The Digital Age: We Are Not Ready

A writer at eGamer explains to us why the world is not ready for the Xbox One's vision of an all digital gaming experience.

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Crazyglues1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

-And it won't be the first time they were wrong..

(Windows 8's lack of start menu button comes to mind- They said, "oh consumers won't miss the start button") -uh' Couldn't be more Wrong...

Thinking consumers won't care about having restrictions on their Software (DRM) Uh wrong? even consumers who don't sell their games don't want DRM on their games, and a 24hour check-in system..

I've never seen a company so focus on dragging there consumers kicking and screaming into the future, with no regard for if that's actually something the consumer even wants..

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Godmars2901638d ago

Don't forget all the things they were wrong about with the 360 which they either added or compensated for later. Like HDMI and wi-fi.

And if the online check in turns into a harsh reality, they're not going to be able to back out of it w/o an reintroduction and redesign of the console.

The new theory I'm hearing - the Axe Factor - is that this is Microsoft proper inserting themselves into the Xbox division. Forcing things like Windows 8 and TV onto the system. as well as DRM.

And everyone has to step in line because that's how MS does things.

pixelsword1638d ago

I don't need digital; the PC is all the digital I need:

BitbyDeath1638d ago

If i wanted digital i'd buy a watch

Mikelarry1638d ago

digital does not mean more restrictions it should mean more options and business models that will help both the gamers and publishers to meet on a level playing field

Yo Mama1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Microsoft is all about what is best for them. Not the consumer.

NateCole1638d ago

More than half of the world i would bet is not ready.

jmc88881638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Stupid article.

Acting like it's people not ready for an 'online world'.

Actually the forward thinking first adopters are just fine with an online world.

What they aren't fine with is Xbox One's interpretation of what that means, by spying and drm'ing the console to death.

I have hundreds of all digital games on my Steam account. I'm just fine with technology.

What Microsoft is doing is so incredibly stupid and it has nothing to do with 'me and others like me not being ready'.

Especially since most of us indeed already have plenty of digital games. Xbox One isn't the first, and it doesn't matter if it's a 'console'.

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