PS3 1080i support working in Burnout Paradise

Criteriongames reports:

Here's a hot news update for all you PS3 1080i gamers – we've found a way to support 1080i in Paradise!

This will enable any gamers who own a 1080i TV that doesn't support 720p to run the game in HD instead of SD.

If you have the option to run 720p, we still recommend you run the game in this mode, because the 1080i image is effectively scaled from 720p.

This will appear with the "Cagney" update – that's version 1.3, if you're new to the site.

To trigger this feature, all you'll need to do is make sure you have 1080i ticked and 720p unticked in the XMB display options, once you've installed the Cagney download.

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Mikelarry3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

1080i support is very welcome but wats is the cagney download and where do i get it from?

edit: thanks maximus

MaximusPrime3705d ago

it is another name for update version 1.3
It will be coming soon.

socalr63705d ago

So much for "all games in 1080P and 120fps "

Rick Astley3705d ago

Thank you for proving to us that your IQ is below 0.

TheExecutive3705d ago

*sigh* he didnt say all games, but i doubt ANY games will have that... I know that there will be games at 1080p @ 60 frames but i just dunno about 120 frames and to tell you the truth i dont care.

The Wood3705d ago

lol. to be honest I would have been stumped on some of those questions.

Spinner3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

That's pretty sad, Wood.

Here's the British version, btw lol:

The Wood3705d ago

a lot of the American ones were things to do with American people Im not sure about, either way it is sad and I would of lost a million had some of those questions been that million £$ question. lol

mikeslemonade3704d ago

Sony never said 120FPS! The human eye can only see 90 FPS!

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Fishy Fingers3705d ago

Great news for those guys, SD is just horrible now. Frankly though, maybe it's time they thought about investing in a new TV?

tplarkin73705d ago

1080i is the industry standard. It is the very definition of HD. Sony made a gross error by not supporting it.

The 360 supports all resolutions for any TV or monitor upto 1080p, for all games (including BC games and Arcade games).

hokis4ever3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

i lol'd :)

PirateThom3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

The PS3 does support 1080i, but it has no hardware upscaler

It's people's TVs that don't support 720p that cause the problem. That's the minimum for PS3 games, but some TVs don't support it, so have to play in SD resolutions.

tplarkin73705d ago

You contradicted yourself. If Sony supports 1080i, then why must people have 720p capable HDTVs?

As you said the PS3 doesn't have the ability to upscale the signal. It's left to the developer to natively support the resolutions. As usual, the developer takes shortcuts.

I wouldn't be too happy if I had an HDTV and I had to use 480p (or 480i).

PirateThom3705d ago

Where did I contradict myself?

The PS3 supports all HD resolutions, however some older HDTVs (a very small number) don't support 720p.

However, it's still up to developers to choose what resolution the game runs in, if it's 1080i, the game runs in 1080i, if it's 720p, it's 720p. Sony don't lie about it, they plainly state on the back of the box the supported HD resolutions and if you're TV doesn't support it, that's just tough.

mikeslemonade3704d ago

You need to go out and buy a new TV if you don't already have 720p.

Perkel3704d ago

@ tplarkin7

The 360 supports all resolutions for any TV or monitor upto 1080p, for all games (including BC games and Arcade games).

Yes, from very beggining ? Right? Ups, no HDMI sorryy.. :P (pff open zone --->)

BTW in COD4 u can also do the same think as in burnout :) 1080i

shine13963704d ago

erm...what's this...are you saying 1080i is better then native 720p...which publisher suggests that?

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BigKev453705d ago

This game came out in Jan & the X360 version has 1080i. BIG DEAL!

Fishy Fingers3705d ago

I'm sure knowing the 360 version supports 1080i is very comforting to PS3 owners having to play this game in standard definition. To them this obviously IS a big deal.

Get off your console high horse, we're all gamers.

JVIDICAN3705d ago

say what u want its fact that the superior version is on the counsel u hate =P

Statix3705d ago

I was one of those that was whining about this problem on the Criterion forums a couple weeks ago. I never imagined that would actually fix this issue! Kick ass, I can't believe they listened. Now I can play this game in something more than 480p!

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