Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Competition Finals

The final of the nationwide GT5P competition took place last night in London's Marble Arch, and the winner, Three Speech is happy to say, was one of own Three Speech users, Drew Forster from the HMV Edinburgh heat (PSN moniker Bicycle Shorts, if you fancy a race). Second place went to Gavin Dempster with Christian Chapman coming in a very respectable third.

On winning Drew said, "It was fantastic. We get to go to Le Mans as the prize, though I might give this to my mum and dad. In the race itself we were all very close, doing 2.5 minute and 2.6 minute laps; and then in the final race I got two minutes dead, which was fast enough to win it!"

"I wasn't that bothered about winning until we were in the pod and then I felt it. I met the other guys, who are all really sound, so it was kind of a shame we had to compete, but it was good fun." Nice chap."

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