago
God, what world have we come to when every comments without reading the story first?
chikane  +   430d ago
over priced and now even more useless ... no wonder the 3ds is kicking this things ass
unicron7  +   430d ago
Misleading article title. If you read it it states perfectly clear that it can be used as a secondary controller if the devs make it so.
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Flames76  +   430d ago
Wait does sony even still sell the PS Vita?Damn that thing was like the PS3 to them they lost over 2 billion on it.Plus it didn't sell at all i think only 1 million in the U.S and 4 million worldwide.
x2geex   430d ago | Trolling | show
ded1020  +   430d ago
I guess it can't be helped. Just means I'll need that 2nd controller I was gonna buy anyways. Maybe I'll trade the camera for it.
NeoTribe  +   430d ago
I'm highly considering getting a vita just for the fact that my ps plus subscription would benefit it heavily. I'd liderally never have to buy games. Any vita and ps plus owners here have any helpful input your experience with the both?
boybato  +   430d ago
only disadvantage is that you'll have sooooooo many backlogs.
buynit  +   430d ago
I have a vita and only been a ps+ member for about 3 months..

I will tell you now.... Get ready to spend money on memory cards for the vita the amount aof free content you get for the ps3 and vita is insane and vita cards are not cheap well not the 32g anyway... I had to upgrade my ps3 to a 1tb,3 months in and im waayyy behind on games I cant imagine those that had it for yrs.

I just dont see how anyone can pick live over ps+.. To have both would be great cause live is good too, always some kind of torny going on but the amount of content you get from ps+..... if you only had one choice that should be it..
buynit  +   430d ago
I dont see why they would.. I wouldnt trade the dualshock for a vita controller, my biggest complaint about it is how close the button are i wish it was spread out a little more cause my fingers feel cramped after a few.

as another touch pad or second screen rather than a controller sounds much better.
iconic56  +   430d ago
I feel like I'm the only one that is confused about this tweet...

Didn't Cerny say that all PS4 games could be played remotely with the Vita? How different is that in terms of using the Vita as a controller for a PS4 game? Wasn't the whole point to have two different screens, such as the Wii U?

Or is this specifically about using a DS4 at the same time with a Vita on a PS4 game?
CathyRolphe6  +   430d ago
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