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DU writes: This weekend I have the pleasure of traveling to Eorzea, the newly re-created world that was mostly destroyed at the end of the original release, making way for a complete overhaul of the entire game. Let me tell you, they have done a great job redesigning this game. From the initial opening cinematic that quickly catches you up on the events that lead to the destruction of Eorzea and the five years after, you are treated to a truly beautiful game.

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Need4Game1966d ago

Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn manages to keep SQUARE ENIX afloat and may as well pull them out from dangerous waters.

Snookies121966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I had a lot of fun in that beta. It was quite impressive technically speaking. Kept stopping and looking around going "This is an MMO?"

I'll be pre-ordering and seeing how I feel 30 days in. Quite excited for it.

zeal0us1966d ago

Dunno about keeping SE afloat
FF14 screw up cost them some serious $$$ and fixing it/remaking it, also cost them some $$$. They're deep in the hole far as cost for FF14 goes.

Hopefully FF14:RR and other upcoming titles will bring in some $$$.

Reibooi1965d ago

The game is incredible and if the plans Yoshida has go off without a problem over the next year or 2 some really exciting stuff will be happening.

That said I am kind of worried about the game. For this to be a success alot of people need to play it and thus pay monthly for it and so many people have issues against paying monthly for a MMO these days. I mean even games that tried that model and could have been huge didn't work out(SWTOR fir example) I have no doubt they could make this game free to play but having it pay to play has that certain quality to it. Not just in terms of how it looks or plays initially but the quality of content added in the future.

I remember FFXI and the massive content updates they would have every few months and compared for some other MMO's those patches might as well have been full on expansion packs because of all the stuff they added. I don't know maybe I am being worried for nothing and the game will do gangbusters. I just think they have done a great job saving XIV from what it was and I want it to be around awhile. The quality is there I just wonder if people will get over their hatred of SE and having to pay monthly.

Kinger89381966d ago

How is the ps3 version doing? I got a beta key late sunday afternoon so judt missed it this weekend but i hesr it may be running next weekend too before the end of this 'phase'

Any impressions? Thanks :)

dendenmooshi1966d ago

PS3 version works well, but PC is definitely the better version.

I hope it's running next weekend. I haven't done a dungeon yet.

oNIXo1966d ago

Dude, just make sure to do story missions as soon as you get them. Once you hit the first dungeon the rest of them just start flying at you. The dungeons are where you get unique stuff so you don't look like every one else. And if you happen to get past lvl 20 go to Horizon and then go north, that's where you can find high lvl gear. Took me forever to find where to buy stuff past lvl 18. There is also a mission there that teaches you how to dye all your stuff so you can customize your color, and all you have to do is bring the chick on the bench some orange juice. Jesus, all I want to do is play that damn game.

Nevers1965d ago


Thanks for the advice. Had the Lvl 15 Battle not stumped me (THM) for so long I might have gotten to 20 and the dungeons. I cannot wait for this upcoming weekend. And, yes, I can't find anywhere that sells gear for 17-19... then suddenly lvl 20+ gearsellers are everwhere, lol. Thanks for the advice, I'll just hold off buying gear and get into the dungeons when the servers open for us again.

Rynocirator1966d ago

Confirmed that it will be the last weekend for phase 3, then phase 4 for legacy characters, preorderers, and random applicants sometime at the end of this month.

oNIXo1966d ago

I think the PS3 version with a keyboard is better than the PC version. I've been playing for the past 3 weekends and it's like crack. I played Borderlands 2 with some friends yesterday, and all I could think was: "Fuck, I wish I was playing Final Fantasy xIv (that's how the game writes it.)" I just got to the lvl 20 dungeon where, I think, you have to fight Ifrit as the boss. There weren't a lot of people around, and out of the people that were there none of them were THM so we couldn't do the dungeon. If you're going to start a character and want to be the cool kid and get invited to all the parties, pick healer. Man, I wish I was playing right now...

dendenmooshi1965d ago

Thanks for the advice, but man you're not helping the urge lol. It sucks that the weekend window is only 2 days! Healer and Tank are most wanted, and I just want to feel how it is to tank before I make my main that is DPS.

JW though, what makes you say PS3 /w keyboard is better than PC version? I haven't tried it that way yet. Maybe the console feel?

oNIXo1965d ago


When you figure out how to use the PS3 controller and set your stuff up is so easy. I only use the keyboard to type shit out and ask for parties. Being able to do all the stuff on a controller, as apposed to learning all the shortcuts on a keyboard, is amazing. Want to access my journal? R1, R2+Down. Doesn't even take a second and you can just exit out by pressing O. I've played on PC, but PS3 is my preference. I tried to set up my PS3 controller on PC, but it was a hassle.

Modi19841966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

first time with MMO .. and i like what i see (love it actually)
its so esay to know the game .. SE finally on the right track
i hope that will continue to the big games FF15, KH3 and more

PropheV1966d ago

Such an amazing turnaround. Props to SE for not abandoning it

CLOUD19831965d ago

The game have quality but the combat system is unfortunately generic & boring the usual target-based most old MMORPGs have, after trying games like TERA, Vindictus, C9 & more & saw the magic to play an MMORPG with an action battle system I cant go back to spam 1,2,3,3,3 dead -> repeat.

When an MMORPG have action battle system u feel like having the full control of your character u can evade arrows or spells u can block hits at real time, the combat feel "real" & "engaging" that's why my most anticipated MMORPG currently is "Black Desert" this game is dreamlike the most amazing MMORG I have ever see I can't describe how much hyped I'm for this game, in case u never heard of it here 2 trailers to get a taste of greatness: