Call of Duty Ghosts: 10 Things Infinity Ward Is Doing Differently

"With the tenth Call of Duty right around the corner and releasing on a myriad of platforms, it looks like it's going to be a leap forward for the series as well as the developers. Infinity Ward is promising to bring a new level of detail, game play and new characters along with a new plot. Fans of the series have plenty of reasons to be excited as well, with some big changes coming in. With Infinity Ward at the helm, there are a few things that they are doing differently. Let's take a look."

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JonahNL1672d ago

For five seconds there I actually thought this article would provide ten proper reasons as to why Ghosts might stand a chance later this year. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Garethvk1672d ago

It will likely be the top selling game of the year and set sales records regardless.

JonahNL1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

It will still sell like hot cakes, no doubt about that, but in my circle of Steam friends, containing plenty of dedicated COD players, there is only a handful looking forward to Ghosts.

I know it might not look like it, but COD is actually starting to lose a major part of its audience. Black Ops II already sold millions less than Modern Warfare 3 and I'm expecting that Ghosts won't do any better.

Also, don't forget that Battlefield 4 is coming out this year. I'm not comparing the two, but BF4's earlier release date gives it a significant advantage and might seriously impact Ghosts' sales.

Garethvk1672d ago

The key for Battlefield 4 is they cannot release a PC version that was as buggy as 3 was. Many people could not get online or had many issues the day of release. Yes they patched it quickly but many had alot of issues on launch day.

JonahNL1672d ago

Very much true, now that I think about it. BF3's buggy launch drove me away from the game for a couple of months and made MW3 my go-to shooter for a while. When I returned to it in 2012 I had so much fun again and I played it almost non-stop.

InTheLab1672d ago

None of that is really different. Thought this was an innovation article. As it turns out, it's a catch up article.

Lean has been around for ever.
Even Haze had dynamic maps.
Improved AI? Goes out the window as soon as 40 guys pile out of a building..
Free map happened with Blops 2
Underdog..has been done since Wolfenstein

Yeah...It's another annual rehash. There's nothing different.