IGN: Call of Duty 4 Map Pack Final Impressions

From the preview by Nate Ahearn of IGN:

"I'm not one to usually get excited over downloadable content. I figure I've already paid my dues in buying the game. I don't really want to fork over any more of my dough to expand the experience, especially if the gameplay is as good as what is delivered in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. But just about a month ago Infinity Ward brought a few IGN staffers down to their Burbank office to try out the set of four downloadable maps for ourselves. After a day of playing and having now downloaded the final versions of the quartet of death canvases we can say that there's plenty to be excited about."

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Crazyglues3880d ago

It would seem like a lot for 3 maps but the maps are really huge and well detailed.. so they are actually worth it.

shysun3880d ago


psycho3603880d ago

Yep, i thought so too. 3 maps only i paid 8.10 pounds

TwistedD00M3880d ago

The maps just don't look that fun. I don't think they are worth $10.

Crazyglues3880d ago

actually they where worth it, they are huge. And it's taking me a while to adjust to them but they are definitely worth the price of admission.

RobertGonz693880d ago

This is priceless. Great maps.

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