Video Surfaces Of Microsoft, Xbox One Getting Booed At EVO 2013

"The video from the live stream of Day 3 of the EVO 2013 finals has become available, featuring the rancid crowd showing no love for Microsoft and the Xbox One during the announcement of Double Helix and Mad Catz working hand-in-hand with the mini 'M' for Killer Instinct. There was zero love for the Redmond, Washington giant and the EVO crowd was having none of it. None. Of. It."

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ShugaCane1770d ago

More like...Super awkward...

Abash1770d ago

Xbox One just cant catch a break

ShugaCane1770d ago

Yeah, I'm even surprised the guy from DH didn't get booed in the first place. I mean, handing over a mythic franchise like KI to such a bad studio....

ZodTheRipper1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Yes, I wouldn't call it hilarious. These guys had to take all the Xbone hate on them and clearly weren't prepared for this because the game itself was fairly well received by the crowd.

FlameHawk1770d ago

@Zod, you are right, the crowd actually liked it, but when they said it was Xbox Exclusive, that is when the crowd went wild, probably because they wouldn't be able to play it on other consoles.

dedicatedtogamers1770d ago

But but but the only people who dislike XBox One are THOSE SONY FANBOYS, right? Right?

Geez, and there are actually people who think that everyone will forget the bad rep of Xbox One by launch time...

georgeenoob1770d ago Show
ShugaCane1770d ago


Yeah, because obviously the audience was composed of Sony fanboys. Obviously. You know KI is a Xbox exclusive, right ? You see what I mean ?

Zuperman1770d ago

You know what? I'm not gonna be real and just say GOOD FOR THEM.

Microsoft are nothing but heels, good for them. They wanna screw the gaming community? Get booed.

georgeenoob1770d ago Show
ShugaCane1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


Simple question. It is impossible for Xbox players to be mad at MS for what they've done to the Xbox One or to Killer Instinct ? You know, that's being a total fanboy. Not being able to admit it when your favourite Company is doing wrong.

ZodTheRipper1770d ago


You are the most laughable troll on N4G, just quit it it's not funny anymore.

abzdine1770d ago

man thank you you make me pull a smile everytime i read your comments :D
why can't you just admit one time that MS are doing things so wrong that they change position every week almost since may 21st.

Tatsuya 1770d ago


it's official! You're the greenpowerz lil bro. It's not hard to come to that conclusion when all you do is come to N4G to bash on other people. Truth is there are not that many SONY fanboys on N4G, random people just disagree with you because you talk crap. Take some time off and do a proper research on both systems before you back one. People has a choice in which console they support and want to own. I know the truth is hard for you to grasp, but the people has spoken and PS4 is the the real hardcore gamers's machine and it will stay that way until the PS5 comes.

ZodTheRipper1770d ago

lol @ his edit:

"Many who ate buying an X1 are stoked for this game. And from what I read, many people are buying an X1 because of this game."

Of course, people are paying 500 bucks to play a fighting game, just quit the stuff you're consuming and leave your delusional world man.

GribbleGrunger1770d ago

@georgeenoob: So we now have our battle plan for next generation. If it's positive new for the PS4, it's PR. If it's negative news for the X1, it's Sony fanboys. Good luck in life.

nukeitall1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Well Dirty below there showed this video which is quite contrast with all the cheering:

Make of it what you want!

I think the fact that people will sign a petition enmasse shows some very vocal extreme fangirls in at least one camp.

1770d ago
DragonKnight1770d ago

@nukeitall: The video you showed was before the video in this article. People like Killer Instinct because of its history. People don't like Microsoft/Xbox One for what should be obvious reasons. But of course they're all Sony fanboys. Microsoft have never done anything that wasn't for the immediate best interest of gamers everywhere. /s

Septic1770d ago

Really it's just a case of bad to timing, unveiling the game in the nature that they did before the Street Fighter 4 and Marvel finals.

Also, I cringe at the immaturity of those that post along the lines of 'But but but......[insert sarcastic comment]".

Grow up.

gaffyh1770d ago

Those guys really didn't know what to do, wow, they should have just kept talking over the booing imo, but they stopped, basically allowing the booing to get louder.

It's also interesting to note that EVO is dominated by Xbox 360s as the main gaming console, so most of the audience probably were Xbox fans.

HonestDragon1770d ago

@georgeenoob Practically every comment you have has to do with some delusion that it's always Sony fanboys who are behind the negative press against Microsoft. Microsoft have no one but themselves to blame for the negative press they receive.

"And are you guys seriously trying to justify the boo'ing? Wow, N4G really is pathetic and immature just like this EVO audience."

Don't like the site? There's the door. On topic: the booing isn't being justified in the sense that everyone thinks they are right for booing, but that we understand where and why it's happening. If you just remove your Microsoft patented beer goggles off, you would see that, too.

"The majority of the booers are obviously Sony fanboys."

What conclusive evidence do you have to support that claim? This isn't a website forum or conference. This is EVO. This is where gamers flock to for nearly every fighting game on the market. These are core gamers expressing their discontent with the Xbox One. Also, they were positive about Killer Instinct until the devs mentioned the Xbox One.

"If they aren't fanboys then what are they? They apparently have some sort of unjust grudge against MS to be booing like that."

Unjust grudge? Where have you been in the passed four months? Have you not seen the amount of questionable business tactics Microsoft put into the Xbox One? Have you not seen the conflicting interviews among Microsoft personnel? Have you not seen the arrogance and dodging of questions that Microsoft displayed? For a second, just forget about the 180 the company did and think of the lasting impression gamers have of them given that Microsoft was very keen on keeping those features that people hate. Then you will realize that gamers in general (including Xbox 360 owners) booed in unison against Microsoft and the Xbox One.

The_Con-Sept1770d ago

Honestly.... I don't think killer instinct is going to do too good sales wise with this response from all the biggest fighting fans.

I'm sad to see developers get booed out off the stage. As a PlayStation gamer I don't find this all that great. Yeah they booed Microsoft but they also killed the hopes of double helix's possible turn around with their team.

Sure I only ever played 1 game from double helix but all I remember was that it was some type of shooter.... Can't remember what it was. It was horrible yes and at the time I swore to never buy another game made by them. But killer instinct... They did an ok job on it so far.

And for the little adbox one-80 wannabe gamers: you should remember that killer instinct started on Nintendo. If anything it would be Nintendo fanboys giving the loudest boos.

They are the ones who feel the most betrayed.

Ser1770d ago

Suuuuuper awkward to watch.

Also, georgeenoob is in serious denial.

nosferatuzodd1770d ago

georgeenoob you're worst that a 5 yr old waaaaaa Sony fanboys bin mean to Microsoft waaah what the hell is you're problem the dude who make the witness dis Microsoft its because of Sony why he did it, or because Microsoft is a shady company

Kryptix1770d ago

Because the majority disagrees with wrong and you somehow don't, you label them as fanboys? How about they just have a clear sense of what's been going on this whole time? Let me try to wake you up, forced $100 add-on...DRM...documents of advertisers using your voice for marketing...PR talk blindly bashing Sony. Are you starting to realize Microsoft have lost their minds to greed? Oh, no you don' far as I know, you might just be a MS employee so I'm wasting my time putting sense in you. I didn't say cents, don't get worked up. lol

JerkDaNerd_1770d ago

Can anyone state what was wrong with Killer Instinct...I mean SERIOUSLY?! I thought it looked really fun. Have any of you even played Killer Instinct?!

Dir_en_grey1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

The guy presenting is from the fighting game community originally and is just doing his job, so nobody is going to boo him, people besides the few hardcore Microsoft fanboys left all hate the XBone.

He was the community manager for Tekken Tag 2 at Namco. And Double Helix is hiring people from the fighting game community to trying to market the game. But people who actually play fighting games and even the hardcore KI fans just don't get tricked that easily I guess.

KI wasn't a good fighting game at all to begin with anyway, people like it cuz we all played it as a kid, but now after understanding how fighting games work, looking at the new KI mechanics it is just purely bad.

Even Netherrelms who's been making MK for years still can't quite get their fighting games right, let along somebody like DH who's never made a good game let alone a fighting game.

And if you don't know what's bad about the new KI after looking at the gameplay, then you probably won't care if it's a good "fighting game" at all anyway and can probably enjoy it just looking at the graphics and mashing buttons.
Not the case for serious fighting game players.

PurpHerbison1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

That guy from DH didn't get booed because he is very well known within the community. Loads of people like FilthieRich.

dantesparda1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

What I don't understand, is why aren't MS fanboys up in arms about the game being f2p? I mean how would you feel if Halo was f2p, or gears, or forza? I don't want the game hacked up into a bunch of little micro transanctions. I don't care if a company makes a new IP f2p, but not our tried and true franchises? Would PS fanboys like it if KZ, infamous, Uncharted was all chopped up into so-called free to play micro transanctions?

And what I thought was messed up about this video, is how these guys were about act like you cant boo KI, like we are all just supposed to like it!

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B-radical1770d ago

A room full of nerds i would of embraced it ahah wasnt even that bad

ANIALATOR1361770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

were they saying boo or boo-urns?

WhyHate1770d ago

I think they were saying boo-urns?

LOL, classic Simpsons.

TheGreenMan1769d ago


Crowd: "Boo!!"
Burns: "Are you saying boo or boo-urns?"
Crowd: "BOOOO!!!!!"
Hans Moleman: "I was saying boo-urns."


yeahokchief1769d ago

rofl simpsons!

thank you whoever posted this. i was looking for this all day yesterday!

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Gimmemorebubblez1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Im sorry but whether this game is terrible or brilliant the devs don't deserve this, they have worked hard on this project. I personally think the booing is because of all the stupid moves MS has made and has nothing really to do with the quality of DH's game as well as placing KI right before the finals.

shivvy241770d ago

Yea I feel bad for the devs that had to take this crap due to Microsos f***ups

dedicatedtogamers1770d ago

It teaches devs a lesson not to work with Microsoft. I feel no sympathy for people (gamers, devs, anyone) who want to jump into bed with Microsoft and then later have to visit the doctor for some "itchy bumps down there".

It's like the indie situation. Microsoft earned themselves a horrible reputation for how they deal with indie devs and so if any indie devs put their game on XBLA, they deserve any grief and headache they receive.

0pie1770d ago

double helix sre a shity developpers, they killed silent hill with homecoming.

Also the fact is a free to play that you have to buy your character is really stupid.

I know they probably work hard on this game but i totally understand why they get booed, they basicly took the game from rare and made a game that no one want to play it as a free to play.

TekoIie1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


So because MS decided to finally make a Killer Instinct game and devs wanted to be a part of that... They should be booed?

"so if any indie devs put their game on XBLA, they deserve any grief and headache they receive."

Your just being immature now.

No one deserves grief because they wanted to bring a game they created to an audience.

kreate1769d ago


Interesting point. ..

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showtimefolks1770d ago

MS a d Xbox one is the Hulk Hogan of consoles lol

Rich and famous and disliked

Hogan thinks he knows what's best for TNA and that's why it's ratings are mostly under 1's and MS think they knew best for gamers and got screwed.

People will be very surprised when sales figure come out for ps4/Xbox one, I can't believe the one market where Xbox was actually very strong has also been prop ps4 lately. I have quite a few family members in Europe and few of them are gamers who tell me it's mosly pro Sony/ps4

MS has their work cut out of them lets see

Aceman181770d ago

lol yea i watched it live last night when it happened. to me KI has always been about combo breaker after combo breaker.

i remember playing this game when i was younger and to me it's never about strategy.

DiRtY1770d ago

Here is a better video:

Wonder why there wasn't any headline about this one.

DragonKnight1770d ago

Better video? Why because it shows people like Killer Instinct? Oh I see, it's impossible to not like the Xbox One if you like Killer Instinct. Because, afterall, Killer Instinct is a completely new franchise without a treasured past right? Yeah, that must be it.

DiRtY1770d ago

No, it is a better video, because it is retarded to booh a game or a developer.

end of story.

DragonKnight1770d ago

@DiRtY: The game/developer wasn't the one being booed. Microsoft and the Xbox One were. When the DH devs came out, no boos. When they said "we brought you Killer Instinct," no boos. But when Xbox One and Microsoft were brought up, boos. So what dev/game was being booed?

Basically you provided a video that didn't show MS/Xbox One being booed and called it a better video. Like I said, people like Killer Instinct, they don't like Xbox One. End of Story.

DiRtY1770d ago

okay, to booh a console is just as retarded.

DragonKnight1770d ago

So basically you're against people expressing themselves. Got it.

T21770d ago

It was clearly not booing the developers, as soon as they said "exclusively on xbone" the boos started and when he tried to go with "we have a great partnership with MS" the boos got louder... its not a jab at them, and they knew it... as for MS they brought it on themselves with their own stupid policies.

Bimkoblerutso1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

If anything Double Helix should feel a little flattered that people are just upset that KI is not coming to a console that they want to play it on.

It means that people want to play their game....they just don't want to play it on a system that was designed for painful consumer rapings.

Rivitur1769d ago

I was watching the stream last night and knew N4G was going to jump all over this when it happened.

Also Dev kicked 80 winstreaks ass

mcstorm1769d ago

Head line needs changing to fans boo Microsoft. That's fair play to them with what's been said and going on but ki and forza 5 are the main reasons im getting a one over a ps4 at the start of the new gen.

I could not care less what people boo or don't like and no one else should. We should buy what we want and let people buy what they want no one is wrong or right. I don't like some of the big name games like GTA but I don't go round telling people they should not get it because I don't like it.

This site has started to become a joke and its noting but tying to put Nintendo and Microsoft down and no one is saying anything - about Sony.

At the end of the day the Wiiu Xbox one ps4 3ds and psv have + points but they all also have - points.

UnwanteDreamz1769d ago

When did we start living in Nazi Germany.? Shouldn't boo devs?

You can boo anything you want. In my country it's basically a GD right. All you, who think you can tell people what to think and say need to grow up.

You and your hive mind mentality need to go somewhere else and stop trying to suppress the thoughts and opinions of others.

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gaelic_laoch1770d ago

A waste of breath booing the Xbone!

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1769d ago

I would boo until my lungs gave in.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Lol as ps4 and pc fan this is great.

PSdomin8tion1770d ago

Microsoft with all the coin they got go with this studio? They sure know how to make money with their shady business practices. But they don't know how to blow their money.


sashimi1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Its simple really, they blew a lot of their cash on sports and tv. Now they are left with w/e money they have in their budget and well...Developers with a bad track record are cheap i guess lol.
Because you know they still need to spend most of their budget on ad money since without brainwashing mainstream America the console would fail.

3-4-51769d ago

I would boo them for being unprofessional and presenting in such an awful and annoying way.

That company chose the wrong people to represent their product to the fans.

Flipgeneral1769d ago

Philthy Rich has been in the fighting game community since.. forever..

That was their (FH/MS) best chance, and the best person to speak about the game

RedHawkX1769d ago

this should be proof that no one is getting an xbox one. its a waste of money to be honest.

NewZealander1769d ago

yeah super funny right? no its sad and pathetic that there are people out there that have the nerve to boo people, to show so little, or no respect is disgusting, these people went there to show off a game that im sure they are proud of, but no a few ass hats had to go and wreck it.

im sure they are real proud of themselves, pat on the back losers.

Psychonaut1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Wow, that had to be very uncomfortable for those two guys. Whats with these guys and the image they are "TRYING" to project. From the having the nickname that im sure NOBODY calls him unless they are required too when it comes to introductions, to the we gettin' (cause saying the word getting must be to difficult), and sayin KILLA', no the game is called KILLER Instinct, not KILLA.

Was public speaking not required in his school or SKOOL as he would like to perhaps have it spelt out. Hype stuff to talk about..? Why not take a crack at using the english language and say, We have some new stuff we would like to talk about, or we have some exciting stuff we would like to talk about, or we would like to inform, introduce some new stuff.

I'm sorry but I would boo you as well if thats how you carry yourself when at a public speaking event as a figure head for your company. I'm in the medical field and if I showed up in my scrubs and talked like this guy while informing you of what your medical options would be im sure you'd tell me to get out.

Does that guy talk, and act like that ALL the time? or is he doing that cause he thinks he is reaching out to XBOX fans, and if so what does that say for XBOX fans. (Sorry for the mini-rant.) But please tell me I am not the only one who thinks he was just WRONG in every aspect of what happened on that stage.

When it comes to the video game itself I like the idea of a new Killer Instinct, I, and others have wanted a new title in the series, but like others I am not happy with the fact its a Microsoft XBox One only title, so in that aspect please say its a timed exclusive. (If anyone knows , please let me know.) The game does not look bad, but I cannot help but feel it "feels", like Street Fighter 4. Though im not sure why im getting that feeling.

Killer Instinct would be great to have on PS3/PS4, and even PSVita. Killer Instinct , and Dead or Alive have been two of my favorite fighting games. Soul Calibur use to be up there as well, however after the release of the third title in the series I lost interest in it. I've tried them but I dunno. Something just keeps me from getting back into them.

p.s- It was my first year watching the coverage of EVO and why is it when the players used the same moves over, and over it was called,"skill" and "technique" but "EVERYWHERE" else its called spamming.

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Sitdown1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

It was one of those obligatory boos....with that said, this was my first time watching the event.....INTENSE.