Kinect - I Trusted You

Our Grumpy Man of Gaming, Drew Pontikis turns his gaze upon Microsofts Kinect.

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1885d ago

Join the crowd... not me though, still busting a nut with Dance central 3...

Sam Fisher1885d ago

Sh////////////t...... Never did :D

Tales RPG addict1884d ago

Kinect 2 spies on you along with Deadbox ONE

FordGTGuy1885d ago

He should actually watch the Kinect 2 Demonstrations before talking shit about it.

jmc88881885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Um, no don't forget the privacy issues.

1. Microsoft gives your data to gov't...for example; web and email amongst other data.

2. Microsoft has built in back doors to Windows since Windows 95.

3. They're already said they'll follow any court order (including Kangaroo FISA court), and in some cases they don't even need to since they let the gov't jack in to their wires.

4. Microsoft has been telling the gov't about 0-day security flaws in it's software. The gov't exploits them. Then sometime later, Microsoft scares you by saying....hurry up and's CRITICAL!!!! So critical you let the gov't exploit people with it for 3-6 months? Yeah.

5. Google is now suing the gov't because they cannot tell their customers who they are spying on. Repeat. The gov't forces these companies to NOT tell you.

Again I'll say it. If you want to know if cigarettes cause cancer do you ask the head of Marlboro?

Use your brain. Kinect is always listening to you, and no you can't turn it off.

Even the way Microsoft wanted to use it for itself...make money off YOUR data, is incredibly creepy, and can really impact your life negatively. (but one has to think of all the ways it can backfire on you...and most people have mental sloth so they DON'T)

Microsoft can sell your data to your employer or school and then they can cross check the logs and your attendance.

They can sell your body data to insurers who then have a record of how big you've been over the years...your own Kinect causing your insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Both Microsoft AND the Gov't sell/trade/give your data away to THOUSANDS of companies.

So many ways to abuse it, and people are actually stupid enough to pretend there isn't anything. Ladies and Gentlemen, that's how morons do things. Don't be one.

Because MS is saying 'trust us'.

Only a fucktard would.

jmc88881885d ago

Disagree with facts?

That's called DENIAL


esemce1885d ago

Kinect I was right to never trust you.

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