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Shack News: "Call of Duty has made bombastic action its stock-in-trade, as each subsequent iteration of the long-standing military shooter attempts to top itself. The figurative volume of the series is seemingly always blaring. Call of Duty: Ghosts might actually be primed to change that."

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BiggCMan2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

"A more intimate CoD"...

I'm sorry, but after seeing what next gen truly has to offer last week, it's sad to see that Call of Duty is stuck nearly 10 years in the past. They could honestly make a good story, I won't deny that, but everything else is just making me cringe. The dog is such a horrible gimmick, and fish A.I?? Seriously??

Heisenburger2002d ago

Oh no, no, no! That was all a joke!

We actually don't have anything to offer.


GamingAngelGabriel2003d ago

Queue "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye.

SuperbVillain2003d ago

I've givin up on COD.Sure BLOPS 2 is a DECENT game,but all it really did was catch up to today's average fps. the last time I had that FUN feeling when playing COD was MW1,and BLOPS1(though not even close when compared to MW1)

Geezus2003d ago

I really hope ghost bombs so they can redefine COD and catch up to the field

Lunarassassin2002d ago

COD has been going down hill since World At War, there's no reason to suspect this will be any different. For the last 4/5 years it's just been the same game with a couple of extra gimmicks in it and i don't really see why this will be any different.

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