Xbox One does not include a headset, Gem clarifies

Gem has told that its listing was a mistake and that the Xbox One box "won't include the headset".

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redwin1334d ago

Some how this, more than anything else, disappoints me!

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abzdine1334d ago

damn this ain't good for them!! every news about X1 is a disaster more for that console.
PS4 is using a universal jack connection and they're still giving a headset in the box. glad i chose PS4!

YNWA961334d ago

Why was johnny badfinger hidden? This N4G policy to hit on anyone who says anything remotely pro xbox?

YNWA961334d ago

No I knew, but was not sure it was actual policy... Just in case, PS4, anything Sony are great! Even there fanboys plumbing at that jessica nigri video!! They are great!

blackmanone1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Troll bait posts are routinely hidden on here. The sad truth is that PS fanboys are rick rolling the xbox fanboys and they're getting really upset and lashing out.

Is this a case of Sony winning? No, it's more a case of MS losing, which sucks, but MS has no one to blame but themselves.

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insomnium21334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

It's funny to read people like Johnny crying about PS-fanboys about the missing headset. Had they been here in 2005-2008 they would know that it was the x-fans who kept on going about the silent psn and bitching about missing headsets in the PS3 skus. Aint karma a bitch is all I can say.

This is exactly the reason I've never understood the x-fans' mentality when they kept on trolling the PS3 and Sony back then. Stuff like that know.... bite you in the ass one day LOL!

JohnnyBadfinger1334d ago

Mate tell me about it!
I know this site is a cluster fuck but fucken hell this shit is getting old! Yes I am a Xbox 360 owner and huge fan of the games and services of Xbox. Does that mean I'm buying a Xbox One.... No it will depend on a number of things.
1# being mates, I ain't gunna buy a console none of my mates have. I play with only people I know personally.
2# how many people jump to the next generation straight away. Would be shit otherwise. Who wants to wait forever to join a match or find a full server on BF4?
3# lag. It will always be an issue into the unforseeable future. I don't wanna play with yanks or poms or Asians. Locale only.

I don't play exclusives I'm against them. However I do like halo but only story wise. Love the books over the games.
Exclusives are what killing the industry. If you see a trailer for a game that you like you should have the right to buy it. Sony however are the greediest when it comes to exclusives. At least MS bring their exclusives to PC to allow as many GAMERS as possible the chance to play a game they'd like. To force a gamer to buy a console into playing any particular game is fucked. Sony fans brag like exclusives are a good thing but fail to realise being exclusive is a negative. No one likes to be excluded from anything why should a game be any different. Playstation is most definitely NOT for gamers. They alienate far too many other gamers. Far more than Xbox Ones DRM policies would have

Ps fanboys, you may help yourself to another bubble if you guys like. But I'm right and you know it!

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RyuCloudStrife1334d ago

1 more nail in the coffin =)

RedHawkX1334d ago

yep not only that i threw some garlic in the coffin and put a stake through the xbox ones heart. blood sucking vampires of a company like ms deserves to fail. only those who dont think are getting an xbox one.

YNWA961334d ago

Sony never tried to bloodsuck the life out of you when PS3 came out, never arrogant with Statements like 'next gen starts when we say so' even though they admitted the mistakes made with PS3... That was not Sony btw....

insomnium21334d ago


Ummm...PS3 was sold taking a huge loss on every console sold. Where is the bloodsucking in that?

Sony was arrogant with some of their comments for sure. They targeted the competition though. MS targets the consumer with their arrogance and that's like a million times worse when you are trying to sell the console to said consumers.

#deal with it
#stick with the 360

Resistance_lord1334d ago

Honestly Dude you're not helping your own cause lol

fermcr1334d ago

Another bad decision by Microsoft.

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Manic20141334d ago

WTF again it's Updated and States It will Include an Wired Headset.

PFFT1334d ago

LMFAO!!! Wow dude 22 disagrees for an actual fact.
Yes the site has been updated and it says it was a Mistake. AND it has always been known that the XBO will come packed with a headset.

sGIBMBR1334d ago

Disagreeing with facts is the norm around here!

Manic20141334d ago

I'm kinda surprised to i dont think people are actually reading the article but are just reading the title of the page.

SilentGuard1334d ago

Of course it won't include a headset, it comes with the magnificent all-seeing, all-knowing, do everything Kinect that MS has an obsessive fetish for. I don't even know why they include the console since the Kinect is all you need.

dudeOplenty1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Kwan Su, dudes! I believe SilentGuard is using what they call "sarcasm"

strigoi8141334d ago

So there is also confusion on whats inside

ZodTheRipper1334d ago

They could use that as a marketing tool at this point.
"Xbox One, find out what you paid for - this holiday!"

insomnium21334d ago

AAAHHAHAHHAHAHHHHAHAKJKJBDKJBS KJBKJS!!!!!!! BY THE GODS I just inhaled my own tongue thanks to you zod! That's so funny it's borderlines criminal :)

have a bubble my friend!

RedHawkX1334d ago

therees nothing inside but a bunch of inferior second rate tech parts and crap overpriced kinect.